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    so as many of us,i had fun doing my own story!

    i'm french canadian so my treatment is not perfect english.

    and theyre more to come of course!


    the key of power


    opening sequence

    19 000 years ago on CYBERTRON
    IACON,where the great council of the primes are debating the need for new primes to face the QUINTESSONS menace,one of them think only one is needed.but the council think that at leats 2 are need.they're buil and given life using the allspark and the matrix of leadership.their name are MEGATRON and recieve the power of the primes,they must be bring to the powerful source known as vector sigma,where all of the transformers knowledge are.

    a prime,known as HYPERIUS,still disagreed with the council, steal the key to vector sigma to made MEGATRON a prime instead of OPTRONIX.

    the gardians of sigma,the DINOBOTS,powerful but not very wise,are fighting the HYPERIUS and MEGATRON to access the chamber where the powerful computer is.the others PRIMES and OPTRONIX arrived.while the HYPERIUS deal with the the other PRIMES,the DINOBOTS secure SIGMA into a gigantic spaceship,the ark and flew away.the 2 ''brothers'', MEGATRON and OPTRONIX are fighting.
    outnumberd,HYPERIUS escape with the key,leaving MEGATRON alone.


    MEGATRON his bring in justice.while emprisoned in energon cells,MEGATRON meet a young seeker from the seekers academy of CYBERTRON emprisonned by JETFIRE for cheating against the council of the ancient,STARSCREAM

    STARSCREAM friends in the academy,THUNDERCRACKER AND SKYWARP,lead an attack against the prison to freed STARSCREAM,he ask MEGATRON to follow them.

    while this time,the council decide that even without the great power of the PRIME,OPTRONIX shown enough bravery and leadership to be a PRIME.for a time he will be given the matrix of leadership,the time they get the key to vector sigma,his new name will be OPTIMUS PRIME!

    act 2

    EARTH,during the world war II,the german army are leading civilians into gigantic gas chamber.during lighting strike. the russian attack.using air support ,they are winning.suddenly a group of military vehicule transform and attack the russian army!the COMBATIOCONS.the russian airplane transformed too!the AERIALBOTS!

    both group are fighting hard.the COMBATICONS merge together and form BRUTICUS,the AERIALBOTS do the same,SUPERION!

    SUPERION send BRUTICUS against a gas chamber,an big explosion happen,BRUTICUS is gone while SUPERION is badly damage,his energon cells are low.

    modern day

    8 months after the event in EGYOTE,the NASA is about to launch a mission to find out what happen to a military satellite.the space shuttle is ready to launch.orbiting over earth,international space station is strangely moving in front of the satellite.nothing seems have change except a few opened pannels.from behind SOUNWAVE appears and shoot at the space station but instead of explode,it transform!it's COSMOS!they bot engage in a fierce battle,as the space shuttle arrived,over 50 DECEPTICONS protoforms appears,COSMOS is traped!the space shuttle began to transform too and join COSMOS in the fight.

    OMEGA.missing a few parts COSMOS and him race for earth.

    arrived to cap canaveral OMEGA transform into the space shuttle and return to his launch pad and transform again,the complete OMEGA SUPREME transform!as the battle is raging,50 more protoforms are coming,

    100's decepticons!no,autobots help!

    as the autobots appears,the decepticons stop fighting!

    ULTRA MAGNUS and SHOCKWAVE land before OMEGA SUPREME.they ask where they can find OPTIMUS PRIME.a treaty must be discuss between AUTOBOTS and DECEPTICONS.

    while this time,SAM and LEO are at their graduation celebration,MIKAELA,RONALD and JUDY are there as well as that the autobots have been revealed to the whole world,he can assist the event.after the celebration BUMBLEBEE feel like a rockstar,everyone want to get a pic with him!

    as sam look worried when looking at bumblebee,he know is destiny with the TRANSFOMERS race is not over yet.
    as a gift for graduation,sam's parents offer him and MIKAELA a trip to MEXICO.LEO invite himself too!
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    i dont hate it

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