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    This is my first Fan-Fic, so tell me what I did wrong.


    Opens with Thundercracker floating in space, offline, as he has floated away from Skywarp and Blurr. His optic suddenly turn on.
    Thundercracker:Stop, I'll shoot! Wait, where am I, what hapened...
    His last memory was going through the Space Bridge, andd then bumping his head.
    TC: *Looks around* All go this way.
    He transforms and flies in the direction of, EARTH!
    The sceen zooms in on Earth, to find Grimlock talking to Optimus and his team.
    Grimlock:You sure you want to leave me boss while you team go to, ugh,Sye-Ber-Tron? And what about girl?
    Optimus:It's Cybertron, and yes, we think you will be fine, and besides, Starscream and his clones are floating in space, you'll be fine. And Sari is coming with us.

    Part 2 coming soon...

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