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    After seeing Djlarose post here, I was inspired to write this. I’m really not good at making fanfics, I am much better of making lists and charts and maps than storytelling. This is my 2nd planning of making a fanfic, that will probably never make it onto paper, and thought I would put at least ideas out there. Actually this fan-fic was a hybrid of my first idea. Grimlock’s alt mode in my first idea-universe of Response vehicles as Autobots and Decepticons as Destruction vehicles made me think of how the Dinobots would get vehicle modes and be implemented in Transformers Movie Universe. My fanfic about Transformers II (or alternate universe movie) would present that three more Autobots will appear near the beginning of the next movie.

    -Wheeljack (Dodge Magnum Highway Patrol Assistance Vehicle)
    -Inferno (GMC Red Crew Cab – Brush/Squad Fire Unit, keeping him small)
    -And… Skyfire (C-130 or C-5, forestry firefighting plane, for transport of entire unit)

    So the middle of the movie the Dinobots will be introduced. I thought many days how this could be done the dinobots are a popular choice for introduction in the movie universe. I thought that the dinobots, could have landed like the insecticons millions of years ago. And over the centuries the repair and scan systems could have come online intermittently and that could explain how they had dinosaur forms, and lacking in intelligence because of damage to their systems. Tho, my biggest problem with that is how they will transfer over to Earth present day forms, I know Megatron didn’t scan a B-1B when he was unfrozen. But did he really want to hide from the puny humans. So I thought about after finding the Dinobots, Prime commissioned Ratchet and Wheeljack to repair the Dinobots as best they could and repair the scan systems. After the major systems were repaired Sam and Mykalah would help them chose new vehicle forms, They are still slow but better hidden in present day.

    “And now fellow Autobots and especially Optimus Prime, it gives me great pleasure to present the DYNamic Operations autoBOTS. Allow me to introduce the Dynobots in alphabetical order…” (as they were introduced in season 1)…
    -Grimlock, Tow truck (Longarm)
    -Slag, United States Geological Survey Vehicle [specialty Volcano] (Wreckage)
    -Sludge, Snow Removal Truck with snow blade and de-ice tub (Bonecrusher)
    -Snarl, United States Postal Service Transport Truck (Payload)
    -And Swoop, United States Coast Guard Helicopter (Blackout)

    As its discovered while a report from Ironhide on Patrol, He is crushed by the reborn Decepticons. Barricade, I hate to say it (I wish he was Prowl). But, I believe he is going to facilitate the “Rise of the Decepticons”. Megatron will be found and given an Earth mode. Along with Frenzy and Blackout rebuilt, with reinforcements… Overcharge, a yellow chevy impala taxicab that’s always off duty and speeding, Soundwave (still unsure Some type of AFV or Communications Vehicle), with Laserbeak (unmanned scout plane). I could see a combiner of the decepticons, Yet, I believe that the constructicons would not be a good choice for builders to tear down, which I think that’s why they didn’t use the Constructicons as construction vehicles. Anyway in my humble opinion, stunticons or even better the combaticons will be a better entrance for cannon fodder. The autobot losses are Ironhide, Snarl, Skyfire, Ratchet. Decepticons we’ll see.

    But this is just my opinion, I am not hasbro, dreamworks or paramount. THis is just my own alternate movie Continuity, and by no means is my ideas totally of my own, it's my experience thru the Transformers universe and fan-base. Maybe this will give them ideas, maybe not. But if they do keep the dinosaur modes what will Sludge be....

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