TF 5: New Beginings

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    Chapter 1

    A dark cloud is seen near the sun. Solar flares fly out, and are absorbed by the cloud. The cloud advances toward earth.

    Nova: " We, the Autobots, have been on earth for thirty-eight years now. I have taken the responsiblity of Autobot leader. J.D has taken command of NEST. Both Cindy and Optimus have left their roles as leaders to enjoy what they have left of life. Both now live in Montana, along with Sam. Megatron has stayed at the base for the time being, but will go up to Montana. The Matrix is still in my possesion, but it's activity is worrying me. I sense something is going to happen."

    Deigo Garcia, the Autobots are seen training. Nova nad Megatron are sparring each other.

    Megatron: " You know kid, you're not bad. Just need to learn to watch your back."

    Ironhide tackles Nova and both tumble down. Nova pushes Ironhide off and stands up.

    Nova: " Funny. Nice way to treat your leader."

    Ironhide: " Ahh come on kid. We're just some fun with you."

    Nova: " Yeah. I guess you're right."

    A Trax and Beat drive up and transform. Both look worried and scared.

    Nova: " What did you do?"

    Skids: " Grimlock. We pissed him off."

    Mudflap: " Ya and now he's gonna kill us."

    Grimlock came running at the twins who dodged him. Grimlock spun around, but was grabbed by Ironhide. Ironhide placed Grimlock on the ground and grabbed the twins. They fought as they tried to break his grasp. Ironhide lets go of Grimlock, who stays down. Skids and Mudflap are thrown to the ground. Grimlock gets up and walks away. Ironhide lets go of them. They get up rubbing the back of their heads.

    Skids: " What did you do?"

    Ironhide: " I put you two in your place. Grimlock knows his. And because you two were already in pain, so his job was done."

    Mudflap: " Well..."

    Nova: " Well nothing! You should learn to have respect for your fellow teamates! You've been working with them for your whole life and you still don't respect any of us!"

    Skids: " Come on..."

    Nova: " Skids, shut up! You two are the most irresponsible, disrespectful, worst soldiers I have ever met! Now go to your hangar!

    Skids and Mudflap drive off. Nova leaves Ironhide and Megatron and heads toward the ocean. He sighs and looks toward the horizon.
    In Egypt, Optimus and Cindy are at the Tombs of Primes. Optimus has gone into the tomb while Cindy stands guard outside. Optimus looks at the faces of his ancestors. He knows one of them is his father. He just doesn't know who. He looks at the open palm of the Prime. He looks from the hand to the Prime's face. The expressionless, cold face. Cindy steps in beside him and looks at him. His optics shutter rapidly, as if crying. Cindy lays her hand near his and bows her head. The two stand there until Sam enters.

    Sam: " I got us somwhere near the pyrimds. If that's ok with you guys."

    Cindy: " Yeah that's fine, Sam."

    Sam: " You guys all right? Optimus, what wrong? Did something happen to..."

    Optimus: " Nothing happened to Nova. And I'm fine. Just bad memories."

    Sam: " Hey it's ok to let it out big guy. We're here for you."

    Optimus looks from the tomb to Sam then to Cindy. He gets up and heads for the door. Sam follows close behind. Cindy is left standing there. She looks closer at the Prime with the open hand. Sam turns around to see her just standing there, gazing into the tomb. He calls out her name but she doesn't hear him. Cindy's face is expressionless. Nothing is happening to her. Her eyes glaze over.

    *Earth: New York: 2046
    Earth is in ruins. Fire everywere. No life can be seen. No plants, animals, cars, people. Nothing. Earth has been reduced to a waste land. From the shadows steps a figure. The figure is Ironhide. His armor damged beyond repair. His gaze from the horizon falls to the ground. He kneels, only to find Sam and Bumblebee, dead. He hugs Bumblebee's body close to his, then sets him back down. Ironhide then sees Sam, but the way Sam is position seems like he trying to get to something or someone. Ironhide scans the area. He sees nothing but gets up and walks the direction Sam is pointing. He stops when he sees something glint in the fire. He walks faster. As he nears, his spark sinks. It's the Twins. Both were caught in this chaos. Ironhide bows his head. He continues foward. As he walks countless bodies are seen. To the west is fire. He pays little attention to it. He stops when he sees something off in the distance. He scans the area around it. He optics widen and runs for the figure. He nears it, but sees that his fear have been comfirmed. It's Optimus.*

    Cindy snaps out of her trance. Sam is still looking at her when she falls to her knees. Sam rushes to her. He grabs her and helps her up. Her eyes full of tears. She clings to Sam's body, sobbing. Optimus turns around and walks over to them. He kneels down. Cindy leaves Sam and goes over to Optimus. She looks him in the optics. She just sets her head on his and begins sobbing even more.

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