2D Artwork: TF/Voltron Crossover Project - Entry 3: HUNK

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    Hey gang, just finished the next entry for my TF/Voltron crossover project:


    - Hunk has always been a creature of excess, whether as a human, or as an Autobot. He enjoys having a good time, consuming mass amounts of Energon cubes, or shooting at anything resembling a Drule spacecraft or Decepticon soldier. In his new form, he employs a variety of heavy projectile weapons. Still maintains his gung-ho spirit, but now shows planning a nd preparation not found in his human source pattern.

    Hunk is the slowest of the Lionbot team in robot mode, due to his exceptionally thick neutronium/plastisteel blended skin. Carries a high-yield fusion projectile launcher for "crowd control" , and likes to use his chest mounted moratr cannon (KER-BLAMMM! a la Warpath). In Lion mode, his legs and claws are specially designed to cover desert and arid conditions. Pwerful thrusters can allow him to jump long distances and maintain balance on unstable surfaces.

    Background story

    At the start of the great Autobot Exodus from war torn Cybertron, several "sleeper" ships were commissioned under orders from Optimus Prime for deep space excursions. These ships were manned by a skeletal crew of Autobots, and carried hundreds of "blank slate" protoforms - protoforms with no pre-entered personality modules or attributes (gender, size, abilities).

    One of these sleeper ships had eventually made it to the far side of the Milky Way Galaxy, and passed through a powerful ionic storm that crippled the majority of the ship's systems and terminated most of the protoforms on board. Before entering permanent stasis lock themselves, the Autobot crew managed to isolate five surviving protoforms within a sealed bulkhead of the ship, and rerouted the remaining life support and power systems to preserve them. The ship then drifted for what turned out to be several million years.

    Finally emerging near the Arus system, the ship's remaining sensor palette detected a robotic signature approaching the vessel. It turned out to be another robot adrift in space - the defeated protector of Planet Arus, Voltron. The ship's sensor drone scanned the broken remains of the robot, and the remains of the five human pilots who were connected to it. With no pre-coded personalities or attributes in them, the new Autobots were formatted in appearance on Voltron's components, and the personalities and limited memories of the Voltron Force.

    As before, Hunk was completed with watercolor marker and Sharpie pen. Except for some spacing issues, I liked how he turned out.

    Link to Entry 1: LANCE : ="http://www.tfw2005.com/boards/tra...voltron-crossover-project-entry-1-lance.html"

    Link to Entry 2: ALLURA : ="http://www.tfw2005.com/boards/tra...oltron-crossover-project-entry-2-allura.html"

    Comments and crits welcome. Thanks for looking!

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    O.m.gee this is gonna be sweet
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    These are soo sick brotha!
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