TFA: New beginings

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    TFA: New beginings
    Chapter 1

    Optimus: Many Stelercycles has passed since the capture of megatron, new allies, new enemies.

    Ironhide: sir Megatron, sideways, and shockwave have ecaped!

    Optimus: what!

    scene shifts to megatron

    Megatron: lets get ourselves re-armed shall we

    a figure comes from the shadows and hands megatron, sideways and
    shockwave their weapons

    a portal opens from the shattered glass universe

    Megatron: what the

    Shattered glass optimus prime, goldbug and ironhide come out

    SG prime: Megatron come with us

    Sideways: should we trust them megs?

    Megatron: we have no choice

    scene shifts to a bot

    the cadet looks and sees Shattered glass prime

    Ace Minor: hey whats going on here

    SG prime shoots him and takes megatron and his troops into the portal

    Ace goes to stasis mode, when he wakes up he sees himself re-built

    Ace Convoy: aaaahhhh

    Sari: hey your okay

    Ace: who, where, what, who are you

    Sari: my name's sari your in the ER you had to be re-built for you to survive
    you got hit pretty bad

    Ace: I saw a purple and black optimus prime shoot me
    and that's all i remember

    Optimus prime comes into the room

    Optimus prime: are you ace minor?

    Ace: yeah

    Optimus prime: come with me

    Ace: ok

    Ace got up and followed prime they went outside

    Optimus Prime: Ace those upgrades you now have you have to use them for
    good if you see megatron or that purple me just use your upgrades oh and here i want you to have this

    gives ace an elite guard logo

    Ace: does this mean?

    Optimus prime: yes

    Ace: Yeah!

    To be continued
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    oooooohhh......I'm likin this so far ^^

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