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    Okay, I might not be the best at creating bios for my characters.. :redface2: 
    Be honest, what do you think of her?

    Arrival landing zone: Brazil
    DOC: 14 Million years
    Faction: Autobot
    Earth guise: Chevrolet C7 Corvette
    Function: Warrior/Technological analyst/Weapons designer
    Gender: Female
    Name: Silvershifter
    Height: 22ft
    Rank: 7
    Weapons: Twin-bladed staff, EMP, Mini-missile launcher


    Armor Durability: 3
    Camouflage Ability: 10
    Courage: 10
    Defense: 5
    Firepower: 5
    Intelligence: 10
    Speed: 7
    Strength: 7
    Endurance: 9
    Skill: 8

    Bio: Silvershifter is an Autobot warrior. Her courage and strength comes from the confidence of her friends. Her compassion is the strongest of her traits. Her loyalty is strong, but of she feels something isn’t right or changing plans would help someone, she’d reluctantly disobey a direct order. Her closest companion is Soundnox, after rescuing him from Decepticons; he chose to fight alongside her.

    She wasn’t always known as ‘Silvershifter’. In the earliest years of her creation, she studied the by 6 Lasers of Cybertron. She was a neutral civilian of Nova Cronum, Cybertron, known by name of ‘Sentrena’, and attended Crystal City Academy and was later a temporary assistant at the Tagon Heights Industrial Quadrant.
    Her former alternative mode was a blue Cybertronian sports vehicle.
    After the war began, she devoted her spark to fight alongside the Autobots and their new leader, Optimus Prime. She was later bestowed a minor award of honor after a battle within Crystal City, and Sentrena became Silvershifter, a skilled warrior that operates under Optimus Prime’s command.

    Following the Autobots to the now endangered planet called Earth, Silvershifter came to befriend many of the Human soldiers that they had allied themselves with. Shortly after the successful battle for Earth between Sentinel Prime and Optimus, she was stationed with a small team of the N.E.S.T. soldiers and two other fellow Autobots to the nation of Brazil, where their permanent isolated base now lies. There they protect the people from Decepticon threats, and escort military technologies to safe rendezvous’.

    Traits: Silvershifter is strong, loyal, and honest. She spends her spare time conversing with friends or lending a hand when one is needed. When she isn’t fighting Decepticon refugees, she’s lying back and cruising around, enjoying the fascinating natural habits of human kind.
    She also enjoys teasing the local foreigners, given her flamboyant appearance.
    Silvershifter can be easy going at first, but don’t push her tolerance, for she can become abrasive and defensive. She is intelligent and uses that trait to create and modify multiple explosive weapons from alien technology.
    She has come a long way, becoming an adept hand-to-hand fighter and a dexterous leader.

    Abilities: Silvershifter has the ability to manipulate various colors and blend with her surroundings. She can morph her vehicular mode to modify against possible detection from enemies.

    Weaknesses: Silvershifter’s weakness composes mostly her lack of well-built armor, though very strong in Spark, she can be fairly vulnerable to direct missile attacks. She is also highly compassionate and will do about anything to save the ones she cares about, leaving her compassion to be used against her.

    Silvershifter quotes—
    “A good Bot is one with a good Spark.”
    “I fight to enforce the sacrifices of the Primes and the innocent lives of the sentient beings of planet Earth.”

    “An arduous journey can encourage the Spark to do greater things.”
    “It’s not your past that affects your future; it’s your present, your ambition, it is who you are.”

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