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    Short list of items for now, since this is my first sales thread. I've bought a few things on here, so here's my chance to return the favor. Paypal is preferred for now simply because I don't have too many other avenues. Other items will likely be added to this list as time goes on, so feel free to check back.

    I will most likely be adding photos for given items later on, but if anyone would like photo clarification of what I'm offering, feel free to PM me. Prices are up for negotiation to a point, and fair trades will be considered. Packages will most likely be shipped USPS or UPS, whichever I can get cheaper per package sent. Buyer will be asked to pay shipping once a total has been figured. Wanted items may be found here.

    -ROTF Gathering at Nemesis Voyager Megatron - $12 or best offer
    -Battle-damaged Bumblebee accessory for Movie-1 Longarm. - Make offer
    -Sam, Mikaela and Frenzy figurines from Movie-1 Barricade set. - Make offer

    -NECA Jonah Hex (complete) - $9
    -Iron Man 1 Gold Mark-1 Suit (comes with missile) - $10
    -Iron Man 2 3-3/4" Hyper-velocity Armor (complete with stand, armor cards and missile launcher) - $6

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