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    Okay, so I've decided to write Tech Specs, and history/bios for all characters in my "Unknown" fan-fic to make for a better self understanding of all characters before writing the final story. So here's a list of all non-generic characters from my fan-fic:



    Megatron - Mercedes-Benz Zetros Military Truck
    Soundwave - Scion xB
    Thunderwing - F-22 Raptor Fighter Jet
    Scourge - Peterbilt 379 Tanker Truck
    Chop Shop - 1987 Ford F-150 Pickup Truck
    Barricade - Ford Shelby Mustang GT500
    Shockwave - F-117 Nighthawk Stealth Bomber
    Starscream - F-16 Falcon Fighter Jet
    Bludgeon - K2 Black Panther Tank
    Dreadwind - SU-30 Soviet Union Fighter Jet
    Tarantulas - Mitsubishi Eclipse GT
    Buzzsaw - MI-24 Helicopter
    Cyclonus - Grumman X29 Fighter Jet
    Skullgrin - CV-22 Osprey Helicopter
    Demolishor - Cadillac Escalade EXT Pickup Truck
    Sideways - Kawasaki Ninja ZXC-6R Motorcycle
    Doubledealer - M20 Military Assault Vehicle
    Thrust - F-35 Lightning II Fighter Jet
    Gnaw - Submersible Scion tC
    Tidal Wave - USAF Aircraft Carrier


    Optimus Prime - Peterbilt 362 Cab-over w/ Trailer
    Bumblebee - Volkswagen Beetle
    Ironhide - Lifted Jeep Wrangler Sport
    Ratchet - Mercedes-Benz G500 Ambulance
    Blaster - Nissan Cube
    Rodimus - Ferrari Enzo Convertible
    Jazz - Dodge Challenger SRT8
    Kup - 1956 Ford F-100 Pickup Truck
    Downshift - 1968 Pontiac Firebird Convertible
    Ultra Magnus - Oshkosh Striker 1500 Firetruck
    Roadbuster - Lifted Ford Raptor SVT
    Wheeljack - Cadillac CTS-V Coupe
    Pointblank - Chevrolet Corvette C7
    Outback - Ford Edge Sport
    Hot Shot - Dodge Avenger SXT
    Grimlock - Peterbilt 320 Garbage Truck
    Hubcap - GMC Topkick C4500 Tow Truck
    Springer - Agusta 109C Helicopter
    Blurr - Bugatti Veyron SS
    Omega Supreme - NASA Space Shuttle

    And the tech-specs i have done so far

    Faction: Decepticons
    Function: Decepticon Leader
    Change-Form: Mercedes-Benz Zetros Military Truck
    Primary Weapon: Arm-Mounted Fusion Cannon
    Secondary Weapon: Handheld Revolver Pistol
    Melee Weapon: Mace
    Bio: “Megatron has led the Decepticons for millennia, ever since the ‘passing’ of his predecessor, Scourge. In the time that he has led, not only has he gained the respect and loyalty of almost every Decepticon, he has also managed to conquer the entire planet Cybertron, driving the Autobots to Earth. Though Cybertron is a big milestone for him and his Decepticon followers, his primary goal, his to kill his worse enemy, the Autobot leader Optimus Prime, and annihilate the Autobots for good, turning the entire universe into his own empire."

    Faction: Decepticons
    Function: Communications Officer
    Change-Form: Scion xB
    Primary Weapon: Dual Handheld Chain-Guns
    Secondary Weapon: Shoulder-Mounted Missile Launcher
    Melee Weapon: Halberd
    Bio: “Loyal to the end, Soundwave has always been Megatron’s ‘pet’ per say. But that’s only what he shows on the outside. Deep down, he hates Megatron, always has, always will. Formerly, Soundwave was the Autobot Dion, but Megatron kidnapped him and turned him into the monster he is today. Soundwave sees himself as a mere shell of his former self and would do anything to go back and stop his transformation from ever happening. Though Soundwave has grown to believe in the Decepticon cause, he still hates Megatron and sees him to be unfit to lead. Soundwave only appears loyal to gain and keep Megatron’s trust so he may someday have his revenge. Someday, someday....."

    Faction: Decepticons
    Function: Espionage
    Change-Form: F-22 Raptor Fighter Jet
    Primary Weapon: Handheld Energy Rifle
    Secondary Weapon: Dual Shoulder-Mounted Machine Guns
    Melee Weapon: None
    Bio: "Most Decepticons see Earth as a living Hell, but Thunderwing finds it to be quite fascinating. It's not that he likes the planet or the insects that rule it. He just finds their primitive technology to be amusing. Of course, he keeps this to himself to save himself from being ridiculed. His 'soft' spot aside, Thunderwing is a seasoned soldier. He uses his flying and hacking capabilities to quickly fly over Autobot command posts and gain essential information in mere seconds to aid the Decepticons in ridding Earth of the Autobots and making the humans their own personal slaves."

    Faction: Decepticons
    Function: Decepticon Leader
    Change-Form: Peterbilt 379 Tanker Truck
    Primary Weapon: Handheld Fusion Cannon
    Secondary Weapon: Wrist-Mounted Machine Gun
    Melee Weapon: Fire Sword
    Bio: "Long ago Nova Prime led the Cybertronians peacefully alongside his brother Optimus Prime. But Nova saw Optimus as weak and unfit to be his equal, and that he, and he alone, should rule Cybertron, and someday, the entire Universe! But he grew more and more twisted, more and more determined to kill his brother, and so, Scourge was born, and the Decepticons as well. Many Transformers took Prime's side, but many took his side as well. And so began the Great War. But his goal was cut short when a young Decepticon name Megatron abandoned him on prehistoric Earth and assumed command for himself. But now, Scourge is back, and more determined than ever, to kill Optimus Prime.

    Chop Shop
    Faction: Decepticons
    Function: Bounty Hunter
    Change-Form: 1987 Ford F-150 Pickup Truck
    Primary Weapon: Dual Handheld Shotguns
    Secondary Weapon: Shoulder-Mounted Double-Barrel Rifle
    Melee Weapon: Machete
    Bio: “Chop Shop is what us humans would most likely call a ‘redneck’. He enjoys racing and demolition derbies, and prefers old rustic change-forms over new ones. Despite his offset personality, Chop Shop is a cold hard killer. The Decepticon Skullgrin trained him in both hand-to-hand combat and tactical shooting. Since then he has risen to be one of Cybertron’s most prestigious bounty hunters. Chop Shop believes in the Decepticon cause and that violence is always the answer! He is fairly young and is loyal to Megatron and Megatron only and knows nothing of any of his predecessors, or of his dark past with the Primes. But if he did, he’d surely change his whole perspective on who he thinks Megatron, and what the Decepticon cause really is."

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