Heavy/Scratch: tf rotf new thrust (WIP)

Discussion in 'Radicons Customs' started by darrenmea9, Feb 11, 2010.

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    ok, so heres the story. i wanted to give the regular rotf thrust waist articulation by removing the jet buster form the bot, then ratach it so that is transformers properly, so i brung out my trust legos!, and super glue! i was doin this at 2 in the morning, so i wasnt thinking and tried microwaving it so that the glue dries faster, wen i opend the latch, i woke up instently. thrust had all melted plastic all over him. his legs were fully destroid, so i couldnt save thoughs. his whole back peice 2 his cratch was all melted, so that was removed. and his getling gun was mleted, so i removed that. the only thing that stayed intacts was everything from above the cratch (other than the gun). and i loveed this fig. so i brung him bak 2 life! i had a junker movie 1 camshaft, and a junker cybertron skywarp. i used skywarps wing cannons and put them on thrusts, he looks alot better!!, then thnx 2 super glue!, camshafts whole croutch peice fit perfecly behing thrusts cratch. and LEGOS! he now has his thruster as a arm weapon, and i also made camshafts belly gun work there 2. HE IS NOT FINISHED i will be remobing camshafts wheels, and adding more plain bits.and i am making a connecter so that thusts thuster can fin in vehicle mode. so as he is now, HES AWSOME(in person)

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