2D Artwork: TFA Bugly

Discussion in 'Transformers Fan Art' started by Malunis_T, Oct 31, 2009.

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    Why? Because.

    Funny story actually: In the recently leaked image of ROTF Mindwipe's toy, someone mentioned Bugly and Chaos Trinity. I decided to check out TFwiki and found Bugly to be interesting. Since I did a TFA rendition of Mindwipe not long ago, and Derrick Wyatt had once uploaded a sketch of TFA Bludgeon... Well, you get the idea.

    Originally, I was gonna make Bugly a butler. He has that sort of name. Then after I read his bio, I thought it'd be better to make him a snooty type who likes power. So, he saps it (or just paralyzes) from his enemies. Name's kinda random, though.

    As you can see, I went through a few various head designs before I got to something I liked. I was originally gonna homage the Pretender shell's bug bits by giving him facial hair, but it looked weird. I ended up making them part of his helmet. Another thing (to add to the snooty/butler look) was making his wings become tux tails, kind of like the ones Lockdown has, but longer.

    So yeah, there's some errors here, but I like how it turned out all the same. Enjoy.

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