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Discussion in 'Transformers General Discussion' started by Bathawk, Oct 29, 2010.

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    Hey all, about a year ago I asked for you all to "sell" me on Beast Wars. Which you all were successful in doing, which I loved almost every minute of it...

    ...even though it led me to watching that abortion "Beast Machines"

    that being said couldn't even stomach most of what I've seen of the "unicron triology"....the episodes I did see were just filled with awful awful characters and dailouge

    but things I ear from around the net, particularly youtube points out that SAtarscream may have been a bright point in all this, a character that wasn't only a bright spot in the trilogy, was very different from his G1 self

    ...or have I just been watching too many fan videos?
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    Starscream in Armada is Starscream, but with a new spin. He eventually betrays Megaton and goes to the Autobots. Then he backstabs them and goes back to being a con. However this changes him and he develops a friendship with Alexis. Eventually he turns on Megatron once again to side with Prime during the Unicron threat. He sacrifices himself to show Megatron the real threat of Unicron.

    Basically he's Vegeta from DBZ.

    He is also fangirl bait.


    Cybertron: He really becomes treacherous and powerful like in Animated. He breaks off from Megatron early and starts stealing power sources like the keys and Primus energy for himself. He gets as big as primus in size and gets his crown, because the show's main threat, and then loses it. Then he really becomes Vegeta since when he finally shows down with Galvatron it's like a DBZ fight...

    You aren't missing much.
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    Armada Starscream - Is a confused bot who goes from a Decepticon to Autobot then to Decepticon then sacrifice himself to teach Galvatron a lesson which works.... But is maybe the most liked TF of them all..... When he died, it was the same as G1 Optimus Prime and BW Dinobots death....
    He is one of the reason Armada was good in my eyes.

    Energon Starscream - Errr, nothing special.... He does look cool though.

    Cybertron Starscream - G1 Screamer..... Basically.... He did a godo job of it.

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    screamer is vegeta?

    oh hell yeah i could totoally get behind that idea

    and as for that final fight between master galvatron and super starscream on gigalonia/gigantion in transformers cybertron/galaxyforce

    try watching master galvatron power up near the end of the fight while listening to dbz ssj3 goku theme for the background music

    makes a kick ass fight even more awesome that way
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    A little clarification should be added as to why Starscream switches sides so much in Armada.

    1st time- he overhears Megatron and Thrust plotting to kill him. He goes nuts and attacks Megatron with the Star Sabre. When that doesn't work, he flees the Decepticon base and makes a bee-line for the Autobots.

    2nd time- He's been with the bots for a while, but it's pretty obvious that it's just not working out. They're too goody-goody and he's all vengeance. In one of the most bone-headed moves ever, Optimus Prime orders Starscream to *NOT* kill Megatron after the evil leader has been incapacitated. Basically he can't stand their idiocy and they all accuse him of stealing the SkyBoom shield the first moment it goes missing for a whole 5 minutes. Thrust secretly meets up with Starscream and convinces him to come back.

    3rd time- Starscream recognizes the threat of Unicron, while Megatron (now Galvatron) refuses to believe there's any danger. He challenges Megatron to a one-on-one duel to the death in order to take control of the Decepticons from Megs and ally their side with the Autobots to deal with Unicron. However, he honors the oath he took when first joining the Decepticons and throws the fight, allowing himself to be killed. Before he dies, he fires off a fully powered parting shot at Unicron in an epic show of defiance.
    Galvatron is so affected by Starscream's honor and sacrifice, that he pulls his head out of his butt and allies with the Autobots, thereby honoring Starscream's last request.

    So yeah. Basically, Armada is Starscream's show. He's the only one with anything interesting going on.

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