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    I am a bit confused here. The Fallen story makes sense to me but I am wondering if he was on Earth along with his brothers when he was planning to absorb the energy from the sun harvester. And if he was....why at the end of this issue does he not remember where the harvester is? And sends Megatron to track the allspark knowing it will go to wherever the harvester is. Based on this series...the harvester was already built on earth before the pyramids so doesnt that mean they already knew the sun harvesters location? And if the fallen was on did he get from earth back to cybertron? Maybe the movie doesnt totally match up with Defiance in that sense. Because it makes more sense if the fallen is stuck in that sarcophagus inside the pyramid and not on the nemesis that crash landed on mars.
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    The Nemesis didn't crash land on Mars. That was a different, unnamed ship that Starscream launched to chase the Ark in The Reign of Starscream issue 1.

    The problem was Dan Khanna and Andrew Griffith recycled the Decepticon battlecruiser design from The Reign of Starscream to represent the Nemesis. It just made things ultra confusing.

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