2D Artwork: TF/Voltron Corssover Project: Entry # 5 - KEITH

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    Hey gang, I apologize to those who had been enjoying this project for the long delay in posting the next addition. Working two jobs takes up a lot of my time, and to be honest, I had come down with a severe case of artist's block when it came to working on this part. I honestly could not churn out anything that looked good for so long. Finally, I came up with a decent design, and even though it's not my personal favorite, I hope you enjoy it anyway.


    - Keith now finds himself in a peculiar predicament. As the leader of the Voltron Force, he has been traumatized to an extent to learn not only that he failed to lead his team to victory, but that he and the others perished. Adjusting to his new form as a Lionbot has been difficult for him. Nevertheless, he remains a capable and committed leader, and has pledged to finish off the threat of the Drule Empire before returning to Cybertron. He also finds himself drawn closer to Allura. In his past life, he was very fond of her, but let his duty as team leader come before his feelings for her. Having been granted a second chance, he now fully intends to share everything he has felt with her.

    - In Lion Mode, Keith is arguably the most powerful and skilled Lionbot on the team. His armor strength can match Hunk's yet he is more manueverable in combat. He can deploy multi-rocket launchers that mount to the forward legs, and the wing modules can be used for upper atmosphere flight. In robot mode, he uses a dark matter-powered rifle that can cause considerable damage on virtually any known substance or surface. The wing modules can fold up, and be used as solar energy collectors to keep him powered during combat.

    Background story
    At the start of the great Autobot Exodus from war torn Cybertron, several "sleeper" ships were commissioned under orders from Optimus Prime for deep space excursions. These ships were manned by a skeletal crew of Autobots, and carried hundreds of "blank slate" protoforms - protoforms with no pre-entered personality modules or attributes (gender, size, abilities).

    One of these sleeper ships had eventually made it to the far side of the Milky Way Galaxy, and passed through a powerful ionic storm that crippled the majority of the ship's systems and terminated most of the protoforms on board. Before entering permanent stasis lock themselves, the Autobot crew managed to isolate five surviving protoforms within a sealed bulkhead of the ship, and rerouted the remaining life support and power systems to preserve them. The ship then drifted for what turned out to be several million years.

    Finally emerging near the Arus system, the ship's remaining sensor palette detected a robotic signature approaching the vessel. It turned out to be another robot adrift in space - the defeated protector of Planet Arus, Voltron. The ship's sensor drone scanned the broken remains of the robot, and the remains of the five human pilots who were connected to it. With no pre-coded personalities or attributes in them, the new Autobots were formatted in appearance on Voltron's components, and the personalities and limited memories of the Voltron Force.

    As with the other designs, Keith was completed with a mix of Sharpie and watercolor markers.

    Comments and crits are welcome. Thanks for being patient (especially Genozaur).

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    Nicely done.
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    Looks amazing! It's so nice to see that you're committed to releasing this series.
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    WOW! Those are all so great!

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    well its about damn time lol

    seriously that is sweet AND AWESOME

    so when you gonna put up[ pics of all 5 lionbots merged as voltron?

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