"Teen Titans of Tomorrow"

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    "The Titans weren't there to help save the heros during the Crisis, Superboy..." - Cyborg 2.0.

    -Wonder Girl being "Ares' champion" (Following the gods' departure)
    -Bart Allen, Flash
    -Rose Wilson (Ravager), Teen Titan
    -"So many heros fell during it all. During the Crisis"- Tim Drake (Batman)
    -The Return of Donna Troy
    -Superboy (Prime or Conner) being a big part of the Infinite Crisis (Thread intro quote)

    I recently started to board-and-bag all of my comics and I got to the issuses in this arc and I started reading it. Reading it after having read Infinite Crisis was fun. Could this future actually happen because it wasn't shown "to cease to exist at any moment"? Johns wrote this arc so could he have purposely have hinted at events to come in Infinite Crisis or was it meant for just this arc? But if they were purposely hinted at then what does that make of the new Batwoman and Captain Marvel? Is the new Batwoman somehow connected to Bette Kane? Is Freddy Freeman the new Captain Marvel?

    And if that is true will Luthor have a role in Conner's future? Future Conner does say "I remember the feelings I had as a boy when I returned."
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    In one of the WIZARD issues I have where Geoff Johns and other writers comment on the issues leading up to INFINITE CRISIS (ie. first SUPERMAN/BATMAN arc, Death of Donna Troy, Titans/Legion crossover, etc).. I think Johns said that the Future Titans in that storyarc you mentioned would've came to be had Earth-2 Superman, etc. not come back.

    I'll try to find that WIZARD issue...

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