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    So this is a total shot in the dark, but thought I'd throw it up here anyways.

    I'll be moving soon and I need to unload some of my sweet TF2 cosplay stuff.

    This spy costume has a lot of love put into it and took a long time collecting all the right materials.

    With this costume you get:

    Blue Pinstripe Suit - Ralph Lauren - Jacket and Pants
    Blue 100% Silk Tie
    Blue Custom Arm Band and Pocket Kerchief
    Custom Sewn Balaclava
    Black Gloves
    Black Leather Giorgio Shoes Size 12
    UHC 938 Black Revolver with Custom White Enamel Grip
    Steel Cigarette Case with Custom Red and Blu Stickers and Disguise Insert

    I'm 6'3 and about 170lbs and the suit is a tad small, but as you can see in the images it still looks good. Everything is in good condition, and was only worn twice. The only thing you will need is a white shirt. I'm asking $300 for everything, but I'll knock $50 off if you don't want the gun and the disguise cigarette case.


    Please PM me for questions or offers. I have to have this gone by the 31st!

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