TFA and TF: RotF - Construction Ahead, Expect Delays

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    I know this story is crappy.
    When I play Transformers with my brother and sister, my sister used a Movie Legends Class Cliffjumper as a new character: A-42. He's basically a TFA Gir from Invader Zim. As the title suggests, this story merges both TFA and the live-action films. The story is set in the TFA Detroit base, but the cast is made up of both franchise's characters.
    Movie Autobots
    Optimus Prime
    Animated Autobots
    The Dinobots
    Captain Fanzone
    Movie Decepticons
    Animated Decepticons

    Enjoy! Or not...
    Construction Ahead, Expect Delays
    Not for the first time in the Autobot’s base, an argument broke out of the open windows. The tough, seasoned war veteran Ironhide was once again at odds with A-42’s and the Dinobot’s antics. This time, they didn’t know the difference between the Dinobot chow and the healing powder Ratchet had given him for his latest wound.
    “A-42, must I tell you again?” the leader Optimus Prime wearily asked.
    “Tell me what?” the little red Autobot replied, “A joke? A secret? The answer to today’s crossword?”
    “No, A-42. To please stay away from Ironhide’s things,” Optimus said while a grumbling Ironhide walked into the room and nodded, “With Ironhide, you don’t know if you’re picking up Bumblebee’s extra earphones or a sub-atomic particle disrupter.”
    Ironhide grunted something he knew his leader wouldn’t approve of.
    At that moment, Prowl and Jazz, Optimus’s second lieutenants, drove in and transformed.
    “Prime,” Prowl started,” While on patrol, we caught sight of Bonecrusher and Blitzwing. Most likely another attempt to escape unnoticed with more construction supplies.”
    “Hmm…” Prime murmured. What could Megatron be trying to build this time?
    As if reading his superior’s processor, Jazz quickly said “Whatever it is, it can’t exactly help save the whales.”
    “Indeed,” Prime agreed. “Prowl and Jazz, take A-42, Sideswipe and the Dinobots downtown. See if the Dinobots can lure the Decepticon’s attentions. Your goal is to take back whatever they have, and as soon as you do, return the materials to their owners and return to base.”
    “Aye, sir.” Jazz said. “Sideswipe! Grimlock! Snarl! Swoop! A-42! Let’s roll out!” Jazz commanded.
    Sideswipe appeared in a flash of silver and nodded. The Dinobots entered the room, looking peaceful yet aggressive at the same time.
    “What you want, silver Pontiac bot? Me Grimlock no want to go out!” the brutish leader of the Dinobots barked. The other Dinobots, Swoop and Snarl, merely looked at Jazz.
    “We’re going on a field trip, King Grimlock,” Jazz started, “We go out to smash Decepticon and metal!”
    “Smash Decepticon? Munch Metal? Why you not say so? Dinobots follow silver Pontiac bot for now!” the hulking monster barked again. The other Dinobots gave their roars and screeches of approval.
    The three Dinobots and the four Autobots left the base. When they were out of earshot, Prime whispered to Ironhide: “You can thank me later.”
    The old weapons specialist shrugged.
    The convoy of silver, gold and black, and red and blue sped through the streets, racing to reach the Decepticons before they escaped with the construction supplies.
    Said villains, meanwhile, were struggling to push the supplies up a rise in the street.
    “Anyone ever notice whenever there’s ever hard work to be done, Megatron is never around?” the triple-changer Blitzwing asked in his thick German accent, starting to lose his footing.
    “ I HATE having to push this scrap!”, the malice-filled Bonecrusher added. “ But Lord Megatron wanted this stuff, so it’d be best not to complain: I HATE not being able to complain!”
    Meanwhile, the Dinobots and A-42 were already having some fun down town: if one would call fun demolishing all things in sight.
    “ Me Grimlock like pretty explosions! They so bright!” the Dinobot leader roared.
    Snarl was pile-driving his way through the rush hour traffic, while Swoop attacked any News Copter or police copter that approached in the sky. A-42 had wrenched a traffic light pole from the ground and ran around screaming in delight.
    “IT DON’T GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS!” the little Autobot happily declared.
    Sideswipe, Prowl, and Jazz merely hid under a nearby bridge, their optics round and twitching. Soon, their human ally Captain Fanzone arrived, and immediately hid under the bridge as well.
    “What in the name of Sam Heck is going on here? Those Dinobots again? That little flea-bitten tornado from-“
    Prowl cut in before he could continue, while Jazz quickly asked “How do we turn A-42 off again?”
    Said Autobot had used the traffic light pole to carve his name: A4D2 into every flat surface on the block already.
    Sideswipe said “Man, I bet those Decepticons are already out of the city by now!”
    Prowl retaliated “I don’t think so…”
    “What makes you say that?” the arrogant Corvette asked.
    Prowl dove and pushed his comrades and the police captain out of the way of a massive snapping fork.
    Smiling, Prowl said “Call it a hunch.”
    The fork returned to its owner, the advancing Bonecrusher!
    Meanwhile, the Dinobots and A-42 continued their Olympic tournament in the city, the ensuing devastation even shocking the smooth and calculating Lockdown as he watched the scene unfold in his ship on the moon.
    A-42 suddenly spotted Bonecrusher’s fork attacking the others again. His optics suddenly enlargened and grew shiny blue, and he was suddenly driven by one primal instinct: GET. THAT. NEW TOY!!!
    Bonecrusher soon turned his attention from his opponents, recognizing the squeal from his worst nightmares.
    Before he could even realize who it was, the little Autobot had already leaped on his back, preparing to claim his kill: the fork attached to the Decepticon’s back.
    “Not you again!” the Decepticon screamed, in horror realizing what he wanted.
    “GIMME THAT TOY!!!!” A-42 screamed.
    Prowl, realizing without his fork Bonecrusher would be defenseless, quickly shouted to A-42: “Get the toy, A-42!”
    His response: a sickening rip from Bonecrusher’s direction. Energon leaked from Bonecrusher everywhere, soon causing the brute to slip up and fall.
    A-42, now on the floor playing with the fork, declared gleefully “Look at my new toy!”
    Jazz nudged Prowl and asked him “He does realize he does say and do that every time he meets Bonecrusher, right?”
    Prowl shrugged, saying “Less work for us and less paperwork for Captain Fanzone here. Speaking of which, where did he go?”
    A scream came from the direction of the Dinobots, who raised their heads and roared in surprise. Blitzwing had his tank turrets aimed at the police captain, whose eyes for once had opened fully.
    “Give us back our supplies, Autobots!” the Decepticon commanded, “Or watch your little pet here die!”
    “I’m waiting, Autobots!” Blitzwing barked. “I often loose control, if you haven’t noticed by now!”
    A-42 ran up to Prowl, with his ‘new toy’ still in his grasp. The small Autobot was about to ask him something when he saw Captain Fanzone at Blitzwing’s mercy. He wasn’t worried about Captain Fanzone, but just how fun it was to watch Blitzwing’s faces rotate.
    “Oooh!” the small robot squealed. “Do it! Switch the face thingy!”
    Prowl realized that if Blitzwing swapped faces, he would be distracted long enough for the Autobots to rescue Fanzone and get away.
    He whispered to A-42 “Sing Space Cow’s song!” Space Cow was the nickname A-42 had for Snarl.
    A-42 zoomed away and came back just as fast… but in a banana suit! He opened his mouth and…
    The Decepticon switched to his third and most dangerously unstable face: his random face, basically a black face with red jack-o-lantern eyes and mouth. He said “Wait for me!”
    They both continued singing the song, side by side. The still dizzy Bonecrusher rose his head, and roared “WHAT THE SLAG ARE YOU DOING?!?!!?!?”
    “Getting’ my groove on!” Blitzwing shouted.
    Suddenly, he stopped dancing all together. His random face, for once, had a frown on it. Something poked through his chest. The Autobots watched with confusion as the Decepticon crumbled to the ground and said “That’s… that’s not funny…” as his optics closed.
    When the Decepticon fell, the mighty Grimlock was in robot mode, trying to clean something off his sword of flames.
    “Me Grimlock just spit on this, and Grimlock have to dirty it to save you puny Autobots?”
    “Its all FEMA’s fault.” The approaching Snarl declared.
    “Or, better yet, the US economy’s.” Swoop added as he descended from above in robot mode.
    As usual, the Autobots merely stared at the Dinobots, pondering what they were saying. As Grimlock was the only Dinobot who spoke English(if you could call it that), the other Dinobot’s words were only heard as screeches and braying.
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    i loled several times. swoops economy remark put me over the edge! i loved it!
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    :lolol  The economy's fault. xD
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    Lol economy haha

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