TF4? Why Not.. This could be the plot.

Discussion in 'Transformers Movie Discussion' started by SKYNET121, Jul 2, 2011.

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    After watching Michael bays last TF movie, I feel like their should be one more movie .My thoughts for a fourth movie would have to involve a new main character since Shia L. Says he is done with TF. Introduce Chip! A young scientist who the u.s goverment calls upon to create our own TF to help keep us safe.

    Chip asks himself what on earth he could create that could size up to the deceptions/autobots, or even better, what in earths past could equal the TF power.? The DINOBOTS!! Chip would create the Dinobots for the u.s gov. The Dinobots would at first be neither autobots nor deceptions, but would battle both at first.

    And the next movie could continue to involve NASA, as they detect a large planet headed to earth, Unicron! Now the fate of our world would once again call upon the autobots to save us, with the help of the Dinobots.

    And since most of the autobots got killed off in DOTM, I would like to see hot rod and ultra Magnus play a big part. As for the main decepticons, why not galvatron? There are still the insecticons, thrust, Sunstorm, thundercraker, and so on. So I do hope to see a TF 4. Maybe Steven Spielberg......?
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    there are two identical threads of this

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