2D Artwork: tfa cliffstrider comic: SILENCE

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  1. LyricaBelachium

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    Jul 31, 2009
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    CliffStrider (thoughts):Silence...I allways hated the silence, I'm not sure why anymore...
    I guess it feels sort of empty...cold...void.
    Like everything shattered.

    Faded, her vision starts to online again, and she can see someone, she doesn't know who, next to a monitor, not too far from her.

    CliffStrider: W-where am I...?W-what Hap-p-pened?
    He turns around to look at her coldly and walks over.

    Stranger: You were rescued. Lie down and recharge, you have much to heal.

    CliffStrider: B-but...something feels wrong...something...something is missing...
    She had little strengh to even lean a bit, holding her weight on her elbows.

    stranger: it will be over soon, that pain will disappear...now recharge...

    The stranger pushes her back down. a strange feeling, like a small eletric charge numbs her processor, slowly taking her away.
    and as everything started to get darker, she could only think one thing:

    how does he know its painful?

    knowing the young femme was now far from the real world he turns back to the monitor, and presses a final button.
    On the screen a new window appears:

    Intiating Reprograming squence...

    and there was silence.
    ________________________________________ ___

    so yeahhhh... part of cliffstrider's story, might reallyyyy work it out, you know, do actual line art and painting?lol. this just popped out... sad though.
    ps. the stranger is also an oc of myne, called MindGriever who literally wipes out processors so that he can reprogram them into soldiers. that is his speciality. plus freaking annoying mind games -.-'

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