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    *Authors note. This was inspired by a drawing a friend of mine made. It takes place a few months after Unicron's destruction in TFTM. Enjoy *

    Circuits of Death​
    A fan fic by Kevin Bolinger​

    Darkness. Nothing more. Endless night, till suddenly, there is a sizzle of light, a spark, of sorts. His body began to move again, but he knew not how. His single optic glowed faintly, but all he saw was a slab over him. How he got there, he did not know. Who he was, lost in the mists of time. All he knew was a force was driving him to move, to feed.
    He began to force open the slab, it slowly slid away. It was still dark, but the faint light from his single optic let him see he was in a crypt of some sorts. Statues surrounded him, he did not know who they were. He crawled out of his own coffin, there was a statue above it, a representation of a mechanoid, one with a single eye, and what appeared to be a cannon for a left hand. He looked down at himself. His body was cracked, broken, wires protruding everywhere, and there was no left hand, only broken hydrolics, and sparking wires. His right hand was fully funtional, however.
    He looked at the statue, was this him? He did not know, nor did he really care. His memory only contained flashes, flashes of pain and darkness. He saw the giant hand, the size of a city, heading towards the tower in which he was stationed. He watched as the hand grabbed and crushed the tower and surrounding buildings. Then darkness, untill now.
    Food, he needed to feed, on what, he did not know. He began to walk, yet his damaged legs caused him to shuffle and stumble. He had a very pronounced limp.He was dripping fluid as he made slow progress forward. Finally, he reached a very large door. He struggled with it, but it eventually gave way. He looked around, destroyed towers, metal cities, this is what greeted him. This place was unknown to him, yet familiar all the same. Up ahead, many miles away, was a single tower, with a large open roof like metal flower petals. Something compelled him to make for it.
    Suddenly, a being appeared before him, another mechanoid. He did not recognize him, nor did he need to. He grabbed the helpless bot before he could react and began to smash him to pieces. He began to feed off the lifeforce this being generated. It gave him strength. In its chest, he saw a chamber of light, he ripped it out, and consumed it. His single optic glowed brightly now, his body more able to move. He continued towards the tower, leaving behind the strewn remains of the luckless bot that crossed his path.
    Time passed, yet he pressed on, eventually reaching the tower. Noone was around, the building itself unpowered. He walked in. It was very familiar to him. He touched some controls, the sequaence coming naturally to him, the building powered up. He set a few well know coordinates, and a door opened before him. He entered it. A rift in time and space opened before him and he was sucked in. A few seconds later, he was on another world, one also familiar to him. This one had more dirt and rock. A giant gate opened before him, and he shuffled off, into the night.

    Meanwhile, deep in the bowels of Iacon, the Autobot's headquaters on the planet Cybertron, a small blinking light was calling attention to itself. The small yellow bot monitoring the system looked at it in disbeleif. It couldnt be. It was immpossable. He ran to inform his leader.
    "Rodimus!" he called ahead, as he caught sight of the large red and grey mech. The mech turned and looked down.
    "What is it Bumblebee?" he asked, concern on his face.
    "Sir, someone just reactivated the old Decepticon space bridge!"
    "That cannot be, we deactivated it after the Decepticons fled. "
    "I know sir, I deactivated it myself, but someone managed to undo it. Something was just sent to Earth."
    "Or, someone." Rodimus mused grimly. "Inform Ultra Magnus on Earth, warn him."
    "Yes sir." Bumblebee ran off to the communications room. His message was brief, but was acknowledged.

    Back on Earth, the unknown mechanoid made his way into a mist filled graveyard, his giant feet smashing the tiny tombstones as he moved through it. A pale light filled the sky, he knew it as this worlds single moon. A creature howled in the distance, but he ignored it. The urge to feed again was consuming him. He continued limping forward, towards a place he knew would hold the lifeforce he needed. The pain was building.

    Autobot city began to scramble. The large form of Ultra Magnus had just received word that something had been sent to Earth over the old Decepticon spacebridge. He called three of his best to him.
    "Kup, I need you Blurr and Springer to head to the old spacebridge. Someone reactivated it on Cybertron and sent something here. Be careful. Rodimus has no clue what the Decepticons might be up to this time. "
    The old bot smirked. "No problem Magnus, you can count on us. Have we ever let you down before?"
    "No, and don't let this be the first time. Move out!"
    The three bots ran out of the city, transformed into their respective alternate modes and made off at full speed towards the spacebridge, Blurr easily taking the lead. When they arrive at the spacebridge site, they find nothing but a small trail of leaked fluid.
    Springer spoke first, "What now Kup?"
    "Springer my lad, I would have thought that was obvious, we follow the trail."
    "Thats what I thought you would say. Allright, I will take the point on this one, Blurr, head back and let Magnus know what we found."
    "Absolutelyposativelynoonebutmecandoajoblikethatinnotimeflat!" the speedster quickly replied.
    "Blurr, just go!" Springer said, sounding exasperated. Kup and Springer began to follow the fluid trail while Blurr sped off back to Autobot City.

    There were others, he could sense them. Others like him, the walking dead. He slowly made his way towards what he suspected was their resting place. There, he found a giant crypt, meant to be in space, but not quite ready for launch. There was a giant symbol on it, one he knew well, but could not name at the moment. There was only one sentry guarding it. He snuck up on the hapless bot, and tore him to pieces, feasting on his spark. He then entered the incomplete crypt.
    He walked along a long corridor, till he came to the burial chamber. There he saw name plates attached to slide out coffins. He read a few, names he once knew, but now cared nothing for, they would just be more of his army of undead. He opened one, the name on it was Ironhide. He looked at the remains. They were unusable, the head was completely missing, as was a large section of the upper torso. No, that would not do at all. He went to the next, this one had the name Prowl on it. He detected movement. He opened it, and the damaged mech crawled out. He too was cracked in places, fluid leaking, exposed wires sparking. They said nothing, but went about the task of opening more coffins. All had names one. Wheeljack, Brawn, Huffer, Ratchet, Windcharger, the list went on. Soon, their numbers were many.
    They walked, crawled and limped their way out of the crypt. An army of undead. They all hungered, and the only place with the necessary food they required was still some distance away. A mechanical city, a city filled with the living comrades of those now shuffling out of the crypt. A city now about to face a threat it had never known.

    Ultra Magnus was walking back and forth nearvously when Blurr arrived back at the city. He watched him streak over the main bridge, as he looked down from the balcony of the highest tower. 'Why was he back alone?' he wonderd to himself as he headed back through his office and to the lift that would take him to ground level to find out the answer to that very question. As the main door slid open, he found the blue bot standing there waiting.
    "Blurr, report, and try to do it calmly this time." Magnus said with a nervous grin.
    "Well Magnus," Blurr started slowly, but he soon lost control and began speaking at his normal speed," KupSpringerandIarrivedatthespacebridgeandfoundnothingbutatrailof fluidleadingawayfromthebridgesoKuporderedmebacktoreporttoyouwhileheandSpringer followedthetrail!"
    Magnus shook his head as he processed the quickly given information. "That old fool, he should not have gone on with just Springer." He was about to order Blurr to race back and join them when Cliffjumper came running up to them.
    "Magnus, we have a small problem, long range sensors have picked up a slow moving mass of, well, we aren't sure of exactly what they are, there is hardly any energy reading, and we know they arent humans!" The small red bot told him nervously.
    "Dispatch Powerglide to check it out, make sure he knows I just want him to run recon, not to attack!" He turned to Blurr, "Blurr, re-rendesvous with Kup and Springer, I have a feeling we are going to need them back here, sooner rather then later!"
    "JUST GO!" Magnus cut him off, then he commed the communications tower, "Blaster, call Rodimus and tell him we are possably under attack, then set the city to defensive mode!"
    His comm crackled, "Yes sir, yes sir, hold your hands over your receptors, because this tower is about to get rockin'!"
    Magnus groaned to himself, why couldn't they all act more like Cliffjumper. He turned back to the small red bot. "Cliffjumper, after you dispatch Powerglide, go to the armory and pass out weapons and ammo!"
    "Yes sir, Magnus!" the small bot ran off to carry out his orders, soon the Powerglide was overhead, his course taking him directly towards the oncoming group...

    The undead army could smell the energon from the great city, even at this distance. Their cracked and mangled shells ached for it, and for the sparks of the beings who inhabited it. They all moaned as they continued their relentless march forward.

    The trail of fluid took Kup and Springer towards the one place they didn't suspect, the uncompleted Mausoleum, housing the remains of those that fell in the last great battle a few months ago. As they pulled up and transformed, they noticed a chilling sight. The remains of the sentry, strewn about, his spark chamber empty, his energon drained. Kup carefully looked over the mangled body parts.
    "Who or what could have done this? I have never seen anything like this before."
    Springer looked puzzled, "It's not often that you do not have at least one story that relates to any given situation we encounter, Kup. The last time that happened, a planet sized robot was attacking Cybertron." He shuddered at the memory, the giants head still circled the planet even now.
    "Tell me about it. Let's take a look inside, something about all this just doesn't sit right with me."
    "Anything you say, Kup, lead the way."
    "Gee, thanks."
    At that moment, Blurr came flying up to join them. They both instictively grabbed their weapons, but quickly put them away when they realised who had snuck up on them.
    "IgaveMagnusthemessage, thenheorderedmebackwiththetwoofyou.Thecitymaybe underattack." the blue speedster rambled to them quickly.
    "Under attack?" Kup asked, "Who could be attacking, for Cybertron's sake?"
    Springer paused, then added, "Whoever it is, I have a feeling it has something to do with what happened here. I think we should still look inside, it may give us some insight on the situation."
    "I agree, alright you two, weapons out, and follow me. By all rights there should be nothing in here that could harm us, but who knows what the Decepticons might be up to. Dessecrating a grave site is apparently not beneath them. "
    They moved cautiously inside, weapons drawn. There was fliud all over the place, far more then there had been outside. It was pooled all over the main burial chamber. They all looked in horror, all the coffin drawers, save one, had been opened, their occupants gone.
    Springer grumbled. "Why the hell would someone take all their bodies? This just doesnt add up."
    Kup was off to the side, at the single drawer left unopened. "They didn't take them all. Ironhide is still here." He slowly opened the drawer, and suddenly Ironhide's arm reached up and grabbed him. Kup instinctively fired at it, then slammed the drawer shut. "What in Primus was that! " he yelled. From inside the drawer, a faint pounding could be heard.
    Springer was in shock, and Blurr was for once, speechless. The three Autobots stood there just staring, listening to the faint pounding sound, looking around the room at the empty drawers. Kup spoke first. "Oh no, no it isn't even possible. They couldn't have just got up and walked away, could they?"
    "If they did, we are gonna need to get back to Autobot City before they do. The trail of fluid leads to the back entrence, past the shuttle bay. Let's move. "
    "Hang on ,Springer, I need to check on something first." Kup grunted. He made his way down a corridor and passed through another chamber. He enterd a lone crypt. At the top was a massive sarcofogus, a raised image of it occupant was on the cover. "Forgive me, Prime, but I gotta make sure you are still in there." He slowly slid the cover back, and was relieved to find that Optimus Prime was still inside, his shatterd and greyed form in the exact position they had left it when he was entomed here. Kup closed the lid and ran back to join the others,
    "All right lads, let's get back to the city, double time!" The three transformed and in a cloud of dust, raced off to help Ultra Magnus, they only prayed they wouldn't be too late.

    A red A-10 Warthog flew over the approaching army cautiously. It's sensors were trying to figure out how many life signs were down there, but the odd thing was, according to the sensors, nothing below was living. There was a weak energy field detected, but that was all. Powerglide was puzzled by this, he swooped a bit lower to get a better look. What he saw filled him with dread and horror. He stammered as he radioed back to Autobot City.
    "M-M-Magnus,C-come in please, this is P-Powerglide. You are not gonna beleive what I am seein. " he called is his odd accent
    "What is it Powerglide, I don't have time to deal with mysteries right now." Ultra Magnus replied, a bit gruffly.
    "Well sir, the a-army below me, it is ours, was." he flew on nervously.
    "What in Primus is that supposed to mean?" came the reply from his comm.
    "Well, I, ah, that is, sir, the army appears to be made of those that fell a few months ago in the last great battle. Sir, it is an army of our dead! But the worst part is, it seems that they are being lead by someone who has no right to lead them!" his shock was evident in his transmission.
    "Well, don't leave me in the dark Powerglide, who are we up against?" the annoyance practically dripped out of the comm's speaker.
    "Sir, it is a Decepticon sir. The army is being lead by Shockwave!"
    "That is impossible. He was killed by Unicron on Cybertron. I even allowed a detail from the survivng Decepticons to entomb him along with others they lost. Are you telling me, he rose from the dead, transported to Earth, and has raised an army of the dead to attack us? None of this make sense!"
    "Sir, I can only tell ya what I see. I will tell you this much, they aren't moving very fast, due to the fact that most of them are heavily damaged."
    "Then we have time to prepare our defenses. Get back here on the double!" Magnus ordered
    "On my way." he replied, then to himself he added "And away we go!" as he banked sharply and flew back towards the city.

    Kup, Blurr and Springer were catching up with the undead army from behind. Kup jammed on his brakes, causing the others to follow suit.
    "Kup, what is it, why did ya stop?" Springer asked as the trio transformed back to robot mode.
    "Springer, my lad, somethin' about all this just doesnt add up. As we were gettin closer to that army, I was pickin up a strange energy reading. It is similar to an energy readin Hot Rod and I picked up on that weird twisted planet with its backwards judges. Why do I get the feelin we are bein set up?" The old bot stroked his chin in thought, as the others looked at him oddly.
    "I don't know Kup, we never even found out who those guys were, let alone why they acted the way you described. If it is them, what do you propose we do?" Springer looked at him inquisitively.
    Blurr looked at them both. "Ihaveanidea,whydon'twefigureoutawaytoblocktheenergysomehow.Itisobviouslythesourcethathasgiventhedeadachancetowalkagain." he rambled quickly.
    "Blurr, for Cybertron's sake will ya slow down." Kup growled, but he had caught the gist of what the blue mech had said. "Springer I think the lad is onto something. If I give you the energy signature, do ya think you can fly ahead and maybe track down its source?"
    "Just point me in the right direction, Old Man!" and he transformed into his helicotor mode and took to the air as Kup transmitted the energy signature to his sensor. With a mighty woosh he took off in the direction of the undead army, leaving Kup and Blurr behind.
    Kup watched him dissappear into the sky, then he turned to Blurr. "I need your speed, Blurr. You must get this information back to Magnus before he starts killing our own dead. I know, I know, that sounded bad, but trust me, they need to be put back to rest with dignity, not scrapped like useless droids."
    Blurr looked at the old soldier, then with a nod, he turned, transformed and within seconds was leaving a huge dust cloud behind him. Kup stood there alone, put his hand to his head and just stood there shaking his head for a while. This entire situation sickened him. he only prayed he had done the right thing by sending the two younge bots off without him. He unholstered his old musket rifle, checked its photon charge, then transformed and headed after the undead army himself.

    Springer flew fast, the signal was weak but he was getting a direction on its source. It was coming from the army itself, but was getting stronger the closer he got to the head of their line. He kept tracking it, the source getting stronger, until he finally figured it out. The source of the strange energy was coming from Shockwave himself. He radioed Kup, but the energy was interfering with his comms. "Oh great, now what" he mutterd to himself. Autobot City was still a ways off, but he was faster then this army. He stopped scanning and began to fly ahead fo the army, when suddenly, he was hit, he didnt see by what or who had even fired the blast, but he was going down. He tried to fight it, tried to stay airborn, but it was useless, as he fell he began to transform, his robot mode taking the brunt of the crash. His optics fluttered, then went out.
    A short time later, his optic reignited. His head was killing him, but he was still online. He tried to get to his feet, but was still too dazed. His auto-repair system was working as fast as it could to get him back on his feet. He just hoped it would be before the undead reached him. He rolled over onto his back, and lifted his arm to try his comm again. He cursed to himself as he realised it had been damaged in the crash. "This is just perfect. " he grumbled.
    Blurr had been moving swiftly around the undead army, he was many times faster then they were. He was focused on reaching the city, when his sensors picked up an aircraft smoking and falling to earth. He recognized it as Springer's helicoptor mode. He quickly calculated his trajectory and changed his direction to intercept. As he did this he also began transmitting to the city. "BlurrtoUltraMagnurdoyoureadme." The signal was weak, something was attempting to jam it. He knew how important it was to get the information back to the city, but he just could'nt leave Springer to those zombies. He also knew that Springer might just hold the key to ending all this. He kept trying to transmit as he got closer to the crash site.

    Springer was trying to crawl, trying to make some progress towards the city, but his body was heavily damaged from the crash. "Terrific." he mumbled to himself. His proximity sesnors told him something was approaching. He couldn't tell if it was friendly or one of the zombies. Then, as he was about to turn over, he heard a familiar voice."
    "SPRINGER! HoldonbuddyIamcomingtogetyou!" Blurr rambled as he made his way to his fallen comrade.
    "Blurr" he replied weakly, "you have no clue how happy I am to hear your high speed gibberish. But we need to get to the city before Magnus makes a mistake. The key to all this is Shockwave, he is the source. If Magnus and the others attack our fallen friends, it would be an error. I think I can crawl onto your vehicle mode and hold on."
    Blurr shook his head and transformed. He waited while Springer slowly pulled himself on top. Then he began to head for the city, but at nowhere near his normal speed. Springer held on tightly. "Blurr, risk a bit more speed, we need to get to the city." Blurr complied, and soon they were leaving a dust cloud behind them.

    Back at the city, Powerglide had just returned. Ultra Magnus was heading out to greet him and try and get more information out of him.
    "Powerglide, report." Magnus ordered.
    "It's like I told ya, sir. That army is made up of our dead. From the looks of it, they came right out of the crypt under construction in the dessert. I just don't understand any of it. How can any of them be walkin' around? It makes no sense. "
    "I know, but I can't deal with that now. My job is to secure this city, no matter the cost."

    Kup was alone, he knew that if the army realised he was following them, he would have to defend himself against his own fallen friends. He also knew it would be a desperate last resort on his part. He only hoped Blurr and Springer had figured out what exactly was going on.

    Blurr was fast appraoching the city, the army of the dead was not far behind them. As he crossed the drawbridge and entered the city, Springer still clinging to his back, the bridge retracted, and the main entrence closed. Up on the walls, Autobots began to fire warning shots at the zombie hoard. Springer slid off Blurr, and the blue warrior transformed.
    "MAGNUS! WHEREISMAGNUS" he quickly shouted.
    Ultra Magnus came running up to the two bots. "Blurr, Springer, you two just made it back. Where is Kup?"
    Springer weakly got to his feet with Blurr's help. "Magnus, tell those up on the walls to hold their fire. Those are our own friends out there. "
    "I know, but what choice do I have. My job is to keep this city secure. "
    "Shockwave." Springer began, getting weak again. "Shockwave is the key. He is the source of the energy that is driving the army forward. Concentrate on destroying him. Let our dead rest in peace again." He collapsed and his optics went dark. Blurr got down to check him.
    "Stasislock,heneedsmedicalattention. Magnus,youmustlistentohim." Blurr picked Springer up and ran him to the infirmery.
    "Cease fire!" Magnus ordered. The he called in some of his best sharpshooters. "Cliffjumper, I need you and Powerglide to take out Shockwave. And Cliffjumper, try not to miss like you did with Megatron."
    Cliffjumper winced at the reminder of his foolish attempt to kill the former Decepticon leader back when they first awoke on this planet. "We won't fail you sir."
    Magnus then gave new orders to the bots on the walls. "Noone shoots our own troops unless you have no other choice. Lets try and preserve the dignity they all deserve!"
    He then turned and quietly to himself he mumbled "Optimus, help guide us in this dark hour."

    Kup felt he might have gotten a bit closer to the zombie hoard then he meant to. He slowed and came to a stop. He transformed, and as he was checking his bearings, he was jumped by the badly damaged form of Wheeljack. He fought back hard as the zombie tried to crack his armor to get at his spark. He got his left hand free and pulled out his musket rifle.
    "I don't wanna do this lad, but you are leavin' me little choice!" He said, hoping that something of the old Autobot remained in the zombie shell. Alas, he was mistaken as the zombie Wheeljack clawed harder at this chest. "Sorry, old friend." Kup mumbled as he shot the zombie right in the chest.
    Wheeljack's corpse fell to the ground like a pile of rusted metal at a scrapyard.There was no sign of movement. Kup looked around for others, but he could not detect anyone. He shook his head, upset about what he had to do.
    "You deserve to rest in peace inside that mausoleum we are buildin', not lie out here in this wasteland as a pile of scrap. If I ever figure out who is behind this..." he trailed off, realising he was talking to himself. He turned to walk away when a scraping sound made him stop and turn back, just in time to see Wheeljack leap at him again. He didn't hesitate, and shot him again.
    "Primus, what does it take to keep you down? The last thing I wanna do is blast ya to pieces." He decided that he better hurry and get out of there before the zombie rose again. He quickly transformed and drove off, making a wide circuit around the army as he headed to Autobot City.

    Cliffjumper had taken up a position behind a rock formation, a few clicks from the drawbridge to the city. His photonic sniper rifle was in his hand, his optics hooked to the scope, scanning. "Come on, show me that ugly one eyed purple puss." he grumbled. He hoped that he was in a good spot to take down Shockwave. He had no idea where Powerglide had set himself up at, but of the two of them, he was the better shot. This time, he was determined not to miss. The afterlives of his fallen comrades were at stake, as well as those now in the beseiged city.

    Powerglide had decided to go for some heavier artillery then Cliffjumper. He was a good shot, but nowhere near as precise as the small red Autobot. He had set himself up in one of the heavy turrets of the city, nearest the outer wall. He was scanning the viewfinder, hoping to get a lock on Shockwave as soon as he showed his ugly countenance. If the information Springer and Blurr had given to them was correct, then taking out Shockwave was the answer. And he intended to make sure the Decepticon stayed dead this time.

    Perceptor was looking over Springer's wounds. He shook his head, they were not fatal, but if he had gotten back any later, they could have been. He had kept Springer temporarily in stasis lock to help his autonomous repair systems do their job. "You rest, your part in this is done for now. There is a high probability that your information may have come at a most fortuitous time. Rest easy my friend." He looked back at the monitors, smiling as they showed some improvement.

    Ultra Magnus hated waiting. He also hated not being abel to open fire on an invading force. This was his command, and he meant to defend it to the end. Let Rodimus make moral descisions. If those zombies made it past the front gate, he would take them out by any means necessary. He checked the charge on his rifle for the third time in ten minutes. Grim determination was all that was showing on his stoic face.

    From behind his rock formation, Cliffjumper heard a shuffling sound in the distance. He looked through the sniper scope again. The target was finally in sight. "I got ya now you ugly pile of slag." he mumbled to himself as he locked onto Shockwave's head. He finger was sitting just on the trigger, waiting for the perfect shot. As the seconds ticked by, he focused souly on hitting Shockwave right in his single beady optic. Time seemed to stand still. Then, he had his shot, his finger squeezed the trigger expertly. The photon charge was true. It went into Shockwave's single optic and blasted out the back of his head, fried wires and circuit boards exiting with it. Shockwave's body fell. Cliffjumper let out a little victory yell. "YEAH! I GOT YOU DECEPTICON SLIME!" He began to dance a bit , then looked back at the army, it was still moving. "But, but they said if we took him out, they would stop..." Then he saw him, or what was left of him. Shockwave, minus most of his head, had gotten back on his feet, still moving towards the city. To make matters worse, a few had now broken off and were heading towards Cliffjumper's location. Just as he was about to turn and run back to the city, he heard the whistling sound of incoming heavy artillery. He turned back just in time to see a huge explosion engulf Shockwave.

    In the turret, Powerglide had taken his aim on Shockwave. He was ready to pull the trigger when he saw the old Decepticon's head explode. "Well looky here, the kid has actually done it!" He relaxed on the trigger and looked through the viewfinder again. His faceplate dropped a little in disbeleif. Shockwave, sans head, was getting back up. "Ok creep, lets see ya survive this! " He locked onto Shockwave and pulled the trigger. The explosive shell headed straight for the former guardian of Cybertron. As the smoke cleared, Powerglide looked again through his viewfinder. All that was left was a small portion of Shockwave's legs. And just as they had hoped, the rest of the army had fallen as well.
    "Powerglide to Ultra Magnus" he spoke into his wrist comm.
    "Magnus here. Report. We saw the explosion, has the target been eliminated?"
    "Roger Wilco, he has been brought to his knees, literaly. And as a bonus, seems our boy Springer had it right. Our fallen friends are once again at rest."
    "Good work, now get back down here, we need to organise a recovery detail, and return our friends to their proper resting place.

    Kup had seen the explosion from a distance, he headed towards it, and noticed all the fallen Autobots were once again deactivated. He smiled to himself. "Good job lads" he said quietly. He transformed and headed towards the city.

    Springer came to a few days later. Blurr and Kup were there waiting. Blurr was overjoyed to see his friend awake again.
    "Blurr, for Cybertron's sake, leave the lad be. Springer my boy, you did one hell of a job." the old war horse smiled at him.
    "I take it the information worked?" he asked, his vocal processor still a little weak.
    "Yup, our guys took down Shockwave. As soon as he was history, our dead returned to bein' dead."
    "Ok then, it was all worth this pounding headache" Springer grumbled.
    "Get some rest lad, you earned it." Kup shook his hand then looked at Blurr. "Comeon Blurr, let the hero rest." They walked out and left Springer with a smile on his face.

    In the deapths of space a strange corkscrew shapped ship orbited an nondescript moon. A multi-faced being smiled as the last of the data he was collecting came through. He moved on his magnetic hover beam towards the main cabin.
    "My friends, the experiment was a complete success. However, it does need some refining, and a better control interface would help. But, I can assure you, within a years time, our plan will come to fruition. " The group gathered before him, all multi-faced as well, began laughing evily, their faces each taking a turn to chuckle.
    Behind them, on a large monitor screem, scematics were being displayed, constanly changing. The five faced scientist turned to look at the scematics. As he did, a full body shot came up on the screen. Next to it, the computer had labeled it.
    Subject name : Optimus Prime
    Current Status : DECEASED
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