Tell the biggest achievement in your life that you did for the sake of Transformers

Discussion in 'Transformers General Discussion' started by Russian fan, Mar 14, 2012.

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    Recently I did the thread on the forum about the film and it was quite successful. I receive proposal to move it to the general forum!
    Do not be shy, tell all about interesting cases in your life related to Transformers!
    From myself I repeat my story, I think, it will be interesting:
    My the biggest achievement was to win a ticket to concert of Linkin Park, that was in Moscow last summer in support of Transformers: DOTM. To win a ticket the bidder should have made a costume of Transformer, and I have taken this task as a challenge!
    During two whole day including nights I and my friends (three guys and three girls) was making this costume, painting my face and putting it all on me. After all we should have make a photo of me in the costume, and to make this I rolled out on roller-skates into hall of my University during the lunch break. Thousands of people saw me! They asked me to be photographed, other dash aside and just were shocked by my appearance. None familiar didn't recognized me, but one guy recognized Sideswipe! And of course, no one bidder didn't make anything similar and I won the competition by a wide margin.
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