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    I'm looking for the following ..... Perferably Loose and Complete and in Good Condition (ofcourse)

    Want List:

    Street Fighter Revolution Set (all 4 E-Honda , Zangier, Dalsim, and the female) HIGH PRIORITY
    -Pink Dan Hibiki

    DC Direct:
    -Blackest Night Series 1 Complete Set(Excluding Atrocitous) HIGH PRIORITY
    -Blackest Night Series 2 Complete Set(Excluding Kryb) HIGH PRIORITY
    -Tomar Re (Either from The Green Lantern Corp Line , or the Recent Boxset)
    -Manhunters (Green Lanter Series , [Multiples])
    -Guardians & Gantha (Green Lantern Series )
    -Blue Devil (History of the DC universe)
    -Creeper (History of the DC universe)
    -Manhnter (History of the DC universe)
    -Raven (Titans)

    SDCC Blackest Night Set
    -All 5 Hal Jordan Figures.

    DCUC Wave 2/Gorilla Grodd Wave
    -Harley Quinn With BAF Part
    -Aquaman Short Hair
    -Superman (Both Versions)With BAF Part
    -Gorrilla Grodd Complete

    Giganta Wave : HIGH PRIORITY
    -Head & Waist for Giganta
    -Parademons Several of the Green ones.
    -Dr. Fate (Modern) With BAF Part or Just the BAF Part without Fate
    -Mr. Terrific With BAF Part or just the BAF Part without Terrific
    -Giganta Complete

    Chemo Wave:
    -Guardian (Don't Need C&C Piece)
    -Wildcat (Black) (Don't Need C&C Piece)
    -Black Adam

    Darkseid Wave: HIGH PRIORITY
    -Complete Wave Figures and C&C


    DCUC 2 pack Figures:
    -Abin Sur
    -Starfire and Adam Strange

    Toybiz ML Figures:
    -Dr. Doom series 2 (Several) [/b] HIGH PRIORITY
    -Dr.Strange x2

    Toybiz Hulk Classics: HIGH PRIORITY
    -Gamma Punch Hulk w/Bruce Banner

    Spiderman Classics:
    -Series 6 Dare-Devil
    -Series 12 Super Posable Spiderman/ Wall Crawling AKA Mcfarlane
    -Series 16 Spider-Strength Spiderman
    -Series 18 House of M Spiderman
    -Stealth Venom
    -Series 16 Spider-Strength Spider-Man

    X-Men Classics:
    -XMC Colossus
    -Ninja Strike Wolverine
    -Ruby Quartz Armor Cyclops
    -Stealth Wolverine
    -Stealth Cyclops
    -Angel Bird of Prey
    -Ultimate Sabretooth
    -Ultimate Iceman
    -Bobby Drake

    Fantastic Four Classics:
    -Invisible Woman HIGH PRIORITY
    -Transforming Johnny Storm
    -Twist & Slam Thing
    -Dragonman HIGH PRIORITY Loose

    Marvel Select: ( Perferably Loose and complete and in great condition )
    -Zombie Hulk
    -Captain America
    -Ultimate Thor
    -Ultimate Ironman
    -Skrulls SEVERAL Of them HIGH PRIORITY
    -Red Hulk

    Marvel Universe: ( Perferably Loose and complete and in great condition )
    -Silver Surfer
    -Dare Devil
    -Transparent Human Torch
    -Stealth Iron Man from TRU Exclusive 3 Pack

    Iron Man Movie Figures: HIGH PRIORITY
    -Inferno Armor
    -Hot Zone Armor
    -Subterranean Armor

    Fantastic Four Movie Line:
    -Doombots (Several of them)

    Hasbro ML:
    -Annihilus The PinK Version
    -Black Knight
    -First Apperance Captain America
    -Kang from Ares wave (Several)[/b] HIGH PRIORITY
    -New Goblin With Sandman Part
    -Sandman BAF Parts , both legs, both feet, and Head.

    Marvel Accessories:
    -Marvel Select Untimate Ironman's Console
    -Marvel Select Dagger's Blast Effect
    -Marvel Legends War Machine's Mask
    -Marvel Legends (Hasbro) Ultimate Ironman's Helmet

    Lord Of The Rings(Toybiz):
    -Orc Warrior (Several)
    -Mordor-Orc from the ROTK (Several)
    -Dungeons of Isengard' Orc Captain
    -Isengard Orc (Several)
    -Goblin-archer (Moria)(Several)
    -Witchking (Several)
    -Moria Orc (from Merry and Pippin vs. Moria Orc 2 pack)
    -Uruk-Hai (from Gimli vs. Uruk-Hai 2 pack) (Several)
    -Ugluk (Several)
    -Berserker Uruk-hai (Several)
    -Crossbow Uruk-Hai (Several)
    -Shagrat Mordor Uruk-Hai (Several)
    -Sharku and Warg Beast (Several)
    -Gondorian Ranger
    -Rohirrim Soldier

    Legendary Comic Book Heroes:
    -Entire Series 2
    -Complete Monkeyman

    Masters of the Universe:
    -AFX Exclusive King Randor Mini Statue/Staction Figure
    -SDCC Exclusive King Randor Mini Statue /Staction Figure
    -Battle Armor He-Man Mini Statue /Staction Figure
    -Evil-Lyn - Classic Deco Mini Statue /Staction Figure
    -Jitsu Mini Statue /Staction Figure
    -Sorceress - Classic Deco Mini Statue /Staction Figure
    -Faker (Toyfare Exclusive)
    -Serpent Claw Man-At-Arms
    -Snake Armor He-Man

    -Target Exclusive Movie Bruticus
    -Universe Classic Leo Prime (The Red Lion)
    -Animated Lugnut
    -Animated Blitzwing
    -Animated Starscream
    -Animated Skywarp
    -Animated Sunstorm

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Neca)
    -All Four Turtles

    McFarlane Stuff:
    -McFarlane Military Weapons (Modern Weapons/Guns) you know for the 6 inch figures
    -Mcfarlane Club Exclusive Weapons Set

    Have List:

    Transformers Animated Arcee

    -Complete Loose Metallo ( Want a Good Trade For Him )

    Marvel Legends (Toybiz) (All Sealed MLs)
    -AOA Wolverine (Giantman Series)
    -AOA Sabertooth
    -Captain Britain(Loose)
    -Phasing Vision
    -Abomination (Onslaught Series)
    -Pyro (Onslaught Series)
    -Nightcrawler (Galactus Series)
    -Bullseye /Angry Version (Galactus Series)
    -Venom (Spiderman classics)
    -Invisible Woman (Movie line all three versions)
    -Storm (X-Men Classics)
    -Storm ML
    -Fearsome Foes Boxset(Pending)

    BAF Parts:
    -Galactus Left Leg
    -Galactus Arm from Hulk
    -Galactus Upper Body
    -Sentinel Waist
    -Sentinel Left Leg from Angel (Pending)
    -Sentinel Left Arm from Cyclops (Pending)

    DC Super Heroes
    -Batman Series Joker

    -Batman W/Stand (MOC)

    -Jimi Hendrex Figure (MOC)
    -Movie Manicas Crow
    -Alien Queen Boxset (Sealed but box is a little beat up, though the Figure is Mint)

    Masters of the Universe(2002 style figures):
    -Evil-Lyn (MOC)

    Star Wars:
    -Betrayal on Felucia Battlepack (Sealed)
    -Utapau Clone Trooper(Sealed)

    -Energon Jetfire + Ironhide 2 pack Sealed
    -Energon Scorponok Sealed
    -Classics Optimus Prime

    -Elizabeth Swan just the figure with hat (Deadman's Chest series 2 )

    Just to name a few Figures I have ..I have alot more so if theres any ones in particular you are looking for ,just ask.

    In Addition I have Alot of GI Joe figures from the 80's and Star Wars Clone Troopers. so if there's any you are looking for just ask.

    So PM Me if you have something I want, and need something I have.

    Thank you .
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    Oct 15, 2004
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