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Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by UnicronHound, Jun 8, 2006.

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    Hey there, I have a couple of things that I need to get rid of, below is a list of the stuff, I can provide group pictures, but the only problem is that I can't take personal checks or Paypal, trades ar welcomed, I have a need list of stuff, if you see anything tht you want then just PM me.

    Micromaster Autobot Headquaters, only the two jets(base only), yellowed, missing the canopy for the blue jet mode, and the canopy of the marroon one

    Skyhopper, only the Helicopter

    TM Landfill, left arm connector piece is broken, maybe you can super glue it back on?

    Air Strike Patrol's Tailwind

    Battle patrol's Big Shot(yellowed, no cannon)

    Fizzle, missing a chunk of the spoiler, and doesn't spark

    Chase, no motor, was broken off and the black piece, easy fix if you have another broken one

    Bombshell, no antennae, right leg or left arm, heavy chrome wear

    Blaster, missing right arm, buttons, holder piece, and head, I think it's the battery compartment version, though it's very hard to open

    Plastic Wheels Metroplex #1 figure: upper body, no face no antennae, lower body missing a leg, figure broken in half

    Plastic Wheels Metroplex #2 figure: upper body, no head, broken off ramp, missing launcher, lower body, missing a leg, and one missing screw, spring, and cog, figure broken in half

    Reissue God Ginrai box with holder, beat up a bit

    Reissue Star Convoy box with holder

    Boxset volumes 4-6 VHS G1 epidoes

    TM Waspinator(no tail wings, missing fore portion of front legs)

    Fuzor Silverbolt, no robot fore arms, no left wing no wolf ears/robot skirt

    Bonecrusher, no arm, one leg, no side animal parts

    Original Rhino, torso, half of mask, and arms only, has FK Repaint's legs, and rhino arms, no rhino jaws or top of head

    Magnaboss, looks good when combined

    Combiner Silverbolt, No arms or legs, missing bird head

    Combiner Prowl, no robot head, right arm or left front paw piece, with hard to find tail piece

    Combiner Ironhide, no elephant head or tusks

    Inferno Ant head and Robot head,

    Empty TM2 Cybershark box,

    Sky Shadow cardbacking

    Optimus Minor cardbacking


    Jetstorm cardbacking

    Scavenger cardbacking

    Longhorn cardbacking

    Mirage cardbacking


    G1 First Aid bootleg, previous owner paint portions of it black and blue

    RiD Galvatron's Tail type piece

    BW Bantor left whole arm/animal butt

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