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    Hey Radicons... some bad news to kick off the year. Well, it's not really bad news, to know about it now instead of finding out at the very end is a blessing, i guess. The Terra project was what i was building up to all along with my 3D designing. Sadly, it got to Version 3, and now i have to cancel it. Not production cancelling either, cancelled as in it will likely never be finished, so not even i will have a copy. Anyways, pics, and then i'll get to work on explaining in detail. This project i guess i'll have to take as a learning experience, and go from there.

    "Terra V3.0"


    Okay, so first, What is it? Well, it's a Busou Shinki conversion set. If you're not familiar with Busou Shinki, there's a thread over in Toyark, which i suggest you check out. This set aims to turn a Shinki into a fully transformable toy, capable of going between robot and quad-bike modes. The idea is that you remove the Shinki's legs entirely from the thigh down (the thigh spacer is also removed), after which this set replaces the legs. There's a fully functioning double knee joint, and the original upper leg swivel should still work. Of course, wheels spin freely.

    Now, of course, that's not the whole thing you're seeing, it's just Version 3.0; there's a long way to go. The set, being designed for MMS1 Shinkis (Lancamento especially), works with the standard back connector piece that comes with all shinkis. From here, you'll need to imagine a bit. Think, attached to the figure's upper back is a hollow box, mounted on a hinge. This box is able to flip up to hide the girl's head, all sides except the face. On the sides of this box are the rear quad wheels. Following so far? Good. For those of you who own a Shinki, if you connect the back adapter and lay the shinki flat on it's stomach, the adapter passes off relatively well as the seat you'd find on a Mongoose-style vehicle (Halo fans know what i mean). So you basically end up folding the legs in on themselves, creating the front half f the bike, the middle seat section is pre-made, and the back section relies on that box to cover the Shinki's head and provide the rear wheels. Get it?

    So what's the problem?

    Well, while i'd love to get a copy myself, teh cost is ridiculous. Since Shinkis are (and i'm talking MMS1) taller than Deluxe Transformers, these pieces are uite big. While i have hollowed them all out where possible, leaving a 1mm thick wall, i still costs a sky-high ~$180 USD. That's crazy. I don't have that kind of money right now, and even if i did, i'd rather get a Hard Disk recorder/Camera/other useful thing right now.

    Is that it?

    Well, yeah. That's it. If it could be produced for less, then i'd continue designing. Too bad it can't. I'm posting this simply, for the hell of it, i guess. :lol 

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