TF Jr 3 piece set, Victory Blacker, Botcon Tigatron

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    Mar 13, 2010
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    I have these pieces, all boxed for sale.

    1. The Tf Jr. Set is the three pack that contains Chromedome, Optimus Prime, and Fortress Maximus. The packaging is in excellent shape. It is mint in box. I have never opened it, but you know that the tape on those box flaps yellows and splits easily. The box flap is not creased and the colors are crisp.

    2. Blacker from TF Victory is sealed in box, but his box flap does have some creasing on it. All of the inserts and contents are there, but the box tape is brittled away.

    3. Botcon Tigatron is MISB and looks straight from the con floor.

    If you have a serious inquiry and would like pictures, let me know. PM me with any questions and offers.
    Thanks for looking!

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