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Discussion in 'Transformers General Discussion' started by ILoveDinobot, Dec 8, 2007.

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    So in my local paper Newsday, which there is a online version BUT you can't get part B or C online which one of those sections is the entertainment section. They had a 2 page fold out of a kid in his 20's sorry I forgot his exact age. The article featured his whole story on his collecting and how he got into transfomrers. I wish I could find the article. I will look for it. But anyone else see anything like this due to the movies popularity?

    This is all I could find online of it "My Favorite Thing / Transformers"

    "Scott Smith may be a recent graduate who majored in drama at Adelphi University, but he's still a kid at heart."

    oh wow he's actually from :x

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