TF comics and G1 reissues 4 SALE!

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    Ok I got loads of comics that I just don't have room for anymore and I really need money for gas and bills. Only selling within the US. And yes we can negotiate with the prices, but I do want to keep the lots together. PAYPAL accepted.

    9 titan UK paperbacks, good condition- $75 shipped

    All comics are in a polybag with backbaord.

    TF vol 1- all 12 covers plus preview issue and James Raiz Holofoil cover- $40 shipped

    TF vol 2- All 11 covers (missing #6 Autobot cover) and Megatron Holofoil cover- $30 shipped

    MTMTE #1-7- Make me the best offer. I know these were hard to get, especially the first couple issues. Any reasonable amount will be considered.

    Also have Armada 1-11, 14-17, and Don Holofoil cover- Make offer.
    DW GI Joe vs Transformers 1-6 (3 different #1 covers, one being the Don Holofoil cover)-$20 shipped
    Armada MTMTE 1-3- $20 shipped

    G1 Grapple re-issue MISB-$30 shipped
    G1 Soundwave MIB-$30 shipped (stickers applied, used for display)

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