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    Hey y’all, what’s up? Now, I’m currently writing my own little version of what might have been Transformers: Animated Season Four, but I’ve decided that what I’m actually writing may be just a little too fanwanky (crossing over with GI Joe and live-action Bayformers). So, while I am actually going to continue writing it, I’ve decided that I’m also going to create an alternate Season Four that will be a little more canon to the official storyline. Well, I’ll try to do it the way the Animated crew would do it, anyway, but just for the heck of it, I’ll throw in at least one or two slightly tongue-in-cheek references to the Transformers: the Movie (1986), Transformers (2007), and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009). Really, they’re just going to be detailed episode summaries with plenty of new characters. Here’s a Star Wars style (more or less) explanation of everything that happened leading up to Season Four just to get things started, and I’ll post episode summaries as time progresses.

    Transformers Animated: Season Four

    Optimus Prime and his team had returned to Cybertron with Megatron, Lugnut, and Shockwave in custody, along with three blank protoforms that had been stolen by Lockdown and sold to Megatron, where he had keep them aboard the Nemesis for the last few million years, and the body of their fallen comrade, Prowl. Optimus Prime and his team were hailed as heroes by the citizens of Cybertron. Of course, Sentinel Prime was less than enthusiastic about his longtime rival’s success, but had no choice but to take it in stride. After all, the war had finally ended, and Megatron was now going to jail. Much to everyone’s surprise, Sentinel Prime congratulated Optimus Prime and apologized for being such a fool for the last million years since the Elita-1 incident. Optimus Prime accepted Sentinel Prime’s apology and was happy to finally have his old friend back. However, Sentinel Prime hadn’t completely changed…​

    As for the captive Decepticons, they were immediately hauled off to the Cybertron Stockades. They are taken to a cellblock where only the most vile and ruthless prisoners, including Decepticon greats the likes of Bliztwing, Ramjet, Sunstorm, Motormaster, Hun-Gurrr, Razorclaw, Snaptrap, Leozack, Venom, and Icepick. Megatron, Lugnut, and Shockwave were interrogated and plead guilty to the charges brought against them. More importantly, Shockwave admitted to joining the Cybertron Elite Guard under the assumed identity of Longarm Prime, murdering the original head of Cybertron Intelligence, Highbrow, so the position would be his for the taking, framing Wasp for his crimes, attacked Ultra Magnus, stealing the Magnus Hammer, severing all communications between Earth and Cybertron, shutting down the Space Bridge Nexus, resisting arrest by hiding beneath the sewers of Iacon, kidnapping Arcee, and killing Blurr. Everyone was especially shocked to learn that Shockwave had murdered Blurr, and of all people, Bumblebee was the one who took the revelation hardest. And so, an impromptu and post-humous funeral was held for Blurr along with Prowl. ​

    At the very last minute, however, Cliffjumper (who had taken over as head of Cybertron intelligence) revealed that when Shockwave had given him Blurr’s remains to dispose of in the incinerator at the Cybertron Intelligence command center, he felt that something was wrong and quickly ordered the incinerator to be shut off. He raced to the basement of the command center and found Blurr’s remains (miraculously still intact) sitting in a pile of ashes inside the incinerator with a still-beating spark lodged inside of it. At the time, Cliffjumper didn’t know that the small blue cube was in fact a compacted Blurr, so he decided not to tell anyone and held onto it (he claimed that something in the back of his head told him to keep the cube safe). Wheeljack and Perceptor took the cube and attempted to determine whether or not anything could be done to save Blurr’s spark. Unfortunately, they announced that there was nothing they could do scientifically to revive Blurr.​

    Sari, using her technopathic powers, examined Blurr and deduced that Blurr could in fact be saved, but Wheeljack and Perceptor would have to somehow rebuild Blurr’s body, place his still-beating spark inside of it, and hotwire him to bring his systems back online and continue functioning at a fully operational pace. Ratchet, who at this point had grown tired of Sari’s newfound technology savvy, recommended that Blurr’s spark be placed in one of the three protoforms the Autobots retrieved from the Nemesis. Bumblebee volunteered to be the one to place Blurr’s spark in the protoform’s shell. And so, Blurr was resurrected and brought up to speed on everything that had taken place leading up to the final moments of the Great War along with Arcee, who had been in a coma ever since she and Ratchet had encountered Lockdown.​

    Sari had accompanied the Autobots back to Cybertron both to attend Prowl’s funeral, and to gain some more insight into her origins and where her fellow machines come from. Arcee, who had been a teaching unit before joining the Elite Guard as an intelligence office, was more than happy to show Sari around Cybertron and answer any questions she had about being a robot. Cybertron’s reaction to Sari was mixed at best, and once it was revealed that Sari was half organic and half robot, it became even more of an awkward experience for both parties. Some Cybetronians (Sentinel Prime, Tracks, Grandus, Flareup, and Rattletrap, to name a few) viewed Sari with a mixture of fear and disgust. Other Cybertronians (Wheeljack, Perceptor, Red Alert, Beachcomber, Hound, and Rodimus Prime) viewed Sari with curiosity and excitement and were quick to accept her as one of their own. Sari was relieved to find that there were some Autobots who were actually pleased to make her acquaintance, and at the same time, she found many of the negative reactions to her uncomforting. Arcee strongly advised Sari to stay away from the Autotroopers, who served as Cybertron’s law enforcement. Sari innocently asked Arcee why she couldn’t approach the Autotroopers. Arcee blushed and whisked Sari away without answering her question so she could take her to visit the Cyber Ninja Dojo. There, Sari was welcomed with open arms by the Cyber Ninjas themselves, and met Sensei Yoketron’s successor, Sensei Victory Saber. Arcee explained to Victory Saber that Sari was a youngbot and wanted to learn more about being a robot, and that she brought her to the Dojo so she could be educated in the Path of Enlightenment. Victory Saber immediately recognized Sari as one of the protoforms that had been stolen by Lockdown and sold to Megatron long ago. He led Sari to the protoform vault and explained to Sari why she was so special.​

    Apparently, Sari was in fact one of the protoforms Sensei Yoketron and his Cyber Ninjas watched over in the dojo. Lockdown was one of Yoketron’s star pupils until he was banished from the dojo for wanting to use cyber ninja techniques for evil purposes. It was then that a vengeful Lockdown broke into the dojo, killed Yoketron, and raided the protoform vault. He then met up with Megatron in the Decepticon controlled city of Trypticon. Megatron was about to embark on a long search for the missing All-Spark with Starscream, Blitzwing, Lugnut, and Blackarachnia. Lockdown sold all of the stolen protoforms to Megatron, so he could use them to create an army of Decepticon super soldiers. Lockdown was just about to hand what would be Sari’s protoform over to Megatron when all of a sudden; they were ambushed by Victory Saber, Dai Atlas, Grandus, Springer, and Jazz. The Cyber Ninjas overpowered the Decepticons and took back Sari’s protoform. They chose not to apprehend Megatron, as they felt that it was more important to retrieve Sari’s protoform and keep it from Megatron’s clutches. This was because they had been advised by Sensei Yoketron that Sari’s protoform in particular was the future of all Cybertron as they knew it. Many years later, Decepticon forces stormed the Cyber Ninja Dojo once again in search of “the protoform that got away”. Victory Saber, who had since replaced Yoketron as sensei, ordered Dai Atlas to take Sari’s protoform and flee to the Space Bridge Nexus, where he would then toss it into a space bridge portal that led to an unknown destination, which in reality was the laboratory of Professor Isaac Sumdac on Planet Earth. Sari was relieved to have finally learned where exactly she came from, but was curious as to why both the Cyber Ninjas and the Decepticons had viewed her with such high regard. Victory Saber shrugged and said that all Sensei Yoketron would say when asked about Sari’s protoform was that it was the future of all Cybertron. Sari had some free time to learn how to better control her powers in training exercises with the help of Victory Saber, Jazz, and Dai Atlas before leaving.​

    While Sari’s presence on Cybertron was frowned upon by many of its citizens, disdain soon turned to praise when Sari was brought before Ultra Magnus, who was still on spark support. Sentinel Prime was livid that Sari had gotten so close to Ultra Magnus, but Optimus Prime told him to back off and allowed Sari to see him. Sari felt the urge to examine Ultra Magnus with her technopathy after being told what had happened to him and explained to Wheeljack and Perceptor that Ultra Magnus could be brought back online with a jumpstart to his spark. She then took it upon herself to transform her hands into energy projectors, rub them together like paddles, and unleash a spark-charged shock wave on Ultra Magnus’ open spark chamber. Ultra Magnus finally came to, much to everyone’s surprise. Ultra Magnus expressed his eternal gratitude to Sari, who he declared served as Earth’s official ambassador, and apologized to her and her species on behalf of all of Cybertron. Sentinel Prime also decided that it was wrong to be fearful and hateful of organics and anything in between organics and machines, and apologized to her as well. Ultra Magnus declared in a public announcement that the age of organic prejudice on Cybertron had now come to an end. Sari was pleased to find that now all of Cybertron accepted her, but she couldn’t help feeling that she still needed to work on her human social skills. Ultra Magnus expressed his gratitude towards Sari once more and offered her to remain on Cybertron with her fellow Autobots. Sari declined the offer, as she desperately missed her father, Professor Sumdac, and her home planet of Earth. Ultra Magnus understood and assured Sari that she was free to come and go to Cybertron as she pleased. As for Optimus Prime and his team, they were to stay on Cybertron, as they were to be promoted for their heroics on Earth. And so, Sari and the Autobots bade each other farewell in a tearful goodbye (but promised that they would keep in touch with each other as often as possible), and Sari returned to Earth via the Space Bridge Nexus. Sari came to the decision that now that the Great War was over, and the Autobots were back on Cybertron, and the only Decepticons (that she knew of) remaining on Earth were the incompetent Constructions and the female Starcream clone, Slipstream, she would never again use her robotic powers and live the rest of her life as a normal human girl.​

    Back on Cybertron, Optimus Prime and his team had been promoted to Elite Guard status. Sentinel Prime stepped down as ruling Magnus and Supreme Commander of the Autobot Forces and returned the Magnus Hammer to Ultra Magnus, but Ultra Magnus turned the offer down in favor of retiring. Both Ultra Magnus and Sentinel Prime agreed that the rightful owner of the Magnus Hammer was none other than the brave Autobot who ended the Great War and helped place Megatron behind bars. And so, Optimus Prime became Optimus Magnus, the new Supreme Commander of the Autobot Forces on Cybertron. Ratchet also retired from active duty and went on to join the Autobot High Council along with Arcee, who replaced Cliffjumper as the head of Cybertron Intelligence. Omega Supreme retired from active duty as well. Sentinel Prime replaced Alpha Trion as the head of all of the civilian guilds, as Alpha Trion had stepped down in favor of fusing with Vector Sigma. Bulkhead now works with Wheeljack and Perceptor in the Autobot Ministry of Science as the new chief space bridge technician. Bumblebee is now an Elite Guard intelligence officer and a local celebrity. As for Jazz, who helped Optimus Prime and his team defeat Megatron and his Decepticons on Earth, has taken Sentinel Prime’s place as second in command to the ruling Magnus. Sari briefly returned to Cybertron with Professor Sumdac and Captain Fanzone so she could be named an official Autobot in a branding ceremony. Professor Sumdac couldn’t have been more proud of Sari, and the father and his daughter shared a tearful embrace.​

    Shortly after the various promotions, Megatron’s trial had finally come to an end, and he was found guilty of various crimes that dare not be spoken of. The High Council declared that for crimes such as the ones Megatron had committed, there could be no greater punishment, and the punishment…was death. As for Lugnut and Shockwave, who served as accomplices in Megatron’s final attack on Earth, the two loyal servants of the condemned Decepticon leader were sentenced to life in the Cybertron Stockades. Everyone on Cybertron attended Megatron’s public execution. The High Council ruled that Megatron’s punishment was to be electrocuted to a crisp by the Magnus Hammer. Optimus Magnus reluctantly served as the executioner. Megatron’s last rights were read to him, and all of Cybertron watched in eager anticipation as Megatron was about to finally get the punishment he deserved after millions of years of terror. Autobot Blaster broadcasted Megatron’s live execution ceremony to Sumdac Tower, where Sari and Professor Sumdac joined the citizens of Cybertron in eager anticipation as they awaited the death of the one who had caused them all so much suffering. A drumline began to roll their drums as the execution reached its final moments. Optimus Magnus asked Megatron if he had any last words he wanted everyone to hear. Megatron turned to face Optimus Magnus and savored every final breath he took. “I have absolutely no regrets for the things I’ve done over the last sixty-five million stellar cycles. I show no remorse whatsoever for the energon I’ve spilt, and the fear I instilled in the hearts of every being in the universe, whether machine, organic, or otherwise.” Megatron boldly proclaimed. Optimus Magnus raised the Magnus Hammer and closed his eyes as he prepared to strike the blow that would end the life of his greatest enemy. He asked Megatron if that was all he wanted to say. Megatron shook his head and snarled at Optimus Magnus. “This is not your universe to rule, Optimus Magnus. The Fallen shall rise again, and he shall have his revenge on the Autobots and all who denied his awesome power. We shall all have our revenge. ‘Til all are gone.” Megatron said as he closed his eyes. At that point in time, Sari had seen enough. Sari embraced Professor Sumdac and buried her face in his chest. Professor Sumdac comforted Sari, who had now begun sobbing, and looked on as the heartless tyrant he inadvertently resurrected was finally about to be punished for his evil. Optimus Magnus charged up the Magnus Hammer and blasted Megatron with a powerful bolt of electricity. Megatron let out a blood-curdling scream and dropped dead. The crowed then went out of control with wild applause, as the Great Autobot/Decepticon War had now finally come to an end after many, many long years, but at what cost? Optimus Magnus couldn’t help but feel like a hypocrite. Megatron, being the cold-hearted warmonger that he was, had obviously committed great acts of evil in his lifetime including the murders of innocent bots, but in the end, was it really right to sentence a killer to death? Was is for the best, or was it blatant hypocrisy? Either way, Optimus Magnus couldn’t argue with the fact that with Megatron dead, the Great War was now over, and there was nothing any Decepticon still out there in the universe could do about it. Two years had passed since the end of the Great War, and everyone involved would soon learn that the war really hadn’t ended. In fact……it had only just begun.​

    Optimus Magnus had proven himself worthy enough to wield the Magnus Hammer in the first two years of what would be a long and prosperous career as the Supreme Commander of the Autobot forces. Under his command, the Elite Guard was able to make the universe a safer place by capturing more wayward Decepticons seeking refuge among the stars. Thundercracker and Skywarp, who had been drifting through outer space since they disappeared into Megatron’s space bridge along with Blurr, were eventually apprehended by the famous Autobot Elite Guard strike team, the Wreckers, led by General Kup, who was the very first Elite Guardsman back when the Elite Guard was formed. The Wreckers also caught and arrested Hellbat, Tankor, Killbison, Sky-Byte, Jarugar, Blot, Gaihawk, Sideways, Drillhorn, Demolishor, Deathcobra, Scorponok, Octane, Weirdwolf, Grindor, Skullcruncher, and Gnaw. Unfortunately, there were also many Decepticons who were never found, including Strika, Cyclonus, Oil Slick, Blackout, and Spittor of Team Charr, Deathsaurus, Octopunch, Reflector, Astrotrain, and Mindwipe of Team Quintessa, Obsidian, Bludgeon, Kickback, Scourge, and Bonecrusher of Team Daira, Lockdown, Swindle and the other members of the Combaticons who hadn’t been seen since the end of the original Great War when Omega Supreme was defeated, and a merciless Decepticon bounty hunter who’s name dare not be spoken.​

    Meanwhile on Earth, Sari was living her life the way any normal teenage girl would...well, more or less, anyway. She had begun assisting Professor Sumdac in his laboratory, and even created things on her own (though she used technopathy to get the job done every now and then). Sari had since learned to drive, but didn’t have a car of her own. She begged her father constantly for a car, but like most fathers, he tuned her out in fear of having a driving-related nervous breakdown. While Sari’s patience was slowly beginning to thin, she took it in stride, seeing how she still had a jetpack to get around with. Sari had become close friends with Wreck-Gar, who had been working for the New Detroit Sanitation Department since the Substitute Autobots broke up. The only problem was that Wreck-Gar had nowhere to go now that he was working for the city, and sought refuge in an old scrap yard. Sari was kind enough to let Wreck-Gar live in the parking lot of Sumdac Tower, where he could come and go into the main lobby as well as Sumdac Systems whenever he pleased. Sari attempted to reach out to the Dinobots and offer them her friendship, but of course, they just wanted to be left alone. As for the Constructicons, Scrapper was still living in a hut on the beach on Dinobot Island. Mixmaster and Dirt Boss (who had indeed survived the cataclysmic blast, only to be stuck in severe stasis lock for a year and a half at the bottom of the river) reunited with Scrapper. The Constructicon trio left Dinobot Island and lazed around the city of Detroit, where they eventually met four more Constructicons (a dump truck named Long Haul, a bulldozer named Rampage, a crane named Hightower, and a front-load shovel named Scavenger) who had been brought to life by All-Spark fragments. Sari didn’t bother worrying about the Constructicons, as all they seemed to do was just drink oil, wolf-whistle at cars, and basically laze around the city. Detroit had been surprisingly quiet in the two years since the Autobots left Earth. Not even the human super villains were causing a ruckus, mostly because they were all in prison. Little did Sari know, however, is that she was being watched very closely...​
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