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    Err....hi. Dunno if anyone will remember me. I used to post a semi-regular Alt-Cybertron verse fic. I'm afraid that's still on hiatus, given the vast amounts of university work I have to do but...well, this fic has sort of happened and...what can I say? I've had this idea for a while. It was originally meant to be a continuation of the Tales of Cybertron and for all I know, it could be that. But for the moment, I'm going on the assumption that this is the continuation of some alternate G1 universe.

    I'd offer more preamble but, honestly, I don't think I can say much that the story wouldn't. It's a start. No idea where it will end up. Such is the mystery of writing. More to follow, along with character art - because I have been spending too much time with 3d modelling software for my own good.

    1) Last Ones Out

    Oh, and here's the broad heading that this story should be filed under...
    Tales of the Hub

    Just...because. What are we here for if not exploring those ideas that were left hanging? :) 

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