TF 2k7: Don't Know What I Want

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    Transformers © HasTak, IDW. Transformers © HasTak, Dreamworks, Paramount. "Beautiful World" © 2007 Utada Hikaru

    - - - - - - -

    Don't Know What I Want

    - - - - - - -

    She didn't quite understood his liking of "sunbathing", other than an alternative of recharging energy levels. Although considering they rarely had the opportunity to stretch out during the daytime without prying and unwanted cameras, she couldn't blame him for taking every opportunity of doing so. A majority of the others occasionally sunbathed as well, even Prowl on the extremely rare moments when he wasn't so focused on data work, albeit simply staring at nothing while standing/sitting under sunny skies was his version.

    Idly, Arcee lightly trailed a finger over one of his antennae and was rewarded with it twitching like the ears on those feline creatures she had seen.

    What she didn't expect was his door-wings to flutter slightly, as he was lying face down on the grass.

    Curiosity prompted another run but slower this time, antenna as if flicking something off and door-wings fluttering again yet a little longer. A mumbling warble was also released, words not really processable.

    Someone snorted softly behind them, Sideswipe with an odd look on his face.

    "Whaddya know..."

    Wariness. "What?"

    The red Murciélago sat down opposite of Bumblebee, propping his arm on a knee the same way she had seen humans sit sometimes.

    "Haven't seen 'Bee do that before."


    Door-wings fluttered when Arcee did it again.

    "Yup." A thoughtful pause, running a finger along the other antenna but only getting a flicker. Shrugging, he flopped back onto the grass, pillowing hands behind his head and closing optic shutters. "Then again, guess it takes only certain people like you to pull that off."

    Unbidden, Bumblebee's radio softly crackled to life for a moment.

    "Moshimo negai hitotsu dake kanau nara,
    Kimi no soba de nemurasete..."

    At those words, she wondered why her Spark seemed to tremble and warm a little at the same time.

    - - - - - - -

    If I can be granted just one wish,
    Please let me sleep next to you...

    * * * * * * *

    Kiriban for deviantArt peep Shirozora.

    "Beautiful World" by Hikaru Utada for title origin and lyrics.

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