TF RID:CF, Eps 1 & 2: King of the Hill Pts 1 & 2 Discussion

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    I wanted to try a review.

    The episodes King of the Hill, Part 1 & 2 written by Adam Beechen are about overconfidence.


    They underestimate the situation and have to deal with the consequences.


    They were OK I guess.
    I don´t remember Strongarm talking about regulations that much in resent episodes.
    Bee seemed a bit off. It´s for the lesson but I didn´t thought he was that stupid.


    Splitting the cast and switching focus between the groups is typical for this writer. It works well for openers and the stories work well together. Some of the plot points seem forced, though.


    They were collecting Cybertronian artifacts, that’s a first. This far they didn´t had anything to do between seasons despite saying otherwise in the final. They are sill bored though.
    I think this is the first Decepticon that turned into Vehicle Mode to fight.
    When Bee starts flying, why do the flames not ignite the oil?
    The combination left me with so many questions. How did they combine? How did they uncombine? Why did they change sides? Is Drift now a Waponizer? Do the Stunticons become Combiners through that radiation as well? Why is there radiation in the first place? I thought those disposal sites are designed to not affect the environment. Doesn´t that mean it´s already leaking?
    Heatseeker says he found that detector with other Cybertronian stuff but I couldn´t see anything else at the gas station.
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    Chocolate cake
    These episodes was better than all the other season openers.

    A) because they actually had something to DO, or talk about for the matter
    B) they weren't being all mopy like they were in the other season premieres,
    C) there was a decent amount of action.

    I liked Heatseeker and Motormaster (finally, a Decepticon bigger than the Autobots, and FINALLY, a non-animal based Decepticon), and when I heard Soundwave's voice, I legit thought that he lost his voice box because he never said ANYTHING in TFP except for in Beast Hunters when he says "Soundwave superior, Autobots inferior." Then I remembered that BUMBLEBEE lost his voice box, and Soundwave can talk but chooses not to.

    I especially liked the part when they combined together somehow but then not realize that they did, I found that hilarious.

    Part 1: 8/10
    Part 2: 9/10
    Overall: 7/10

    Better than S1 & 2 premieres, but they could have done better. Amazing plot! :D 
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    King of the hill huh?

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