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Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by Optimus Layne, Nov 20, 2008.

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    i have a AFA graded Alternators Optimus Prime that is graded U90 ( uncirculated ) a AFA graded Takara #17 reissue Blitzwing that is graded U90 ( uncirculated ) and an AFA graded Pepsi Convoy that is graded 80. The AFA states that an uncirculated item is: UNCIRCULATED: Uncirculated is a toy item that has never been handled nor circulated within the market after final completion at the factory. The Uncirculated identifier on the AFA grading label assures the collector that the figure went from its original packaging within a factory sealed case (or even right off the factory line) to its museum quality AFA protective case. AFA wears protective gloves when handling your Uncirculated items to ensure that your figures remain untouched since they were packaged at the factory. my question is if i decided i wanted to sell one of them or maybe even all of them, what should i ask for for each individual one or if i sold them all three as one item? i was just wondering. thanks?
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    This is a question best asked in the toy section as far as I know, but a few ways to get a good idea is to check ebay (in this case you're not gonna find the quality of item your selling but you may find other AFA graded items) or when you decide to sell you can ask others to make an offer and see where it goes.

    My best guess is that you won't find a buyer willing to pay the price these are actually worth by selling on a message board. You should just put them on ebay and post in our ebay forum to let others know they are there

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