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    PREVIOUSLY... The Autobot's search for a Autobot who recently arrived is delayed by an assault by Starscream.

    The team split and went to fulfill their duties. Epps, the Twins and the Sisters went and evacuated the humans out of the area: basically by waving their arms and making animalistic noises.
    Prime had his dual Energon blades drawn and charged Starscream, who responded by leaping at the Autobot leader and shooting at him, only for his bullets to be deflected by Prime’s blades. Jetfire ambled toward the Decepticon, preparing to whack him with his cane, for what it was worth. He was soon punted, though, by his former comrade. Bumblebee somersaulted off a building and leapt onto Starscream’s throat, and held tight. Starscream grabbed him and threw him off.
    Meanwhile, Chromia noticed a lone policeman directing the humans out of the area. She went to alert him of the danger he was in.
    “Sir, you need to get out of here. We’ll handle this!” she told him.
    The policeman merely looked at her. Chromia wondered, Was this human deaf? She got her answer when a ray shot out of the man’s sunglasses and scanned her.
    The man simply vanished into thin air and crackling electric energy and it came to Chromia: The Autobot.
    Meanwhile, the Autobots, even with their numbers, were starting to lose against Starscream.
    “How long can you keep this up, Autobot fools?” the villain asked.
    SLICE! “Long enough for me to do that!” a familiar voice declared.
    Prime, who’d been using an overturned truck as cover whilst he fired at Starscream, suddenly opened his mouth in shock. He looked over the truck, and saw something that reduced him to surprise and amazement…
    The Autobot who had come to Earth was none other than Prowl, Prime’s former second lieutenant before Jazz was appointed to the position. He had two shuriken drawn, and, just as back on Cybertron, his visor optics prevented any emotion from showing through.
    However, this time, he could see Prowl’s expression: rage and coldness. The sleek Autobot leapt upon Starscream and hacked at his back with his shuriken, who looked surprised to see the Autobot as well.
    All the Autobots were by this point all on their feet, Prowl’s entrance distracting Starscream long enough for them to recover. Epps had called in reinforcements: many of them. Quickly realizing the strength in numbers, Starscream transformed and shot into the sky.
    The Autobots crowded around Prowl, all talking and laughing with delight as they all greeted him and patted him on the back.
    “Yes, it’s very good to see you all again too!” Prowl happily said.
    He bowed to Optimus, who smiled and nodded.
    “Now, seriously, it’s just me, everyone, no need to be this excited.” Prowl said.
    “Slag yeah there is, we thought you were dead!” Jolt barked.
    Everyone fell silent at this,
    “Dead?” Prowl said slowly, “Why on Cybertron would you think I was-“
    “Prowl… Have you heard from Smokescreen or any other of his team?” Prime asked, remembering Prowl being assigned to Smokescreen’s regiment prior to Tyger Pax.
    “I haven’t heard from any other Autobot since I was ordered to follow you by Smokescreen midway through the battle.” Prowl continued, “We were beginning to lose, and Smokescreen pushed me into a small shuttle and told me to find you. They made it out, didn’t they?”
    Prime stood there, lost for words. The other Autobots, even Jetfire, had mournful, regretful looks on their faces. Ironhide and Ratchet bowed their heads; for once, the Twins were silent.
    “Prime… what… what happened to them…” Prowl mumbled, getting an inkling of the truth, “Tell me!”
    “They… they- they were offlined as they protected the convoy that transported the AllSpark to the rocket launcher.” Prime said with his head down, “That’s why we assumed you were dead.”
    Prowl was lost for words. Smokescreen, he thought. Brawn. Moonracer. Springer. Dai Atlas. No…
    He sat on a piece of debris from the recent battle, with his hands covering his face. Moonracer approached him and took his hand and looked into Prowl’s face.
    “Prowl… Smokescreen made a choice.” She started. “He sacrificed himself because he knew what was at stake.” Prowl looked at her, his old friend, who’d been by his side for so long, and always knew the better of him. “We’ve all made sacrifices in this war,” as she pointed to Prime, Ratchet, Ironhide, Bumblebee and Jetfire. “And we must not let them be in vain.” She finished softly.
    Moonracer soon found herself being embraced by Prowl, his arms around her.
    “Thank you, Moonracer. We’ve never been the kind of friends who could talk eye-to-eye.” Prowl said.
    “We… we were never anything more either.” Moonracer whispered sadly.
    “What did you say?” Prowl asked.
    “Nothing.” She hastily replied.
    As the two Autobots hugged, Jetfire, not blinking, put his hands over the Twin’s mouths. A few moments later, Epps got a call from Lennox back at the base.
    “Copy that Lennox. Epps out. Optimus,” Epps said, “We got a situation.”
    “One that involves the more malevolent of our kind?” Prime asked.
    “All in a day’s work.” Epps confirmed with a grin.
    Prime nodded and turned to his Autobots.
    “Prowl, front and center.”
    Prowl let go of Moonracer, who watched him report to Optimus in admiration and tenderness.
    “Yes, Prime.”
    “As the Autobot second-in-command, you must learn of our alliance…” Prime went on to Prowl as they talked privately.
    Epps shrugged and said, “Looks like they got some official matters or something to talk about.”
    “Booooring.” Skids whined.
    “Hey, big guy!” Epps called to Prime, “You want us to wait up?”
    “That won’t be necessary, Sergeant Epps.”
    “You got it. Me and the others’ll head back to base.”
    The Autobots transformed and drove to the cargo plane, but Moonracer hid in some debris, watching Prowl converse with Prime.
    If I had let the moment control me any further, my cover
    would’ve been blown! She thought worriedly. If Prowl found out how I feel about him…
    “Moonracer! Come on!” Chromia and Arcee called.
    Overwhelmed from the day’s emotions – joy of the reinforcement, fear from Starscream’s assault, utter ecstasy at the sight of Prowl, pangs from remembering Tyger Pax, just plain emotion in Prowl’s arms, and the near Spark Attack from nearly blowing her own cover – Moonracer took a last look at Prowl, sighed, and transformed and followed her sisters.
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    Good Story you have going there so far. When you described a Police Motor Cycle in the first part, i thought it was Groove of the Protector Bots. I assume you are making Prowl a Motor Cycle similar to the Animated Series?

    I assume Prowl and Elita had some sort of thing going on back on Cybertron?
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    Well, Prowl and Ellita, if you didn't count Jazz, were best friends since they met each other. Prowl has always thought of Elita as his best friend, as she's very dependable, intelligent, and, as Prowl realized sometime after he left Tyger Pax, somewhat attractive. Elita, meanwhile, had at first a crush on him when they met, and after all this time of being his best friend, and after all this time of being away from him, now she loves him. <3

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