TF3: Rise of Galvatron

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    In this fic, I'm using the movieverse and picking up a few years after the defeat of the Fallen. Sam is grown, the Cons have been chased from the planet, and the Autobots are planning to go back to Cybertron via a new invention called the Space Bridge that Optimus Prime used the Matrix of Leadership to help create.

    I Hope you like. Please share your feedback with me so I'll be motivated to continue.
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    Transformers: Rise of Galvatron

    Alone, and in a state of disrepair, an alien traveler humbly stares up at the raising desert sun as the pre-dawn light peaks out over the Giza Plateau. As the battered metal alien takes in the surroundings of the alien world and as the desert winds buffet his large frame with sand from every direction, uncertainly and thoughts of defeat creep into his mental processor for perhaps the first time in his long existence. In his weakened state the metal behemoth stubbles to the sandy ground allowing the swirling sands to partially cover his prostrate body. As he picks himself up and allows the sandstorm to resume its battery of him, he tries to focus his optics on the metal object he held in his hands that caused him to be where he currently was and in the state he currently found himself in.

    “All the dreams, all of…..the promises, all of the planning, all of the energon, and all of this time,” the alien uttered as his voice came to a crescendo while he spoke at the faceplate that would better be described as half of a metal face. “Useless scrap of metal!” his enraged voice screamed as he tossed the face into the sand. “Has it all been for naught?! Has my duty……my very existence been for naught!?” he continued his rant as he stared intently at the small shard in his hand he held in front of the yellow sun. “SOMEBODY ANSWER ME!!!!!!!!”

    Across the world another large metal alien found himself in deep thought as well before being interrupted by the sound of footsteps approaching the hanger at Diego Garcia that he had come to view as his new home far away from home.

    “Optimus,” the much smaller entrant began. “Sorry to interrupt, but I think we need to talk.”

    “Sure Sam,” Optimus replied in a firm yet soothing tone. “What is it?”

    “It’s just that…well……Optimus. You know we’ve been through a lot. A lot in what to you is probably just a short time, but to me, these last few years have seemed like an eternity and I…….I, I’m going to miss being a part of your Autobot family.” Sam stated.

    “Sam.” Optimus replied tenderly as he dropped to a knee and peered into the eyes of his human friend and savior. “You will always be a part of the Autobot family. Our lives have been intertwined but a short time, but in that time you have become and will always be someone our sparks, my spark holds dear.”

    “Life is funny Prime.” Sam began. “Back when I was starting college I was ready to be done with all alien relations, but now that I’ve finished, and now that you all are leaving, the last thing I want to do is see you go. I wish that it were somehow possible for me to go with you.”

    “You need not worry about us leaving Sam.” Optimus declared as he stood to his full height, gently grasped Sam in his hand, and began displaying a mental projection that showed glimpses of everything from their first encounter with each other, Sam running from Decepticons while protecting the Allspark, Sam hiding from Decepticons in the woods while Optimus defended him, to Sam’s revival of the great Autobot leader in the desert. “Sam, you are linked with us in a manner that no distance can disconnect or dissolve. To Bumblebee you are a close friend, to RC you are a brother, and to me,” Prime paused as an image of the Matrix of Leadership came into view. “You are so much more.”

    “Because of the bond that we share through the Matrix, Sam, we will always be linked no matter how far away we may be.” Optimus stated. “And it is that link that lets me know that you not wanting us to depart is not just about the relationships that we have built, but is in fact due to a deeper worry. So tell me Sam, what is it that troubles you?”

    “I’ve been have some dream Optimus, some very real dreams.” Sam declared as Optimus placed him back on the floor. “In my dreams the ancient Primes are alive and here on Earth, all of them including the Fallen. They aren’t harvesting energon though, they’re hiding.”

    “Hiding?” Optimus inquired. “From what?”

    “I don’t know.” Sam answered. “Every dream is the same though Optimus. They flee here, they take refuge, they get attacked, and the Fallen gets taken then returns triumphantly declaring that the threat is over.”

    “What threat Sam?”

    “I don’t know Optimus.” Sam replied. “The dream went the same way all the time……..until last night.”

    “What happened last night Sam?”

    “The dream continued on, this time even further in the past and on….Cybertron. The Primes were all together gathered around the Cube, then boom, they all just vanished.”

    “Where did they vanish to Sam?” Prime inquired.

    “I don’t know Optimus,” Sam stated. “But after they vanished all I saw was the Cube and the Cube began to shrink and break apart into ……shards. At first there were many, then they all just sort of……galvanized.”

    “What else happened Sam?”

    “Nothing Optimus. Everything just went black. Then I heard them.”

    “Who did you hear?”

    “I don’t know, just some voices in the darkness. It was silent at first, then the voice began speaking. It seemed like ages had past before I heard their voices ringing through the darkness.” Sam finished.

    “Were you able to make out anything they said Sam?” Optimus asked pleadingly.

    “Maybe,” Sam replied nervously. “But it was sort of jumbled and I’m not sure I heard them clearly. One voice was totally foreign except one sentence, and the other was way too familiar.”

    “The sentence Sam, what did it say?” Optimus inquired.

    “It said,” Sam whispered. “We’ve found THEM, the last descendants of the Primes. And the other voice……”

    Optimus interrupted before Sam could finish. “I fear I know the other voice Sam, but please, tell me what did it say?”

    “It screamed out 3 words very clearly.” Sam replied before taking a deep breath. “I heard this. SOMEBODY ANSWER ME!”

    “Megatron…… brother.” Optimus whispered.

    *****Aboard the Nemesis Spacecraft in the Outer Solar System*****

    “He is not coming!” Starscream yelled at the mechs that were scanning the radars in hopes of finding their missing leader attempting to return to them. “Megatron deserted us, left us here to die with no energon, no direction, and no concern. He can rot on that dismal human planet for all I care! We leave in 1 hour.”

    “What about the others?” A silver and green Decepticon who had entered the newly repaired spacecraft’s control center asked mockingly. “Surely you would not desert your brothers the same way you have accused Megatron of deserting us.”

    “Spare me your mockery Bludgeon.” Starscream replied. “Your sudden loyalty to Megatron comes at a time most convenient, so do not dare speak as to question my intentions!”

    “You would be wise to back away from me you pathetic excuse for even a would-be leader.” Bludgeon replied sadistically. “Or else you will not be going anywhere, alive.”

    “As far as the others are concerned,” Starscream declared changing the tone. “They are all en route save Soundwave. You and I both know that he is capable of sustaining himself so if he insists on seeking a leader that doesn’t even want to be found, he will remain in this Primus forsaken solar system alone.”

    “That is a logical assessment Bludgeon.” A large purple mech declared as he approached the duo of Bludgeon and Starscream. “Our race’s continued survival no longer hinges on Megatron or the Allspark. We must leave now so that we can be waiting for our new proposed allies at Alpha Centuri.”

    “Allies Shockwave.” The powerhouse known as Bludgeon began. “To call them allies is like calling Starscream a real leader.”

    “I will stand for no more or your disrespect!” Starscream yelled as he threw a right cross to the face of Bludgeon causing the green powerhouse to stumble backwards.

    “You will pay for that with your life you worthless piece of metal!” Bludgeon declared as he approached the intimidated but suddenly courageous Starscream.

    “NEVER” Starscream yelled as he leaped at the approaching attacker only to find himself suddenly impacting the ground with great force as Bludgeon quickly and skillfully twisted his frame before forcing Starscream to the floor.

    With a grasp of the neck of a struggling Starscream Bludgeon began to tighten his grip. “Your dreams of usurping the Decepticon throne have been well documented, and so will your demise at the hands of Bludgeon!” the green antagonist declared.

    “Fool!” Starscream grunted before placing his right hand on Bludgeon’s shoulder so that he could get a clear shot to the dome of his attacker with his wrist mounted null cannon.

    Bludgeon’s quickness and adept reflexes assisted him in being able to avoid a direct hit to the side of his face, but the heat and the pain of the grazing shot did cause the green powerhouse to lose his grip on his opponent allowing the now standing Starscream to get a clear aim on Bludgeon who found himself staring down the barrel of Starscream’s cannon.

    “Enough!” Shockwave yelled as he stepped between the two adversaries. “This waist of energon is foolish. I suggest you both cease and desist at once. Your power struggle is in vain because even is death there is no leader amongst the Decepticons other than Megatron. Now, prepare the crew for the ignition sequence.”

    “This is not over Starscream,” Bludgeon declared with the utmost sincerity. “Once we refuel and are able to ensure that future generations will live again on Cybertron, I pledge to crush you with my bare hands.”

    After a moment of silent tension, Starscream’s voice broke the silence as he addressed Shockwave. “As much as it pains me to say this, Bludgeon had a point. What exactly do we know about these proposed allies we are meeting with? What exactly do the want from us?”

    “Technology and protection.” Shockwave answered. “They have what may amount to a limitless supply of energon that they have little use for. They want us to take as much of it off of their……tentacles as possible because according to them, they are at risk because of it.”

    “So,” Starscream interjected. “The transorganics have someone else after the energon and they are willing to just give it to us so that their antagonists will leave them at peace. What if that antagonist decides to come after us?”

    “We are Decepticons; no force in the universe can stand against us!” Bludgeon declared. “But I do see the potential troubles forming an alliance with these so called allies could present. I say we just take the energon from these half breeds and not let their tentacles get us tangled in anything beyond re-energizing our ranks.”

    “Ill-advised.” Shockwave responded. “I sent a scout team to confirm what these Quintessons had told us, and it checked out. They do indeed have the energon. That energon is safeguarded and they do have a force of…..protectors in place should we try to double cross them.”

    “If they have protectors why do they need us?” Starscream inquired.

    “Their defenses are weak, but numerous.” Shockwave answered. “We do not have the numerical capability to overcome their defenses at this time, so we must play by their rules.”

    “Excuse me.” A small worker drone interrupted. “As per your request the ignition sequence is beginning. Please prepare to enter your pods.”

    “Is everyone here or accounted for?” Starscream asked the drone as he glanced at Bludgeon.

    “All scheduled crew save The fallen, Commander Megatron, and Soundwave.”

    “Well you heard him mechs,” Starscream declared. “To the pods.”
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    I like it, it's pretty good.

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