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    Just wanted to share this with people who appreciate. I am on vacation in California and I did the Universal studios today. Of course I went to see the unfinished TF3D ride. While I couldn't go inside and I am not a huge fan of movieverse (mostly G1 here), I really enjoyed the giant mural of Megatron and Optimus on the side of the studio. Also the cool part was the TF merch shop. A entire store devoted to TF merchandise, it was majestic to be in there. I really enjoyed some of the G1 merchandise that they had in there, including some truely beautiful shirts and hoodies. I didn't buy anything because this trip is about my daughter so I'm more concerned about spending my holiday cash on her. It was still a nice experience. I still intend on getting something in the way of a keepsake from the trip, but it felt nice to exercise willpower in the pinnacle of a TF toy section. Just wanted to express with fellow fans. The Kre-o selection was really awesome too, plus I got my first real good look at the Prime toy line and thumbs up on those.

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