2D Artwork: TF:Return of Convoy(comic idea)

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    An idea for a comic series where the autobots struggling to live have had their leader ultar magnus killed the only way to survive is to find the matrix and bring back optimus to life(and when they do he becomes optimal convoy and super powerful)
    Dinobot-Litenaunt to the autobots and a powerful warrior.He is all about honor.Alt mode:Cybertronian Tank Weapons:Canon on back
    Brawn-Former autobot who felt the autobots weren't tough enough for his style after he left he got some upgrades. Alt Mode: Cybertronian hummer like vechile Weapons: Canon on arm and his machine gun hand
    Bumblebee-Probly the roughest and toughest of the autobots.His name was just a nickname someone gave him that he laughed at and since then he calls himself bumblebee.Loves chompin cigars and bustin deceptichomps.Alt Mode:Cybertronian van Weapons: His fists and a canon.
    Megatron-Plain cruel and master of the cybertronian dark arts few no about.Megatron is dictator of cybertron forcing the autobots to leave or be excuted on sight.Megatron has no sympathy or compassion at all. Alt mode: Cybertronian Jet Weapons: Samari swords and a canon
    Sky Garry-Current leader of the autobots. He is one of the few who are experienced with megatron's mastery of the cybertronian arts and the only one of them whom could stand a chance against him Alt Mode:Cybertronian Jet Weapons: Wings become swords.

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