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    Hey I've decide to make a TF 4. So please read and tell me waht you think.

    Chapter 1

    Cindy(voice-over): "It's been fifteen years since Unicron was destroyed. The Autobots have been on earth for twenty-two years now. We have learned from one another. Optimus is still the leader of the Autobots but he is teaching Nova. Nova will take over Optimus's place when he's gone. I've been promoted to head of NEST since Lennox and Epps retired. We see them every now and then. Bumblebee and Sam are still close. I trying to train the Dinobots. Grimlock won't listen until I threaten to take him offline. Prowl has been training the new arrivals. Hot Rod, Gears, Hot Shot and Brawn arrived five years ago. Megatron is still part of the Autobots. Sam and I have fourteen year old twins, J.D and Sterling. Both are wanting to be in NEST. Earth has been peaceful but a darkness is brewing. Something big is going to happen."

    A ship is seen flying near what used to be Cybertron. The ship belongs to a powerful race called the Quintessions. Them and the Transformers have had a hatred for each other even before the war.

    Quintession 1: " The planet is gone."

    Quintession 2: " Maybe they are gone to."

    Quintession leader: " No they're went somewhere else. A planet called earth."

    Diego Garcia. The Autobots are seen training. Grimlock and Ironhide are fighting about war stratogies.

    Ironhide: " That lumbering tail of yours isn't gonna win a war."

    Grimlock: " Me think you jealous."

    Ironhide: " W-what? Jealous of what?"

    Grimlock: " That me Grimlock badass!"

    Ironhide: " You wish."

    Grimlock: " Me Grimlock badass!"

    Optimus, Nova, and Cindy walk up to the quarrel.

    Cindy: " What's your problem?"

    Grimlock: " Iron-bot jealous of Grimlock."

    Ironhide: " There's nothing to be jealous of!"

    Grimlock: " You jealous that you not badass like Grimlock."

    Cindy: " Badass? Grimlock no more hanging around Sam and Skids. And you want to know who a badass is, ask me."

    Grimlock: " Then who badass? "

    Cindy: " Optimus."

    Grimlock: " Boss-bot is badass? How?"

    Nova: " He's boss-bot."

    Cindy: " Grimlock, I've told you that how many times?"

    Grimlock: " Me Grimlock keep forgetting. Okay?"

    Cindy: " Fine."

    Optimus: " What exactly is a badass?"

    Cindy: " Someone who is cool and superior. Like Clint Eatwood."

    Optimus: " Right."

    Cindy: " Yeah."
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    Please feel free to leave comments on the story. Good or bad.

    Chapter 2
    Planet Quintessa.

    Leader: " My fellow soldiers. The Transformers have moved to a different location, to a planet called Earth. We must attack them."

    Soldier 1: " Where is this planet?"

    Leader: " On the far reaches of the Milky Way Galaxy. In the solar system, Sol."

    Soldier 2: " What is so important about this planet that they took residence on?''

    Leader: " It supports life."

    Another being joins the group.

    Scientist: " Life? What other planets could hold life?"

    Leader: " Ahh Jandrix, so glad you could join us."

    Jandrix: " Flattering, Lucara. But tell me more about this 'life' you speak of."

    Lucara: " They're called humans. Made from soft tissue, bone, muscle and blood."

    Jandrix: " Really? We must capture one for studying."

    Lucara: " We also need to find the leader of the Transformers."

    Jandrix: " Ahh, I haven't seen that Prime for eras. It'll be good to crush his troops and his spark in my hands."

    Lucara: " You crush his troops, the Prime is mine."

    Soldier 1: " Sir should we prepare the troops?"

    Lucara: " Yes, but first we send scout this planet to find the enemy."

    Soldier 1: " Yes sir."

    Jandrix and the soldier leave. Lucara is standing by a window reflecting on the pas of the Quintessions and Transformers. The Quintession were peaceful until the Fallen had killed their leader. The Quintessions followed him back to Cybertron and killed many but were defeated when the Primes joined the fight. From that day forward the Quintessions took a vow to destroy the Primes' desendents and the Transformers.

    Lucara: " I will avenge my ancestors, Prime. I'll make sure you will die."
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    We get to meet the parent s in this chapt.

    Chapter 3

    Earth. Deigo Garcia. Derek and Drake have come to visit the Autobots. They live in Montana near Cindy's parents and sister, who have also come.

    Derek: " Hey, Curly-top! You miss us?"

    Cindy: " Derek! Drake! You came!"

    Drake: " And we brought company."

    Cindy: " Who?"

    Kevin: " Us."

    Cindy: " Mom! Dad! What are you doing here?"

    Louise: " We wanted to see waht was so important that kept you away from us."

    Miranda: " Hey don't I get hug?"

    Cindy: " Depends. Are you going to be nice?"

    Miranda: " Yeah, right."

    Two Peterbilts, a Camaro, and T-rex join the group. The Peterbilts and Camaro transform.

    Nova: " Drake, Derek, what's up guys?"

    Derek: " You know, we just needed some vacation time."

    Drake: " And we thought where else but with our favorite 'bots."

    Cindy: " Bee, Optimus, Nova. This is my mom and dad and sister. Mom, dad, sis. The reason why I'm not in Montana anymore."

    Grimlock: " Me Grimlock."

    Cindy: " And that's Grimlock."

    Miranda: " HOLY SHIT!!!!"

    Miranda runs away screaming from the Dinobot. Grimlock looks down.

    Grimlock: " Blonde she don't like me."

    Cindy: " No that's...not...totally true. She's just never seen a forty foot tall dinosaur robot."

    Grimlock: " Really?"

    Cindy: " Yes."

    Bumblebee: " Can we show them the new guest house?"

    Nova: " Yeah, can we?"

    Cindy: " Go right ahead."

    Nova and Bee transform. Derek, Drake, and Cindy's parents get in. Miranda is in a pink Nova that they took with them. Optimus, Grimlock, and Cindy are left standing there.

    Optimus: " Your sister seems a little..."

    Cindy: " Bitchy? Pissy?"

    Grimlock: " Me don't like her."

    Optimus: " Grimlock be nice, but you're right. I don't really like her either."

    Cindy: " Try living with her. Her whole world is cute guys and pink. It's really gross. She also is jealous, that she isn't famous."

    Grimlock: " Can me eat her."

    Cindy: " No. That wouldn't make my parent very happy."

    Grimlock: " Damn."

    Sam steps out of the guest house covered in paint. Bumblebee and Nova pull up.

    Sam: " Hey Bee. What are you up to?"

    Bumblebee: " We're showing Kevin and Louise the guest house."

    Kevin: " You must be Sam. Right?"

    Sam: " And you must be Cindy's dad."

    Kevin: " Yeah. Let me tell you one thing, you break her heart, I'll break you."

    Sam swallows out of fears.

    Lousie: " Hi, I'm Cindy's mom."

    Sam: " I'm Sam. Cind'y husband."

    Lousie: " You give me any grandchildren yet?"

    Sam: " Yeah?"

    Louise: " Well where are they?"

    Sam: " J.D! Sterling! Company!"

    J.D: " Yeah Dad."

    Sam: " This is grandma and grandpa Stiles. Say hi."

    Sterling: " Hi."

    Kevin: " Come here you."

    Sterling comes over to Kevin.

    Kevin: " You look like your uncle. And your father."

    He embraces his grandson.

    Sterling: " Grandpa, I...can't...breath."

    Kevin: " Oh sorry."

    Miranda: " Hi, I'm Miranda. Stay out of my way and we'll be fine."

    Then a loud noise comes the second floor of the house. Judy comes runing out of the house yelling for Sam.
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    Chapter 4

    Judy: "Sam, your father broke the pipe!"

    Ron comes running out of the house, with the pipe on his hand.

    Ron: "Sam, we need your help pronto."

    Sam: "Right. I'll let Bee and Nova show you around."

    A crash comes from the house and more yelling.

    Sam: "Mom, put down the tools! I gotta go."

    Sam runs back into the house. Bee and Nova tranform and take Kevin and Louise to meet the others. Miranda follows in her car. Optimus and Cindy walk up to the house. Ron runs out with Judy chasing him with the pipe and Sam following.

    Optimus: "Looks like you're having fun."

    Sam: "Apparently Mom doesn't like being hit with a copper pipe."

    Cindy: "I don't blame her."

    Optimus: "Sam could we get your help?"

    Sam: "Yeah. For what?"

    Optimus: "We're trying to build a memorial for those who fell."

    Sam: "Yeah, of course."

    Optimus: "Thank you."

    A Quintession scout ship is seen nearing the earth's atmoshere. Two beings are in the cockpit.

    Scout 1: "How do we know where the Prime is?"

    Scout 2: "He's at a place called...Diega?...Digo?...Deigo! Deigo Garcia. In the Indian Ocen? Ocean!"

    Scout 1: "What's an ocean?"

    Scout 2: "Large body of water."

    Scout 1: "Oh. What's water?"

    Scout 2: "You tell me."

    The ship nears the base. They are undectected because of an invisibility

    Scout 2: "We are just here to see who the Prime is got it?"

    Scout: "Fine."

    They lower the ship into the trees near the hangars. Both get out and scan the area. Ironhide, Optimus, and Nova come into view.

    Scout 1: "How do we know what is Prime?"

    Scout 2: "Shush!"

    Ironhide: "Nova, are you sure you want to do that?"

    Nova: "Yes, I want to be second in command. I'm ready."

    Optimus: "If I'm gone, would you be ready then?"

    Nova: "Of course."

    Optimus: "Very well then. We will anounce it tonight."

    The Quintessions look on.

    Scout 2: "We know who the Prime is. Come on."

    Scout 1: "What about that other one? The second in command."

    Scout 2: "He is only second in command."

    Scout 1: "Ok let's... Wait. What is that thing?"

    Cindy has found the trio and discusses the memorial plans.

    Scout 2: "It's a human. They have two legs?"

    Scout 1: "We need one for studying why not that one?"

    Scout 2: "Because we need one of power."

    Scout 1: "Wait listen."

    Cindy: "I think it should be put near the center of the base."

    Optimus: "What about D.C.?"

    Cindy: "That could work, but where?"

    Nova: "Doesn't your President get a say in this?"

    Cindy: "No. I somehow out rank him."

    Optimus: "Is that even possible?"

    Cindy: "Hey don't ask me, ask him."

    Scout 2: "We will capture that human."

    Scout 1: "What do they need to survive?"

    Scout 2: "Uh let's see. Water. Fresh. Food. Meat or plants. Oxygen. Warmth. And entertainment."

    Scout 1: "Enter-what?"

    Scout 2: "Something to keep it occupied."

    Scout 1: "Oh. Like what?"

    Scout 2: "Art. Music. Sports. Televison. Cars."

    Scout 1: "Where are you getting all this?"

    Scout 2: "Inter-? Inter-? Internet!"

    Scout 1: "What?"

    Scout 2: "Beats me. Earthlings use it non-stop, I guess."

    Scout 1: "Ok."

    Scout 2: "We have to get abck to Lucara."

    The ship takes off without a sound. The scouts head back towards the war ships and crusiers. On the main ship Lucara awaits his spies. The door opens and both step in.

    Lucara: "What do you have for me?"

    Scout 2: "The one you seek is Optimus Prime. And the human is General Cynthia Stiles."

    Lucara: "Excellent. Prepare the holding cells and get everything for the human."

    Scout 1&2: "Yes sir."

    Lucara: "I'll rally the troops."

    The ships' captains join Lucara in a meeting hall.

    Lucara: "Team 1 you are to capture the Prime and human. Team 2, make sure no one stands in your way and that no one follows you."

    The captains go back to their ships and tell their tropps the plan. Lucara waches them head for Earth. Jandrix walks into the room.

    Jandrix: "Sir the holding cell is ready."

    Lucara: "Cell? It want them seperated!"

    Jandrix: "Sir that may be impossible. The scouts brought back footage of the human. She follows the Prime everywhere."

    Lucara: "So what are you saying?"

    Jandrix: "They need to be in the same cell. So she doesn't die."

    Lucara: "Die? How could it possilby die?"

    Jandrix: "Humans call it 'suicide'. The humans don't just kill one another they kill themselves, too."

    Lucara: "Very well. But we keep both of them alive until I say so."

    Jandrix: "Yes sir."
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    Ok who is this Cindy person, and where is the Autobot cast from ROTF?
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    To know who Cindy is read my other story Transformers 3 (rewrite). And the ROTF Autobots are still there. I'm only four chapters in.
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    Chapter 5

    Back on earth.

    Nova: " Ok Grimlock let's try this one more time. I throw the bar and you go get and bring it back."

    Grimlock: " Okay."

    Nova throws a 9x2 steel bar. Grimlock runs after and grabs it. He goes the oppisite direction away from Nova. Nova shakes his head and runs after Grimlock.

    Grimlock: " O crap! Me forgot, again!"

    Nova: " You know what let's just bug Kup instead."

    Grimlock: " Can me keep bar?"

    Nova: " Yes."

    Both head to look for Kup. When they find him, he and Wheeljack are working on Slag and Snarl.

    Nova: " What happened to them?"

    Wheeljack: " They need to learn to share."

    Slag: " Me Slag don't like sharing with Snarl. Him dipshit."

    Kup: " Be nice. We don't need another fight, especially with Grimlock here."

    Grimlock: " Me agree with old bot. You lose to Grimlock."

    Kup: " NO, because you would kill us all."

    Grimlock: " Me Grimlock not like that. I kill enemy only. But I beat up other Dinobots."

    Kup: " Just forget it. What do you need Nova?"

    Nova snapped out his daydreaming.

    Nova: " What?"

    Kup: " Stop thinking about being leader and tell me what you need."

    Nova: " Right. Sorry. I was wondering if I could borrow the plasma cannon."

    Kup: " Why?"

    Nova: " Cindy and Optimus need it for the memorial."

    Kup: " It's by the ion cannons Cindy is working on."

    Nova: " Cool. Thanks."

    Wheeljack: " You're going to trust him with the plasma and ion cannons?"

    Kup thinks about that for a minute and runs after Nova and Grimlcok. Wheeljack shakes his head and gets back to work on Slag.
    The Quintessions ships near the Indain ocean and hover there for minute before releasing the attack ships and drones.

    Captain: " Find the Prime and the human! And don't kill anyone yet! And don't crush the human!"

    The drones head towards the island and the alarm is set off. The Autobots rush out of the hangars and ready their weapons. Optimus and Nova are out in front. Kup comes up behind them.

    Kup: " Primus, Quintessions."

    Optimus looks over to Kup his optics showing fear and hatred.

    Optimus: " What? Are you sure?"

    Kup: " Positive."

    Nova: " What going on?"

    Optimus: " Autobots ready your weapons!"

    Nova: " What the Pit is going on?"

    Optimus: " Not now, Nova!"

    Nova: " Tell me no..."

    The Autobots fire and Nova's words are drowned. The Quintessions break form and attack the base. Cindy, Sam, J.D and Sterling all coming running from the house.

    Cindy: " Sam, get the kids out of here!"

    J.D: " No we want to fight!"

    Cindy: " Not now! Go!"

    Sam, J.D and Sterling all head for the far end of the island. Judy and Ron follow and Cindy's family go after them.

    Cindy: " Optimus! Nova!"

    Cindy grabs two of her cannons and heads off to battle.

    Cindy: " Optimus! Where are you!?"

    Optimus lands in front of Cindy. He gets back up and both go into the heart of the battle. The Dinobots have taken on at least ten drones at once. Ironhide and Sidswipe have taken on the main captain. Nova, Prowl, Bumblebee, Hot Rod, and Ultra Magnus have gone to main fleet ship. Jolt, Ratchet, Wheeljack, Kup, and Blurr are cutting through as many as they can handle. Grimlock has gone off by himself when he saw that Optimus was being overrun. Grimlock jumped onto the back of one of the attack drones and crushed it's arm. Then he took hold of the head. But the Quintession controling it, grabbed hold of Grimlock and threw him into a hangar. Grimlock jumps back on but this time is thrown into a near by boulder. Grimlock is knock-out. Cindy runs to his aid but is captured by a captain.

    Cindy: " Let me go! Optimus! Optimus!"

    Optimus hears her cries for help and attacks the retreating drone. Optimus is tackled by five drones and is knocked unconcious . He is taken to the main attack ship along with Cindy. Nova watches as his father is taken away. He kills the drone he's fighting but is blast away and lands near Grimlock.

    Nova: " Come back! Please!"

    But the Quintessions were out of sight. Nova gently grabs Grimlock's head and starts stroking him. Saying the same promise over and over. Ironhide and Jolt find Nova and Grimlock. Grimolock is taken to the medical bay and Nova looks to the sky. Ironhide comes up beside him.

    Ironhide: "What do we do know?"

    Nova: " We find a way to get them back."

    Ironhide: " How?"

    Nova: " That's what we need to figure out."
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    Chapter 6

    Megatron: " Nova. We've lost four troops."

    Nova: " Who?"

    Megatron: " Sunstreaker, Arcee, Chromia, and Kup."

    Both Nova nd Ironhide look down. Kup was Nova's mentor and Chromia was in love with Ironhide.

    Nova: " Tell the others. We will get Optimus and Cindy back, but we need to rest for now. Ironhide, you are to tell the troops that there will be a meeting at dawn tomarrow."

    Ironhide: " Yes sir."

    Nova: " Megatron, do yuo know anything about the Quintessions?"

    Megatron: " Yes."

    Nova: " Then I will be talking to you, soon. Now go rest."

    Megatron: " Yes sir."

    Megatron and Ironhide leave Nova standing there, looking towards the horizon.

    Nova: " I will get you back. I promise."

    Over the Pacific ocean the Quintessions pause for a moment to collect oxygen. Cindy is then put into an air-tight, transparent box. She takes out her swords and tries to cut through. Optimus is thrown on to the ground in front of her.

    Cindy: " When I get out you are all so dead!"

    Captain 1: " Make your threats human. You can't do anything."

    Cindy: " Wanna bet? I'll turn you into dead heaps before you can send a S.O.S!"

    Captain 2: " A what?"

    Captain 1: " Human distress call."

    Captain 2: " Then human tell me this what will happen if I let you out?"

    Optimus: " Don't touch her."

    Cindy looks at the weak Prime. He looks up to the Quintessions.

    Capatain 2: " And what are you going to do? Beg for mercy?"

    The captain kicks Optimus in the ambdomen and Optimus collaspes.

    Cindy: " Leave him alone! Damnit!"

    Captain 2: " What?"

    Cindy: " Leave him alone!"

    Captain 1: " She's right. Leave him alone. Lucara wants him alive."

    Cindy is crying and tring to break her enclosure. Optimus looks at the two captains and they both leave. Optimus looks at Cindy then back down. He sighs from pain and misery.

    Optimus: " What has the Fallen done?"
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    Chapter 7

    Dawn the next day. Nova has rallied the sore, beaten, and tired Autobots. Ironhide and Ultra stand on either side of him. All are accounted for except Grimlock. He has gone off onhis own not wanting to face the others.

    Nova: " Fellow Autobots, the Quintessions have taken Optimus and Cindy. Primus knows what they are going to do to them but we must hope they can hold out until we reach them."

    Skids: " This wouldn't have happened if Grimlock was smarter!"

    Mudflap: " Yeah, this is all Grimlock fault."

    Nova: " This is no one's fault. We are not going to blame Grimlock. He did the best he could."

    Sideswipe: " Then why did we lose Optimus?"

    Hot Shot: " And Kup, Chromia, Arcee and Sunstreaker."

    Ironhide: " Hey shut your traps and let the kid speak!"

    Nova: " We are not going to blame anyone for our losses."

    Skids: " Who's even going to lead us?"

    Nova: " Right. In Optimus's and Cindy's abssence, I will be leader. Ironhide will be second in command."

    Ultra: " You? Why you? You're not even old enough! If anyone should be leader it should be me!"

    Ironhide: " Ultra, shut up. Optimus and I have talked about already. If anything happened to Optimus, Nova would take his place. Now be quiet."

    Ultra: " I don't care what Optimus said. Nova is too young to handle an army."

    Nova: " Ultra, stand down. You are out of place."

    Ultra: " No you are. You think you can lead the Autobots? Forget it. You are not trained to be a leader."

    Nova tries to say something but is so frustrated thet he studders.

    Ultra: " You can'..."

    Megatron: " Ultra, enough. You have no say in this."

    Ultra: " Neither..."

    Prowl: " Yes he does. Ultra, Megatron out ranks you. You are up there for one reason. You're Optimus's oldest friend besides Ironhide, but Ironhide is second in command. So you keep your mouth shut or leave."

    Ultra looks back from Megatron and Prowl to Ironhide and Nova. He shuts up and looks down.

    Nova: " Now as I was saying. I will be leader until we get Optimus back. Now the humans don't know anything yet. Not even Sam. We are to keep it that way."

    Wheeljack: " There might be a slight problem with that."

    Nova: " What?"

    Wheeljack: " The world already knows. They now that Optimus and Cindy are gone."

    Nova: " How?"

    Wheeljack: " I don't know but the president is on the news."

    Bumblebee: " What do we do now?"

    A uproar comes from the Autobots and Nova is overwhelmed with them.

    Nova: " Would you all please shut up! I'm trying to think!"

    They all quiet down. Nova looks at them then to Megatron. Nova then runs off. Guilt and fear in his processer.

    Nova: " Maybe Ultra is right. Maybe I'm not cut out for this leader stuff."

    Grimlock: " You wrong. You are leader."

    Nova jumps when he heard Grimlock come out from the trees.

    Nova: " Why?"

    Grimlock: " You are boss-bots son."

    Nova looks at Grimlock then towards the ocean.

    Nova: " Please let them be safe."
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    Chapter 8

    The main fleet ship is seen by the moon. The attack ships returned with the prisoners.

    Captain 1: " Get both of them to the holding cells. Then contact Lucara. We will be at the main ship in a few hours."

    Soldier 1: " Yes sir."

    The main fleet nears the ship. The docking site is ready for them. Lucara is standing at the entrance waiting for the Prime. Jandrix comes up beside him.

    Jandrix: " When can I start the experimetns on the human?"

    Lucara: " You are not to touch her or make her upset. You can take samples that she give you."

    Jandrix: " But sir..."

    Lucara: " Understand? You are not to touch her."

    Jandrix: " Yes sir. What about the Prime?"

    Lucara: " I don't care."

    Optimus and Cindy are brought onto the ship. Cindy draws out both her swords and lashes at her prison trying to get to Lucara. Lucara bends down to look at the human. Sorrow and misery is seen in his eyes.

    Lucara: " Get them to the cell."

    Optimus and Cindy are taken to the holding cell. Cindy is taken out and is literally thrown into the wall. Her nose begins to bleed and she cups her faces in her hands. Optimus is kickied in and collaspes. Cindy tries to kill them but the door is slammes in front of her face. She bangs and kicks door getting blood all over it. She slides turns her back to the door and slides down wiping off the blood from her face.

    Cindy: " Optimus? Optimus are okay?"

    Optimus remained silent. Cindy got up and walked over him. He had fallen asleep from exhaustion. Cindy rests her head on his head and watches the door. After a hour or so her eyes begin to flutter. She falls asleep. Lucara watches from outside. Not visible from either one. He looks at Cindy and Optimus. Jandrix comes joins him.

    Jandrix: " The human shows compassion for the Prime. Interesting. Lucara, I will begin the experiments on the Prime tomarrow."

    Lucara: " I already told you I don't care."

    Lucara walks off leaving Jandrix to look at the two in the cell. Lucara enters a dark room.

    Lucara: " What happen to both of our races. He refuses to fight. He would rather die to save that world and human. Why?"

    Deigo Garcia. The Autobots are trying to locate where the Quintessions are.

    Nova: " Any luck so far?"

    Meagtron: " None sir."

    Nova: " Damnit! Okay, fine just keep trying."

    Wheljack: " Sir? Don't you think you should get some rest?"

    Nova: " No, I'll be fine."

    Sideswipe: " Sir, we have a hit."

    Nova: " What is it?"

    Sideswipe: " NASA has gotten an image of the ship taking off by the moon. They look like they heading towards where Saturn used to be."

    Jolt: " Used to?"

    Nova: " All the planets except the three closest to the Sun were destroyed by Unicron."

    Jolt: " Right. Sorry."

    Sideswipe: " Do you think that's where they're at?"

    Nova: " Maybe, but where would they be going?"

    Megatron: " Most likely back to Quintessa."

    Nova: " You think they will go that far?"

    Megatron: " Maybe."
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    Chapter 9

    The next morning Nova gathered the Autobots.

    Nova: " Skids, Mudflap, you are to go with Ironhide, Megatron and Sideswipe. And head towards the north side of the base for training."

    Skids: "Those old school bots don't know nothing about fighting."

    Mudflap: " Yeah, only Sideswipe does man."

    Megatron comes up behind the two.

    Skids: " Man, Megatron is behind us. Ain't he?"

    Nova nodds at the two. The Twins turn around.

    Mudflap: " Man we did'nt mean any of that."

    Skids: " Yeah."

    Megatron: " Northside of the base."

    The Twins transform and drive off with Megatron following.
    Nova turns to Ironhide and Sideswipe.

    Nova: " Make sure he doesn't kill them."

    Ironhide: " I won't make any promises, but fine."

    Ironhide and Sideswipe drive off.

    Nova: " Wheeljack, Ratchet, take the Dinobots and head towards the east side of the base."

    Ratchet: " Yes sir."

    The two medics and Dinobots head off.

    Nova: " Hot Shot, Hot Rod, Brawn, and Gears, go with Omega, Prowl, and Ultra and head towards the west side."

    Ultra: " And what about you?"

    Nova: " I'll be going to D.C for a meeting with the President. I should be back tomarrow. Until then Ironhide is in charge."

    Ultra: " Yes sir."

    Nova is left standing there and heads toward the south side of the base. He is loaded on to one of the C-17s and taken to D.C. Near the south hangars, a building is seen with Sam, J.D, Sterling, Drake, Derek and the families working with NASA to find the Quintessions. A door opens and Leo and Simmons step in.

    Simmons: " What do we know so far?"

    Sam: " Optimus and Cindy are with the Quintessions who might be where Saturn was. And the might be heading towards their home planet."

    Leo: " And where would that be?"

    Sam: " Somewhere near the location of where Cybertron used to be."

    Sterling: " And we're trying to open a comlink with Optimus or Cindy."

    Leo: " Sam, how smart are your kids?"

    J.D: " We can hack into the database of every server even the CIA and FBI."

    Simmons: " Okay they get to stay."

    The door opens and Lennox and Epps step in.

    Sam: " Lennox? Epps? What are you doing here?"

    Lennox: " We're here to help find Optimus and Cindy."

    Epps: " We saw it on the news. Where's Nova?"

    Drake: " He went to D.C."

    Derek: " Ironhide is in charge until he gets back."

    Epps: " Okay where's Ironhide?"

    Sam: " Northside of the base training the Twins."

    Epps: " Okay. I'll tell him that we're here."

    Sam: " Why does Ironhide need to know you're here?"

    Lennox: " New weaponary for the Autobots and humans."

    Sam: " Really like what?"

    Lennox: " Armor plated suits for the soldiers and sheild for the Autobots."

    Sam: " You think the military will send out troops to help the Autobots?"

    Lennox: " Maybe. It's the decision of the boss-bot."

    Sam: " Oh. Do you think they'll announce it at the meeting?"

    Lennox: " Most likely."

    Leo: " Dude we have coverage on the meeting."

    Sam: " What's going on?"

    Leo: " People are saying the Transformers should leave before an 'invasion' happens."

    Sam: " Invasion? What the hell? The Autobots are part of earth now. They can't leave. They've been hear for twenty-two years and no one has complained."

    Leo: " Yeah, until now."

    Sterling: " Shush."

    Nova: "I understand your anger but we ca not leave this planet. You have voted to let be apart of earth. But now we need to get Optimus and Cindy back. So please try and reason with us on this."

    Repoter: " Why should we?"

    President: " Because the Autobts are part of our world now and they need tob te treated so. What would you do if teh world leaders were kidnapped?"

    Newscaster: " We would get them back."

    President: " Exactly. That's what the Autobots are doing. Now leave them alone to do what they need to do."

    Drake turns the news off and everyone is silent.

    Derek: " So waht do we do now?"

    Sam: " We don't give up. We have to find them."

    Judy: " Sam, look at this."

    Sam comes over to where Judy's monitar is and sees the Quintession ship.

    Sam: " Where is this?"

    Kevin: " Out by Pluto."

    Sam: " No, they're getting farther."
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    Chapter 10

    The Quintession ship. Lucara is seen standing in his quaters by a window. The door opens and Jandrix walks in.

    Jandrix: " Sir we are ready for the experiments."

    Lucara: " Fine just make it quick."

    Jandrix: " What about the human?"

    Lucara: " Let her roam around the ship."

    Jandrix: " But sir aren't you afraid she might escape?"

    Lucara: " She wouldn't leave Prime."

    Jandrix: " What about the oxygen?"

    Lucara: " I've been watching her. Eveytime someone comes near the door her being changes from flesh to metal."

    Jandrix: " How?"

    Lucara: " I do not know. But you do not touch her what so ever."

    Jandrix: " Yes sir."

    Both leave to get the Prime. When they reach the cell, Cindy lashes out. Her body covered in metal. She has taken with her one of the suits she ws given but tweaked it alittle. It can now retract in to the chocker, braclets and anklets she wears. Jandrix looks at her in suprise. She lashes one more time at the door.

    Cindy: " Let me out!"

    Lucara: " Human we will let you out."

    Cindy: " Really?"

    Her battle mask retracts into her chocker revealing her face.

    Cindy: "Why?"

    Lucara: " You are bored and you to be out for awhile."

    Cindy: " What about Optimus?"

    Lucara: " We will let him out also."

    Cindy: " And take him where?"

    Lucara: " To be examined by our doctor."

    Cindy: " Fine."

    Her mask goes back up and the door is opened. Cindy speeds out of there. Lucara walks the oppisite direction leaving Prime and Jandrix.

    Jandrix: " You'll be examined alright but not for healing."

    Optimus is dragged out of the room and taken to another room. He is hooked up to various cables running from a generator.

    Jandrix: " Now this may hurt a lot. But don't worry you'll live but only to be in extreme pain."

    Optimus looks at him and shudders at the thought of what they'll do to him. Jandrix turns on the generator and electrical pulses are transfered from the cables to Optimus. He begins to scream in pain as hundred thousand watts are sent through out his body. Cindy is racing around the halls when the lights begin to flicker. She uses her mask to iscolate electrical currents. All are heading the same way. She reaches the source but can see nothing. She thinks it's just to power the ship and heads off to find the main cotrol room.

    Cindy: " Destroy this ship and everyone on it if they do anything to me or Optimus."

    She reaches a breaker box and sees the cables for the jets and motor. She cuts the cables and the ship stops in its tracks. The Quintession reach the breaker box but Cindy is already gone. She races down the hallways and passes a room. Lucara is standing looking out to the stars. Cindy creeps into the room but is stopped when Lucara sees her.

    Lucara: " What are you doing here?"

    Cindy: " What's it look like? I'm destroying your ship. I'm not going anywhere."

    Lucara: " I knew you do that. That's why I let you out."

    Cindy: " What you want me to destroy the ship?"

    Lucara: " Not exactly, but yes."

    Cindy: " Why?"

    Lucara: " Why what?"

    Cindy: " Why do you hate Optimus?"

    Lucara: " I used to but I don't anymore but my troops still do."

    Cindy: " Why don't you hate him?"

    Lucara: " What happened in our past is not his fault it was the other Prime's."

    Cindy: " What Prime?"

    Lucara: " He called himself the Fallen."

    Cindy: " That explains it."

    Lucara: " What?"

    Cindy: " Why you want Optimus. Because he's a desendant of the Fallen. But he's not the Fallen. The Fallen kills, destroys, conquers, but Optimus protects, saves, helps . You can't blame something on someone for what happened in your past."

    Lucara looks at her for a momnet and then the flicker starts up again.

    Cindy: " That shouldn't be hppening. I disabled the ship."

    Lucara: " You need to go back to your cell."

    Cindy: " What? Why?"

    Lucara: " Please just go."

    Cindy walks out the room not saying another word. After awhile Lucara leaves and heads for the room where Optimus is. HE enters the room as Jandrix is about to send another pulse.

    Lucara: " Jandrix, enough. Let him go."

    Jandrix: " But I..."

    Lucara: " Guards take himback to the cell."

    Guards: "Yes sir."

    Lucara: " Jandrix. You are not to hold anymore experiments."

    Jandrix: " What?"

    Lucara: " Now go and try to fix the ship."

    Jandrix: " Yes sir."

    Jandrix leaves as the two guards take Optimus back to the cell. Cindy is still roaming the halls when she spots Jandrix. She quickly finds somewhere to hide.

    Jandrix: " I can't believe him. Taking the Prime's side. Honestly. Who does he think he is. The Primes killed our leader."

    Cindy keeps stationary until Jandrix is out of veiw. She races back to the cell and finds Optimus. Every inch of his body is shaking. She tries to touch him but is shocked. His body has an electric feild. Cindy backs away and then sees Lucara. He looks away from her she goes after him. Before she leaves Optimus stops her.

    Optimus: " with...this."

    Cindy: " Optimus, look at yourself. You can barley keep your optics open."

    Optimus: " Please do not retalliate."

    The Prime fell silent and Cindy got up and walked out of the room to find Lucara. She finds him in his quaters.

    Lucara: " Please don't be mad."


    Lucara: " That was not my idea. Jandrix is the one who preformed the experiments."


    Lucara: " I know."

    Cindy: " YOU DON'T... Wait you know?"

    Lucara: " I knew you trusted me from the day you arrived. I could see it in your eyes."

    Cindy: " Yeah because I could see misery in you eyes."

    Lucara: " I relized this was not the Prime's fault. But it was to late. You were already here."

    Cindy: " Do you know how many troops you could ahve killed back on earth with your attack? You almost killed Nova."

    Lucara: " Who is Nova?"

    Cindy: " Optimus's son."

    Lucara: Wait. Optimus has a son?"

    Cindy: " Yes."

    Lucara: " We must go back to earth."

    Cindy: " Why?"

    Lucara: " I too have a son and he means everything to me. We must get both of you back."

    Cindy: " What about your troops?"

    Lucara: " I no longer wish to lead them."
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    Chapter 11

    Lucara and Cindy race back to Optimus. He is very weak.

    Cindy: " Optimus! Optimus get up! Please get up!"

    Lucara: " I'll be right back."

    Cindy: " Wait don't leave me!"

    Lucara runs off to find an attack drone. He enters the weaponary room and finds the last one. He climbs in and runs back to the cell.

    Lucara: " Come on we have to get to the attack fleets."

    Cindy: " Okay."

    Lucara gently picks up Optimus and carries him to the docking site. Cindy finds a big enough ship and powers it up. But when the ship started the alarms went off.

    Lucara: " No! I forgot the ship has to be authourized to leave!"

    Cindy: " But it can still leave the dock right?"

    Lucara: " Yes."

    Cindy: " Then get in!"

    Lucara puts Optimus down on the ship and takes over at the controls. Cindy closes the door as Jandrix and the guards show up. She waves to them and disappears. Jandrix orders the rest to follow. Lucara is abput ready to jump warp the ship when it takes a direct hit.

    Lucara: " Hold on!"

    Back on Earth. Everyone is still at their stations when Simmons gets footage from one of the satellites.

    Simmons: " Hey Sam! Come look at this!"

    Sam: " What?"

    On the monitor is the image of the attack fleet but a small being is seen on top of it.

    Sam: " Can you zoom in and fix the pixels?"

    Simmons: " Can you?"

    J.D: " Here move."

    J.D zooms onto the figure and eveyone gathers around. Sam's jaw drops when he sees Cindy on top of the fleet.

    Sterling: " Go mom!"

    Drake: " She's going to get herself killed!"

    Derek: " Yeah but heading towards Earth."

    Sam: " Leo sound the alarm! Lennox! Epps! Prepare the Autobots! They're going to need some help!"

    As Lucara pushes the ship into warp jump as Cindy jumps back in. The others do the same.

    Lucara: " How many ships?"

    Cindy: " A least six or seven."

    Lucara: " Damnit!"

    Cindy: " What you can't shake them?"

    Lucara: " No we're nearing earth."

    Cindy: " Head for Deigo Gracia! They'll follow!"

    Lucara: " Are you sure?"

    Cindy: " Positive!"
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    Chapter 12

    Deigo Garcia. The Autobots prepare for the Quintessions. They see them on the horizon coming at a fast rate.

    Nova: " Autobots, don't hit the first ship! Optimus and Cindy are on it!"

    They ready their weapons as Lucara crash lands. He, Optimus, and Cindy are ejected from the ship. Cindy gets back up to see the Autobots. She readies her weapons and fires. Her round hits the ship coming towards her. It crashes ino the ocean an the Autobots fire at the rest. Jandrix has gotten out of the ocean and charges Cindy in an attack drone. Nova and Megatron stop him but both are blow back. Jandrix about reaches Optimus when Lucara knocks him down. Megatron and Nova grab Optimus and take him far from the battle. Megatron sets him down.

    Nova: " Dad. Dad you're going to be okay."

    Optimus: " We have to... uhhh."

    Megatron: " No you are to stay here. You are too weak."

    Nova: " I'll stay with him."

    Megatron nodds at Nova and leaves. Megatron reaches the battle and finds Cindy. She has taken on two Quintessions. Megatron unleashes his mace and hits them away.

    Cindy: " Thanks. Now come on we have to help Lucara!"

    Megatron: What!?"

    Cindy: " He helped us escape! I owe him!"

    Megatron: " Fine!"

    They join the battlen and help the Dinobots. Ironhide and Skids have teamed up and have taken out two drones and five Quintessions. Ratchet and Wheeljack have gone to help Hot Rod and Hot Shot. Both are outnumbered, four to one. Omega has destroyed one of the ships and many drones. Mudflap, Bumblebee and NEST have taken out ten Quintessions. Cindy finds Lucara and Jandrix. Jandrix is beating Lucara when a shot comes from nowhere. It's Optimus and Nova. Cindy sees Lucara get out of the attack drone but he is tackled by Jandrix and pushes into the ground. Cindy aims for Jandrix's head and fires. Jandrix deflects the blast and Lucara gasps for breath. The Nova and Optimus combine their weapons and aim. It's a direct hit. Jandrix is blown back and Lucara gets up, clutching his chest. Optimus yells to eveyone to stop. They all stop immediately.

    Optimus: " Why are we fighting each other? We used to be peaceful. We lived in harmony. We change because the Fallen did something. No. The hatred between the Transformers and Quintessions has gone on long enough. We must put down our weapons and call a truce. We must no longer fight one another."

    Nova: " The Fallen has destroyed many lives not just yours. But we can not let that get in our way. We can not live in the past anymore. We must live in the present."

    Optimus: " Everyone stand down."

    Everyone lowers their weapon and listen to the Primes' words. But then Jandrix jumps toward Optimus and both tumble down a hill. Jandrix was about to run a metal bar when Grimlock jumps on him.

    Grimlock: " That my metal bar! Give me!"

    Grimlock tears away the bar.

    Grimlock: " And he my boss-bot!"

    Grimlock crushes Jandrix and walks over to Optimus. Grimlock helps Optimus up but Optimus stumbles. Grimlock helps him up the hill to the others.

    Grimlock: " Me Grimlock sorry."

    Optimus: " For what?"

    Grimlock: " Not trying hard enough."

    Optimus: " Grimlock. Thank you."

    He hugs Grimlock and both join the Autobots and Quintessions. Lucara walks up to Optimus.

    Lucara: " Optimus Prime, please forgive me and my race for our actions. We were..."

    Optimus: " Mistakes happen. You can not let them hold you back."

    Lucara: " You're right. Thank you."

    Cindy walks up to the two and hands Lucara a small medalion.

    Cindy: " A human peace gift."

    Lucara: " Thank you."

    Sterling: " Mom!"

    Two metal beings run into Cindy. Both retract their battle mask.

    J.D: " So can we be apart of NEST now?"

    Cindy: " Only if you get your homework done."

    Sam walks up and hugs Cindy.

    Sam: " I thought I lost you forever."

    Cindy: " You can never lose me."

    Megatron and Nova come up beside Optimus. Lucara tells his troops to head back to the ships. Lucara boards one of the ships. Before it takes off he turns and waves to the Autobots, and yells something.

    Lucara: " Until we meet again, our races will live peacefully!"
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    Chapter 13

    The ship takes off and the Autobots are left standing there.

    Leo: " So what happens now?"

    Cindy: " I don't know about you but I'm hungry. Seriously, I was stuck on that ship for four days without food. Sure they give me water but still."

    Optimus: " I think I'll let Ratchet have a look at me."

    Mudflap: " Your right. Cuz you look like shit."

    Ironhide slaps Mudflap on the back of the head.

    Cindy: " So what exactly did you do while we were gone."

    Sterling: " Hacked into the FBI and CIA."

    Cindy: " Why?"

    J.D: " Access to the satellites."

    Cindy: " Okay."

    Optimus: " Nova how did you put up with being leader?"

    Nova: " Honestly, I don't think I want to be leader anymore for awhile."

    Cindy: " Really? I thought that was your life."

    Nova: " It was."

    Lennox: " Hey don't we get hugs."

    Cindy: " Lennox! Epps! What are you doing here?"

    Epps: " We came to save you."

    Cindy: " O sure. I think you just missed us."

    Lennox: " Well, that too."

    Sam: " I think we should get some rest."

    Grimlock: " Me agree. Me tired."

    Prowl: " Right behind you big guy."

    The Autobots all head for their hangars while Optimus goes with Ratchet. Later that night, Optimus is seen sitting on a hill. Nova joins him.

    Nova: " You think we'll ever see them again?"

    Optimus: " Most likely. Nova, I'm proud of you."

    Nova: " Why?"

    Optimus: " You took responsiblity and you did without my help."

    Nova: " Thanks, Dad."

    The two Primes sit there looking at the stars. Reflecting on their pasts, presents, and futures.

    Nova(closing narration): " The Quintessions and Transformers live peacefully now. Our past have been forgotten and our futures rewritten. I am Nova Prime. I live on this blue planet, waiting and protecting, 'til the day I take my father's place.

    *Linkin Park song*

    *End credits*
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    Wow this is great so far! I'll sure transfer this into a document and read it on my iPod!
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