2D Artwork: Tf War Journal: "fear"

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    Transformers: War Journal.

    Story; John-Paul Bove, Josh van Reyk & Jon Stone.
    Art; Tom Parish, Casey Coller, Matt C. Adams, Shane Anderson, Richard Cookson, Stanley Chou, John Flores, Jon Stone, Stavros Kundromichalis & Jeremy Tiongson.
    Colors; John-Paul Bove.
    Letters; Bernie Lee
    Covers; Josh Burcham, Tom Parrish, Kent Lin.
    Sketch Cover; Andrew Wildman.

    Now that we've got your attention and let your minds stew over the picture, "Transformers: War Journal" is a full 22-page web comic created by Transformers fans that will be released on 31 st of December, 2007.

    The one thing that the "Transformers: Mosaic" project has shown, is that when fans come together to achieve a shared vision, there is no limit to what can be accomplished. Allthough not directly linked to "Transformers: Mosaic", "Transformers: War Journal" is produced by some of its memebers and is kind of the next evolution to the project.

    In "Transformers: War Journal", a group of Autobots are marooned on an alien planet fighting a loosing battle against a superior Decepticon force. The story focuses on the war's affect on the individual; what adversities they have to overcome, what responsibilities they have to bare and what sacrifices they have to make.

    We'll be peeling away pieces of the above picture, both here and http://tf-war-journal.deviantart.com/ as well as releasing previews until the final release on New Years Eve.
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    Looks interesting. the Autobot logo looks pissed ^^

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