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    The Wrecking Crew were a group of highly trained special ops soldiers. Brought together by the Autobot Kup, at the behest of Delta Prime, this group was the direct predecessor to the Wreckers, which was formed after most of the Wrecking Crew were killed in a battle with BRIGADE ZERO.

    The Wrecking Crew consisted of:

    Skyhook (commander)
    Quasar (interstellar operative)
    Steelwing (Aerial combatant)
    Blastburn (flamethrower)
    Volttackle (shock trooper)
    Bluecrush (naval ops)
    Lockdown (tracker/covert ops)
    and Impactor (second in command)

    While the Wrecking Crew was considered to be the "best of the best" as a group they lasted less than 10 Vorns. During a mission, deep in Decepticon territory, the Crew was betrayed by one of their own. Lockdown had been paid a handsome sum by Megatron himself to lead the team into a trap. The team used stolen security codes to break into Darkmount undetected. Unfortunately, Lockdown, who had "procured" the codes, had given them false data. The Wrecking Crew had to battle their way past Darkmount's heavy duty security systems which were well known for their deadliness. Suspiciously, Lockdown had disappeared duting this incident. He was reunited with his teammates several cycles later as the Crew managed to make its way to the throne room (where they would plant a chaosmaster bomb, thus destroying a key Decepticon stronghold). Unfortunately, by the time the team had reached the throne room, they were in bad shape, having barely survived the traps and weapons systems. They were no match for Brigade Zero, which served as the Decepticons' counter to the Wrecking Crew. Though he fought bravely to protect his comrades, Impactor was the only bot to survive the battle, having managed to flee out of a hole in a nearby wall Lugnut had made with his explosive punch. Lockdown made sure that before his former comrades perished, they knew it was he who had betrayed them.

    As a result of these events, a new group, simply called The Wreckers, was formed. Led by Impactor, and accompanied by Kup, the team's first mission was to hunt down the traitor Lockdown.

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