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Discussion in 'TFW2005 Tech Support' started by dkr7, Aug 22, 2012.

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    Hi mods, just wondering if some could take a look at this section as the are loads of threads being made with spoilers in the titles and spoilers being posted in some threads with no tags.
    Also the are a number of pointless threads being made, for example one for each easter egg someone comes across with no spoiler warnings and others along the lines of
    Title: Finished Campaign mode.
    O-post: Was great!

    Been looking forward to this game for a while and i don't mind some things being spoiled but the amount of game content being ruined for others is getting ridiculous.

    Sorry to moan i know it's not your guys fault just hoping you can help so us gamers who are still waiting get to experience these things first hand as we play

    We appreciate any action you take!

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