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    Cybertron. Throughout the city of Iacon, not a soul is seen. Only the sound of a mournful song is heard. In the heart of the city, Autobots are grouped. Optimus Prime and Bumblebee closest to the center of the crowd. Prowl's body was in a casket. Sari joined them, she put what looked like her key on his casket. They bowed their heads down. A top a building a figure is seen. It's Black Star. Black Star was Prowl's duaghter. They knew each before Prwol went to Earth. She watched as a ring of blue flames surrounded her father. She looks away and jumps off. She lands in an alley way and spots a dark figure. She draws out her swords. The being is running in her direction and she is knocked into. Both tumble to the ground.

    Black Star: " What are you doing?"

    The mech looks at her. Then back over his shoulder. Two jets are seen coming after him. They're Jetstorm and Jetfire.

    Jetstorm: " Black Star! Get him!"

    Jetfire: " He's a Decepticon!"

    Black Star: " Get off of me!"

    Black Hawk: " Sure thing, sweety."

    Black Star: " And hold still, or I'll kill you."

    Jetstorm and Jetfire reach her and draw out thier weapons. Black Hawk looks at them and sighs.

    Black Hawk: " Well, this has been fun, but I gotta go. See ya later, doll-face."

    He winks at Black Star and transforms into a helicopter. She looks at him in disgust but soon throws her sword at him making a direct hit on one of his blades. He transforms and crashes into a building. The alarm is sounded. Optimus and Bee are the first to respond. Blackhawk backs runs around the corner. He readies his dual cannon, and aims. He hits Bee in the leg and runs off. Bee falls to the ground in pain.

    Bee: " What the slag was that!"

    Optimus: " It was a fusion cannon blast. But I haven't seen one since Megatron was locked up."

    Jetfire: " You think he might know Megatron, personally?"

    Optimus: " Maybe, but right now we have to get Bumblebee to Ratchet."

    Optimus picks up Bee and carries him to the medical ward near the Autobot HQ. Black Star looks at the twins the walks off. Later, she meets up with Jazz.

    Jazz: " You didn't go, did you?"

    Star looks at Jazz then down.Jazz nodds in understandment.

    Jazz: " Do'nt worry kid, neither did I."

    She rests her head on his arm, and looks up at him.

    Black: " I'm going to miss him."

    Jazz: " Me too. Me too."

    On Cybertrons moon, Lockdown is seen standing looking at Cybertron. He looks up to see Black Hawk.

    Lockdown: " Where have you been kid?"

    Hawk: " Paying my respects. And getting into trouble."

    Lockdown: " And?"

    Hawk: " And what? That's what I did. Honestly."

    Lockdown: " Kid you can't lie to me."

    He grabs Hawk and puts his saw to his neck. The teeth begin rotating.

    Hawk: " Okay! Oaky! I'll tell you! Now just put that away!"

    Lockdown let's go of Hwak, who backs away alittle.

    Lcokdown: " So talk."

    Hawk: " When I got in trouble, I met a femme."

    Lockdown: " Who?"

    Hawk: " I don't know. Somone called Black Star."

    Lockdown looks at Hawk in surprise. Then he hits him across the face. Hawk falls and tumbles back, alittle. He sits up and looks at Lockdown, rubbing his face.

    Hawk: " Why did you do that?!"

    Lockdown: " What were you doing with her?!"

    Hawk: " What? I could've easily taken her!"

    Lockdown: " That's beside the point. Do you not know who she is?"

    Hawk: " A Cyberninja. So what?"

    Lockdown: " She's Prowl's daughter! You now most likely have a bigger bounty on your head!"

    Hawk: " Soooo? So do you and that spider chick."

    Lockdown stomps off in rage. Hawk is left sittng there rubbing his face.
    At Prowl's grave, Star is standing. Her sword in the ground and she crounching position with her head on the hilt. She looks up. Sad is seen across her face. Behind the flames, Sari's key is seen. It glows a faint blue. enery still with in it.

    Black Star: " I love you, father."
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    Nice start. I'm excited for more, and I'm not even a big Animated fan.
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    The next day. Sentinel and Bulkhead are on guard duty at the prison. Meagtron is seen looking out a window when Senital knocks on his cell door.

    Sentinel: " You know Megatron, ever since you've been locked up, I've been nicer."

    Megatron doesn't look at him. Shockwave comes to his cell door.

    Shockwave: " Ignore him master. He trying to anger you."

    Sentinel: " You be quiet. So Meagtron, I can strike you up a deal. I'll let you go if you can defeat me."

    Bulkhead: " Are you crazy?! Sentinel, what are you doing? Megatron can't be trusted!"

    Sentinel: " Pipe down would ya? Anyways like I ways saying, I bet your sorry, broken, worthless, rusted, peice of scrap self can't beat me."

    Megatron's eye begins twitching and his face full of anger and annoyance. Senital keeps taunting him until he rams into his cell door.

    Meagtron: " Fool! You will pay for your actions!"

    Sentinel: " Oh really and what aer you going to do?"

    Megatron: " I will..."

    Before Megatron could finish a blast knocks down all of them. Lockdown and Hawk step through the hole in the wall. Lockdown finds Senital and kicks him away. Bulkhead remains still but keeps all sensors primed. Lockdown attemps to cut through Meagtron cell door but fails. Hawk pushes him out the way and places a bomb at the base of the door.

    Hawk: " I'll stand back if I were you."

    Megatron backs away from the door and the bomb goes off. Megatron sheilds himself from the blast. When the smoke clers Hawk is standing at the entrance. Megatron gets up and charges the young Dcepticon. Hawk is pinned to the wall by the throat. Meagtron adds more pressure.

    Megatron: " Who are you?"

    Lockdown: " He's a Decepticon, Megatron."

    Megatron: " Ahh, Lockdown so nice to see you."

    Lockdown: " Like wise. Now here."

    He hands Meagtron his fusion cannon and Megtron releases Hawk. Hawk falls to the ground hard. Megatron reattaches his cannon and is handed his swords.

    Megatron: " It's good to have power back."

    Lockdown: " Yeah, yeah. Now grab the kid and let's go."

    Megatron picks up Hawk and throws him over his shoulder. Lockdown transforms and heads for the moon. Megatron activates his boosters and flies after Lockdown. Shockwave is left in his cell when another bomb goes off. He escapes his imprisonment and follows. When they reach the moon, Megatron drops Hawk. Lockdown looks up to him.

    Lockdown: " Hey, be nice to him. He got you out."

    Megatron: " And now he's repaid."

    Shockwave: " My lord, where do we go now?"

    Megatron: " Earth."

    Optimus and Star arrive at the prison. Bee and Sari are already there. Rodimus comes and informs Optimus, while Star goes to look where they escaped. As she looks out to the moon, her friend, Firestream, comes up behind her.

    Firestream: " Who do you think did this?"

    Star: " Black Hawk."

    Optimus is talking to Rodimus when Bulkhead joins them. He tells them about what Sentinel was doing and where he thinks Meagtron might be going.

    Optimus: "Earth. I seems plausible, but why earth?"

    Bee: " Revenge. Hatred. He's evil."

    Rodimus: " Whatever the reason, we need to stop him, fast."

    Optimus: " I agree. Rodimus, you, Black Star, Jazz, Firestream, and Hot Shot are to go to earth. I will be going with."

    Sari: " I'm going to. If Megatron does anything to my father..."

    Bee: " And if she goes, I go."

    Optimus: " Fine. Fine. Now go."

    They leave and Optimus looks toward the moon. Star enters her room and sits down.

    Star: " Father, please help me with our mission. Megatron need to put back in prison."

    At the grave sight, the key begins to glow brighter.

    Please check out my artwork for Black Hawk and Black Star.
    MissStiles on deviantART
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    Meagtron and Hawk make their toward earth. People began looking toawrds the sky. At Sumdac Towers, Sumdac gasps in horror as Meagtron is seen. He transforms and lands on top of the tower. He raises his sword and tells the Hawk to attack. Sumdac runs for the exit but Black Hawk catches him.

    Hawk: " So you're the one who brought back Meagtron. Nice job. His temper is better than ever."

    Lockdown and the other Decepticons, freed from their cells, come and start destroying the city. The Autobots near the moon when a news report reaches them.Sari watches in horror as Sumdac Towers is being ingulfed in flames. Megatron is standing atop the burning tower laughing. Optimus ordered Star and Jazz to distract the Decepticons while they evaccuate the civilians. Jazz and Star land near the tower and Lockdown and Blitzwing come after them. Lockdown goes after Star who doesn't move.

    Lockdown: " This will be easier than I thought."

    He swings at Star but his hand goes through her. He falls to the ground and Star throws her swords into his back. Lockdown grabs the swords and breaks them. Jazz and Blitzwing are holding each other off when Bumblebee comes zoooming by, distracting blitzwing. Jazz knocks him down and and jumps back. Blitz stands up and his face changes from anger to random.

    Blitzwing: " Little bee come here. I'll want ot be your friend."

    He goes after Bee and Jazz follows. Optimus, Rodimus, Firestream have taken on Lugnut, Shockwave and Hawk. Hawk and Rodimus are fighting when Rodimus gets a shot at Hawk. The round hits him in the side. He grabs his side in pain as another shot hits his arm. He retreats around a coner and powers his cannon. He slides down the wall of the building he's leaning on. Energon leaving a trail behind. Hawk looks over his shoulder to make sure it's clear and relaxes a little. Megatron spots him and jumps down. He leaves a huge crater in the ground. He grabs Hawk by the arm adn takes him to the tower. He sets him down and goes after Rodimus. Star comes from her hiding spot behind a smoldering pillar. She grabs Hawk who tries to fight back but is too weak. Star looks at him and drops him back to the ground. She kneels down and grabs his face.

    Star: " I won't take a life, but I will take a victory."

    She lets go of him and is about to walk away when Meagtron fires his cannon. Star is blown off the building and is hanging on the best she can. Optimus looks to the tower. Megatron spots him and races down. Megatron draws both swords and Optimus takes out his axe. Sari and Bee are taking on Lockdown with Jazz. Blitzwing is lying on the ground. Shockwave and Lugnut are doing their best to hold off the angered Autobots. Firestream and Sari dodge every shot and punch. Sari upper cuts Shockwave with her blade. Shockwave stumbles back, covering his face. He removes his had to reveil his eye is scratched. Electric pulses coming from it. Sari backs up alittle cautious of what Shockwave will do next. Firestream comes up behind Shockwave and drives a metal spike through his abomen. He falls in pain as Sari races off. Firestream and the Twins take on Strika and Oil Slick. Meagtron tells them to retreat to the mines. As they leave, Meagtron grabs Hawk and sees Star hanging on. He sets Hawk down gently and walks over to her. She looks up at him in horror. He looks at her and she slips. She falls but is caught by Meagtron and set on the ground. Meagtron goes to get Hawk and leaves. Optimus and Rodimus find Star. She grasping her sword tight in her hands and is looking at it. No one can believe what Megatron did.
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    its spelled sentinel
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    Later that night, the Autobots are at the warehouse. Star and Jazz have taken residence in Prowl's room. Star sits up in the tree talking to Jazz.

    Star: " Why would Megatron save me? He's a Decepticon, I'm an Autobot. It doesn't make sense."

    Bee steps into the room.

    Bee: " Maybe he likes you."

    Star jumps down from her tree and tackles Bee. Bee is struggling beneath her not wanting to be hit.

    Star: "Not funny."

    Star jumps back into the tree and remains silent for rest of the night. Optimus comes into her room the next morning.

    Optimus: " Black Star, the Decepticons are back. Jazz and Rodimus have gone to Dinobot Island to get the Dinotbots for help. I...I think you should stay here."

    Star: " WHAT! Why should I stay behind! I can take care of myself! I don't need to stay anywhere! I need to kick some Decepticon skidplate!"

    Optimus: " I know, but if Megatron is targeting you for some reason..."

    Star: " If he is, I'll take care of him! Optimus, I'm not a protoform anymore! I can take of myself!"

    Optimus: " Black Star, you are staying here and that's an order!"

    Star: " FINE!"

    Optimus stomps out of the room and the Autobots head for the Decepticons' location. At a forest, the Decepticons are waiting for the Autobots when Hawk gets impaitent.

    Hawk: " What are we even doing here? If you're waiting for her, she's not showing up."

    The Decepticons look at Megatron. Megatron turns to look at Hawk when the Autobots attack. Jetfire and Jetstorm go after Shockwave and Blackout. Optimus and Rodimus go after Megatron once more. Bumblebee, Bulkhead, Firestream, and Jazz take Blitzwing, Shockwave, and Lockdown. The Dinobots take Hawk, Strika, Swindle, Frenzy, and Lugnut. Meagtron has pinned rodimus to the ground and Optimus to a tree.

    Megatron: " You should've stayed on Cybertron. We don't want the All Spark anymore."

    Rodimus: " Then..what do... you... want?"

    Megatron: " Freedom. Power. A new life. Decepticons will take over this planet. This will be our new home. The Autobots can have Cybertron and the Alll Spark. But the human race will perish."

    As Meagtron continues, a sword is thrown into his back. He lets go of Optimus and steps off of Rodimus. Star is hovering behind them.Megatron's anger fades away and he runs off. Star follows close behind. Megatron swiftly runs through the trees trying to get away from his persuer. Megatron finally comes to a river. He stops and turns to face Star.

    Star: " You run like a coward! Why? Are you afraid of a fight? Afriad of a femme?"

    Star continues to taunt Meagtron when Rodimus and Blackout fly from the canopy of the trees. Blackout sees Star and Megatron by the water and sends out a blast. The blast knocks down Star and she is blasted away by Hawk. Star falls into the river and is sucked in by the current. The Decepticons fall back as more Autobots arrive at the water's edge. They begin shooting Megatron who is running along the river bank trying to reach Star. As they near a waterfall, Meagtron jumps into the raging water after Star. The Autobots cease fire due to shock and amazment. Meagtron was trying to save the life of a Autobot. Both Decepticon and Autobt tumble over the waterfall and disappear inot the water vapor. The Autobts look over the edge.

    Optimus: " Black Star! Black Star!"

    Jazz: " Optimus. it's no use. She's gone."

    Optimus: " No she can't be. I promised I would take care of her. I promised."

    Jazz lays his hand on Optimus's shoulder. Optimus hangs his head in grief. Bumblebee and Bulkhead walk back towrds the forest and the others follow, leaving Jazz and Optimus standing there. Finally Optimus looks up.

    Optimus: " I promised I would take care of her. I lost both Prowl and Black Star. I'm not losing another friend. We drive the Decepticons into the darkestm pits. We will not sumitt to them."

    Jazz backs up a little and Optimus transforms. Jazz does the same. They head off to join the others. At the bottom of the waterfall, Meagtron is lying in the water half his body in the river, half on land. Star is a few feet away in the water. Star rise onto her kness and spots Meagtron offline in the water. She carefully creeps towrds him. When she gets closer she gaspes in horror. Megatron's spark was completely exposed. Sparks came from everywhere on his body. His arm was nearly torn off. His face was half gone. She looked at herself. All she could find wrong was that she was missing her swords. Then she remembered, Megatron had grabbed a hold of her and protected her from the impact of the fall.
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    I like your artwork for Black Hawk. Fan characters are cool, but you captured the Animated style well and developed him nicely as well :D 

    I liked Animated, but I never caught it on TV (I sleep in on Saturdays like many people :lol ) There is some parts of it I don't know much about, but I like your little story going here.
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    Thank you. :) 
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    She crept closer until she was by his head she laid her arms on him and began stroking him. As she sat there she began singing a Cybertronian lullaby. As she sang, Megatron's spark dimmed. A top a cliff, Hawk stood. Lockdown came over to him. Hawk didn't move or even signal to acknowledge Lockdown.

    Lockdown: "What are you waiting for kid? For Megatron to come flying out of those trees with the Cyber ninja dead in his arms?”

    Hawk: "No."

    Lockdown: "Then what? Uh, what? For…”

    Hawk turned to face Lockdown. Pain and anger in his eyes. He activated his cannon. Lockdown backed away a little.

    Hawk: "Lockdown shut up!"

    Lockdown: "What? Do you honestly think Megatron is strong enough to survive a fall like that? Well..."

    Hawk: "Don’t you dare talk about my father like that! Or I'll blow you to pieces!"

    Lockdown: "Father? Are you saying you're Megatron's kid? You got to be kidding?"

    Hawk stepped closer to the edge of the cliff. Lockdown looked from him to the drop. Hawk to one step over and fell. Lockdown rushed over only to find the young Decepticon hovering below him.

    Hawk: "I’m going to look for him."

    Lockdown: "You won't find him. He's with the cyber ninja. You'll never find him online."

    Hawk: "I can try."

    Hawk takes off to find his father. Lockdown stands up and heads for the Decepticon base. Star wakes up in the forest still. She is a few feet away from where she was before. She immediately started looking for Megatron. As she called for him a large shadow was hidden in the trees. She backed away and stumbled into the water. Megatron came out from the shadows towards her. How he could walk or even function amazed her. She slowly got up and walk out of the river. She stood in front of Megatron with confidence. Megatron looked down at her. Sparks still coming from various wounds across his body. He collapsed to his knees and Star dropped down. Megatron looked at a concerned Star.

    Star: "Why don't you fight?"

    Megatron: "Fight... for what?"

    Star: "Your life. You don't even seem to care anymore whether you live or die."

    Megatron: "What is... the point? I am surely to... die... soon."

    Star: "How can you say that?"

    Megatron: " Why... do you c...are? You're just... a"

    Star: "I may be just a cyber ninja but I know more about life then you could ever. You just can't give up. Not like this."

    Star moved over to his side and carefully grabbed his arm. Megatron winced as he was being pulled up. Finally, he was back on his feet and was being supported by Star.
    Star: "Come on. We have to get help."

    Back at the warehouse the Autobots are sitting around, not knowing what to do. Sari leaning against Bee, who's leaning against Bulkhead. Ratchet and Jazz are talking about what to do about Star. Firestream is standing near Rodimus. Rodimus is trying to calm down Firestream. Hot Shot is sleeping near entrance when he hears footsteps. He wakes up to see Star and Megatron heading towards the warehouse. He goes to get Optimus and Rodimus. When Optimus comes running from the building, Star gently sets down Megatron. She stands in front of him ready to defend him. Optimus stopped in his tracks.

    Optimus: "Star? You're alive? What are you doing with him?"

    Star: "He saved my life. It's in my nature to repay that debt. Even if it does mean saving a Decepticon."

    Optimus: " Yeah...but. He...ahhhh."

    Star: "He is my responsibility. Now get Ratchet. He has a patient."

    Later that night Star is sitting next to Megatron. Megatron wakes. He looks at the sleeping femme. He then looks to the entrance. He sees Optimus standing there. Optimus narrows his optics and leaves. Megatron rolls over to stand on the ground. He raises himself but can barely stand. He looks to a nearby window. He walks over to it and opens it. He climbs out and heads toward the Decepticon base. Hawk is overhead flying when he spots Megatron. He drops down and transforms. Megatron stops and looks at him.

    Hawk: "Sir, are you okay?"

    Megatron's expression turns from despondent to sorrow. He collapses. Hawk runs to his side.

    Megatron: “Have to get…back…to…base.”

    Hawk: “Sir, you can barley talk. How do you suppose we get back to base?”

    Megatron: “Transform and rise up.”

    Hawk transforms and rises to the air. Megatron does his best to transform and succeeds. Both fly off to the mines. When the reach the entrance, Shockwave is waiting for them. He helps Megatron get to a table.

    Shockwave: “My Lord, I will have to begin working on you. The damage is intense. I may have to restore you back to your Cybertronian mode.”

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