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Discussion in 'Transformers Fan Art' started by Ribieconvoy, Mar 15, 2011.

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    Well, this isn't much, but I took the official Prime Arcee image and bashed it to be more screen accurate. Also sort of a plan for my repaint of her when she finally arrives. May do one for the others. Changes include pink highlights in the appropriate areas, compressing the chest after seeing it can compress more at Toy Fair, removal of the weapon storage pegs for vehicle mode (were on her ankle), removal of the arm blades, adding of the red "gem" on her head, changing the upper section of her toes from black to a more screen accurate blue, removal of the Autobot logo, and removal of the wheel on her back from sight, since we know it can store in her back now, not just sit there sideways, and a few other minor things. Did not move the "wings" from her shoulder to her back, since I want this thing to still be able to transform. Mainly minor changes, but they all look great when they all come together.

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