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    Autobot Base, Detroit,

    Bumblebee was on monitor duty with the person he hated to be around,
    Ratchet just sat there staring at the monitor while Bumblebee messed with a
    Space Bridge part that Bulkhead gave him.
    "Ratchet, whats this thing called?" said Bumblebee.
    "It's called a hydr0dynamicexillilonian generator, It transmits audio to other places,It's like a comlink."said ratchet.
    "i'll just call it a comlink."snickered Bumblebee.
    Bumblebee,wanting to see what would happen, hooked the part into the monitor's USB port. The monitor went to fuzz for a second but thenit started to reveal a list of decepticons and their comlink access codes.
    Ratchet pushed bee to the side and yelled,
    "prime, come here, you should have a look at this...."
    to be continued in part 2,
    Every Single Decepticon in Detroit

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