TF PRIME - The Allspark of Transformers

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    Transformers Prime which was launch on 2011 is what I believe the most money making toyline of Transformers itself. The marketing and toy development which were made, was basically a result of years of observing the market trend.

    Transformers Prime toys line came in many variation is targeted to collectors who will die for anything to get their hand on exclusive, limited, or special edition items.

    Below are the toy line if Transformers Prime:

    1. TFP First Edition - G1 idea
    2. TFP RID - G2 idea
    3. TFP AM - Mechtech/Movie
    4. TFP SDCC - Cliffjumper special
    5. TFP Japan Exclusive - Transparent Prime
    6. TFP Weaponize
    7. TFP Dark Energon - TF Energon Idea
    8. TFP Terrorcon -
    9. TFP Helmets - Movie

    And many more....

    And the crazy part of it it comes in waves. Their strategies to pair the toyline with some items(which most wanted) to a number of 4-1-1.
    Eg. 4-1-1 = 4 Prime, 1 Vehicon, 1 Ratchet.
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    1 - AM has nothing to do with Mech Tech
    2 - For the past 2 years figures have either been short packet, or barely there while shelf space is taken over by other lines.

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