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Discussion in 'Transformers News and Rumors' started by Beastbot X, Jan 23, 2007.

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    Be sure to check the members only section of the Club site this Wednesday at
    1pm EST. On the Club Forums (under the new Club Magazine header) we will be
    posting some great news tidbits as well as some other highlights from the
    upcoming all-new Club Magazine. Also, be sure to take a look around as we are
    currently working on creating more online content for all our members to enjoy.

    These items have been added to the store Classic
    Deluxe Ramjet, Cliffjumper, Mirage, and Grimlock @ $9.99 each
    + shipping.

    There will be more tomorrow.

    Also tomorrow we will put the online link up for the rooms at BotCon 2007! The
    block is already 65 per cent full.

    Thanks for your support.


    (BTW, if you're going to the Club Store for Ramjet and Cliffjumper, don't bother-- they're already sold out.)
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    If you pardon the expression "Aye Carumba" :eek: 

    DAMN this year's going to be a packed year. 65% full and preregistration isn't even open yet.

    I'm going to have to book my time off sooner then I planned. Just to hedge my bets.

    And it's should be noted that the block being 65% full doesn't equal "All the rooms are booked" just the number of rooms alotted for the discount are filling up

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