2D Artwork: TF/Voltron Crossover Project - Entry 2: ALLURA

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    Hey gang, I've got the 2nd entry to my project up and ready for review.


    - Of the entire Lionbot team, Allura is the one who is the most optimistic about the "resurrection" of the Voltron Force. The other Lionbot members have been imprinted with various memories from their corresponding host patterns, but Allura's is probably the most complete. She can recall with complete clarity her life on Arus, Coran and Nanny, her father King Altor, and the horrendous injustices inflicted upon her people by King Zarkon and his son Lotor. Her new abilities have boosted her confidence in combat, and her drive to finish the mission of the original Voltron.

    This new Blue Lion is optimized for deep depth combat. Reinforced duranium and neo-tungsten alloy help keep Allura resistant to crushing pressure and extreme cold. In combat, she carries an optional hip mounted laser rifle, with harpoon weapon integrated to it. Uses melee weapons such as a trident-hand blade, and the tail component of her Lion form can be used as an electrostatic whip. Provides medical support and cover fire to her teammates during open field warfare.

    Background story

    At the start of the great Autobot Exodus from war torn Cybertron, several "sleeper" ships were commissioned under orders from Optimus Prime for deep space excursions. These ships were manned by a skeletal crew of Autobots, and carried hundreds of "blank slate" protoforms - protoforms with no pre-entered personality modules or attributes (gender, size, abilities).

    One of these sleeper ships had eventually made it to the far side of the Milky Way Galaxy, and passed through a powerful ionic storm that crippled the majority of the ship's systems and terminated most of the protoforms on board. Before entering permanent stasis lock themselves, the Autobot crew managed to isolate five surviving protoforms within a sealed bulkhead of the ship, and rerouted the remaining life support and power systems to preserve them. The ship then drifted for what turned out to be several million years.

    Finally emerging near the Arus system, the ship's remaining sensor palette detected a robotic signature approaching the vessel. It turned out to be another robot adrift in space - the defeated protector of Planet Arus, Voltron. The ship's sensor drone scanned the broken remains of the robot, and the remains of the five human pilots who were connected to it. With no pre-coded personalities or attributes in them, the new Autobots were formatted in appearance on Voltron's components, and the personalities and limited memories of the Voltron Force.

    Comments and crits welcome. Art completed with watercolor markers and Sharpie/BP pen for details. Personally, I like how most of this came out, but looking at it now, I think I could have made her legs a bit better proportioned.

    Link to Entry 1: LANCE : ="http://www.tfw2005.com/boards/tra...voltron-crossover-project-entry-1-lance.html"

    And lastly, I'd like to hear from you on my next entry: Would you prefer I draw Hunk, or Pidge? Reply in the thread to let me know, or PM me.


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    do hunk next he happens to be the rought and tough guy of the team with a heart of gold
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    A voltron cross over transformers toy line is a awesome idea. whats not to like about 5 mega sized lions that transform into poseable individual robots modes.then combine into a poseable voltron.
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    Very awesome, I like the structure of her legs for some reason
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    Loomis, Nebraska

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