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    I had nowhere were else to put it.

    The day was bright and sunny with no signs of rain clouds to spoil it. Most of the town’s people were at a traveling circus called Len's Amazing World of Wonders that was visiting the town. The people were enjoying the many rides and side shows that the circus provided for entertainment. At the front entrance of the circus a hunched figure stood staring into the circus. It stood there for a moment before walking forward. Once inside it came across a small boy who was around 8 years old enjoying an ice cream cone. It went toward the boy and cast shadow over him. The boy looked up at the stranger when he saw the shadow. What he saw was a person who had huge metal arms and metal claws. It had three pairs of wing and three tails and wore a long blue shirt. Its legs were metal too and boxy. Its face was the strangest since it had what looked like a metal mask on its mouth with crises crossed bars. The boy stared at the strange thing as his ice cream fell off of it cone. The bars on its mouth parted in a flash and a large black tongue that double in two and curls at the tip caught the falling ice cream. It quickly withdrew its tongue and ate the Ice cream. After eating it brought its tongue again, grabbed the cone, and ate it. The boy just stared and started to tug on his mother's arm.

    "Yes, dear," The mother said not taked her eyes off of a nearby shop.

    "Mommy, there is a monster here and it ate my ice cream," the boy said.

    "A monster?" She repeated as she began to turn, "you have been wat......."

    She stopped when she saw the so called “monster”. She stared for moment and then screamed grabbing her son as she cried "Monster". The scream was heard by the other visitor and soon wide spread panic erupted in the circus. As the people ran the creature let out a sigh as it began to walk around the circus. Whenever it saw people it went over to them but every time they ran screaming the other way and so it around eating at al the food stand.

    "Well are you hungry," a voice said. It belonged to Len, a 28 year young man who was the ring leader of the circus. Behind him stood the circus strong man and Len's right hand man Zake. The creature did not respond to Len but kept on eating using its tongue to bring the food to its mouth.

    "Not a talkative one," Zake said.

    "Maybe he can't talk," Len said.

    Sirens can be heard in the distance and several officers approached Len.

    "We heard that there was a monster here," one officer said.

    "I think I found it," another officer said pointing at the still eating creature.

    "Alright we found the monster but now what," an officer said.

    "Why not leave him here with me," Len suggested, "We will take good care of him and he will fit perfectly here in my circus."

    "Well there is no problem of letting it stay here." The Chief of Police said, "Okay he can stay."

    And with that the officers left leaving the creature in the care of Len. When he turn he nearly had a heart attack for a foot away from his face was the creature. At first it just stared and then it made a sound as if it was happy and smiled or at least it tried with its metal grid. It then hugged Len in its huge metal arms and nuzzled its head into Len's chest.

    "I guess that's his way of saying thanks," Zake said.

    "I agree," Len said, "Alright big guy lets go,"

    They went to a big tent where the actors and actress are. Zake and Len entered followed by their new found friend.

    "Well, look what the cat dragged in," A cat like women said.

    "Everybody let me introduce the newest member of the family," Len said.

    "What's his name?" a pair of conjured female twin asked at the same time.

    "That I don't know," Len said.

    "When he walks," a very small person began, "He sways like those tempo machines on the piano."

    "Like a tempo machine," Len said to himself, "That's it from here on out he will be known as Tempo."

    Such starts the story of Tempo and the road to unravel his dark, frightening, and mysterious past.
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    Ch. 2

    “Come one come all,” A voice called out. It was Len, the Ring Leader, “To the greatest show on earth.”

    He was stand in front of the entrance to the main tent. A long line of people were already there to go in and watch the show. When everyone was in and seated the show began. Various acts were performed within the ring such as people on tight ropes, Lion Tamers, people doing tricks on horses, clowns, and other acts. Len entered the ring and stood in the middle of it. He then made a motion to the other acts to leave and they did. When they left he turned to the crowd.

    “Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the greatest show on earth,” Len began as the crowd cheered, “So far you have seen great act but you have not seen the greatest act of them all.”

    “What you are about to see is not only great but strange beyond belief,” He continued as the dimmed down and fog emitted though out the field as he pointed his hand to an entrance to his right. A dark figure appeared but was covered by fog. It stood in front of Len as he spoke.

    “Let me introduce you to a very special friend, a friend unlike anything you ever seen,” He said, “Everyone I want you to meet….,” he then crossed his arms in font of him and then stretch them out scatter the fog to reveal his friend. People gasped at what looked like person who was hunched over and had three tails and three pairs of wings. The person had huge claws that hung in front of him and boxy metal and had a metal mask that had bars that criss-cross that covered his mouth and nose, “TEMPO.”

    “Watch and be amazed as Tempo shows you few tricks of his,” Len said and stepped out of the ring.

    At first Tempo didn’t do anything besides stand there. He then lowered his head as the bars in his mask slide into his head. Then his body lurched forward and quickly head up and just as he did a flock of birds erupted out of his mouth. The crowd was awed by this but Tempo wasn’t done. His body lurched forward again and this time fireworks came out.

    After the circus members were resting up after a hard days work. As for Tempo he was in a clearing of a nearby woods playing follow the leader with the town kids. Tempo quickly stopped and pivot on one leg to face the kid lead behind him as he held one of his massive hands across his abs and the other over his head and the kids mirrored him. He made a happy sound but then he heard a sound and turned his head toward it. He lowered his arms and leg down as he stare into the nearby woods.

    “What’s wrong Tempo?” One kids asked.

    Tempo continued to stare until he say movement and a familiar form. He quickly pushed two kids back as he jumped in the opposite direction. At the same time two forms came out of the wood and crashed into the same spot Tempo was a few second earlier. Tempo watched the built up smoke for the familiar form he saw as the kids watched in shock. Suddenly the smoke scattered away revealing two ladies that have green snakes bodies. One wore a brown armor while the other wore a blue armor and had branch horns and long black hair.

    “We finally found you Nicgwa (nic-gwa),” The blue armored lady said.

    “You thought you gave us the slip, huh Nicgwa,” The brown armored lady said.

    “Now it’s time for you to come home,” The blue one said.

    Tempo back away from the two as he slowly shuck his head “no”.

    “You are coming with us weather you like or not,” The brown one said as she charged at Tempo but he jumped to the side but was quickly head butted by the other.
    They both crashed to the ground as the blue armored snake lady pinned his arm down as the other came up and wrapped one arm around Tempo’s neck and the other arm around his mouth. Tempo struggled in a hope to break free of their grip.

    “Give it up Nicgwa,” The brown one said.

    Suddenly she was yanked off of Tempo and toss into a nearby tree.

    “SISTER!” The other cried as she raced over to her fallen sister.

    Standing next to Tempo was Zeke as he watch the two slither away into the woods.

    “Zeke!” Len cried as he ran up to him, “Is Tempo alright.”

    “Yes, I was able to drive away those things who attack him, but,” Zeke said as he looked down at Tempo who was curled up and had his wings cover him and was shivering, “he was shucked up about it.”
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    Chapter 3

    Back in the big tent Len had told the others what had happened and now they were decision what to do.

    “I say we hunt those two down and make them pay for what they did to Tempo,” one circus member said.

    “Now, now, let’s not be rash about this,” Len said, “We must first find out why they went after Tempo in the first place.”

    “The kids say that the two snake women kept calling Tempo “Nicgwa”,” Zeke said.

    “Meaning that they must have known Tempo from long ago,” Len said, “Only adding to the many mystery to Tempo; in fact we don’t know anything about Tempo.”

    “That’s true, Tempo appeared out of nowhere in our circus,” another member, “And the kids also said when the snakes women came to bring him back somewhere but Tempo refused and ran from them.”

    “Meaning that Tempo didn’t like them and didn’t want to go to the awful place he used to live in.” Len said, “I’m going to talk with Tempo, hopefully, he will be willing to talk about what really going on.”

    Len found Tempo in the storage tent: his favorite spot to think.

    “Are you okay, Tempo?” Len asked as he sat on a crate next to Tempo.

    Tempo didn’t say anything but only stared at the ground in front of him.

    “Want to talk about it?” Len then asked.

    Tempo just whined as he looked final looked at Len.

    “I know it maybe hard for you but..,” Len began, “I want to know what those two women wanted you to come with them.”

    Tempo looked away for a moment and then he lurched forward as he released his mouth of its metal bars. His tongue came out holding a rolled up piece of paper and held it in front of Len. Len took the paper and unrolled to see what it was. What he saw was a poster for a circus and it read:

    Come to Frank’s Circus of Wonders

    And on the poster was a variety of people and creatures and on the bottom right corner of the poster was non other the Tempo.

    “So you use to belong to Frank’s Circus correct,” Len said as he rolled up the poster.

    Tempo nodded in reply and then he left up one of his metal leg and show Len the scars under his foot and then showed him the marks on his neck.

    “I’m guessing that this Frank guy was cruel to you and that is why you ran away,” Len said as he received yet another nodded from Tempo, “And he wasn’t happy about it and why those two creatures were after you in the first place.”

    Tempo lowered his head and let out a moan. Len understood why Tempo did this reassured him.

    “Don’t worry Tempo, you are still part of our family and we won’t let Frank hurt you any more,” Len assured.
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    Chapter 4

    It has been a week since the attack and Len and his group were on the road again to the next town. They were traveling though the open plains when a shadow flew above them. No one notice a dark figure land one of the cars. The figure looked around and clawed towards the back of the truck. A few members of the crew were talking amongst themselves. Among them was Tempo but he talk with the others. His attention was to the roof of the truck. He could hear someone walking on it and is headed toward the opening of the truck. Tempo went to the opening passing the still talking crew.

    “What’s wrong, Tempo?” One crew member asked.

    Tempo didn’t say anything as he stared out of the opening. Suddenly a dark figure appeared in front of Tempo.

    “Tempo look ou...” But the crew member stopped short as he saw Tempo actually hug the stranger.

    The circus train stopped and the circus got out for a lunch break. As Len was directing where everything should be a crew member approached him.

    “Hey Len we got stow away,” He said as pointed toward another figure behind him.

    The person was a young girl but she looked a bat. Her arms were like a bat with a clawed thumb and her face was like a bat as well. Her fur was blue with some brown around her neck.

    “Well, hello there,” Len said, “And just where did you come from?”

    “I came from Frank’s Circus of Wonders,” The girl replied then added, “And my name Rena.”

    “I see, Tempo already told us all about Frank and his ways,” Len said, “But why are you here?”

    “I over heard Frank saying that they found Nicgwa and where he was and it then that I escape for I wanted to see Nicgwa again,” Rena explained

    “I see, well your welcome to stay here with us for as long as you like,” Len said.

    “Thank you,” Rena said.

    “And one more thing,” Len said, “We call him Tempo okay.”
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    Chapter 5


    “It started only two years ago,” Rena began, “I was already a prisoner of Frank when Nicgwa, or Tempo as you call him, came to the circus. I overheard that Tempo came from some part of the Amazon forest and that he was going to be the main attraction of the circus; afterwards Frank started to make Tempo balance on a spiked ball and walk on fire but I could see that it caused Tempo great pain even so he had metal feet. At he would be chained by the neck and he huddle in the corner in fear and pain. One night my cage was placed next to his when we were traveling giving me a chance to talk with him. At first he stayed in the far corner and didn’t approach me. I figure he was either scared of me or his injured feet did not let him. Then something grabbed my hand and when I looked I saw that he had opened his mouth and extended his tongue. The next two nights we became close friends. Six month later when we were on the road again we hit a bump and since Tempo’s cage was on the last cart it was knocked lose and fell off and that was the last I saw him.”

    “And when Frank found out he search high and low for him,” Len added.

    “Yes and when I learn he was here I broke out and came to see him,” Rena said.

    “Now we know who we are up against and where Tempo came from,” Zeke said

    “And we will be ready for him when he comes,” Len added.

    “Frank is vicious and won’t stop for anyone or anything,” Rena said.

    “Don’t worry, Rena, we’re tougher then we look and we can take what ever he throws at us,” The Cat Women said proudly,

    “And you’re welcome to stay with us as long as you want,” Len said.

    “Thank you again,” Rena said.

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