By Generation: TF4 Age of Extinction: Crosshairs - Door Modification

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    I didn’t really like Crosshairs’ arms, so I fixed this by cutting them off:


    It’s easy to know where to cut due to his arms being like this.

    With this modification, I think it looks tons better than before.

    Also, don’t worry! The extra pieces tab where they usually are in both bot mode and car mode unless you cut its connector tab:


    Without those tabs his makes him tons better than before now.
    An action pose:[/IMG]

    It also made the car cape flaps look a lot better!

    That’s it for now! I’m still figuring out how to move those wheels to the back to make them accurate from the images and artwork [we’ve] seen for him.


    Until then see, ya!


    It doesn’t really affect anything except the panels in the arms, and that piece doesn’t look like it’s lined up properly. I wanted to get rid of that, and it doesn’t really bother me that much anyway (although for some people it will):


    During transformation it likes to pop off a lot of times so i just usually take it out first and put the panels after transforming the figure:


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