technology difference between the first two movies and the last one

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    somehow,the Transformers technology seems to advanced abit and downgraded abit
    firstly, in ROTF, Jetfire was able to open a space bridge without using any gadgets whereas Sentinel needed the pillars to activate the space bridge.
    i know the scale for teleportation is different,but if they can activate space bridges, why would they need to arrive on Earth in space pods or in the spaceship Xantium?
    secondly, in the past two movies, the Transformers have their weapon integrated into their body(e.g. Bumblebee's left hand can transform into cannon).
    but in the DOTM,most of their weapons are not integrated onto their body and can switch weapons with each other(e.g. the mexican standoff between Ironhide+Sideswipe against the Dreads)
    but I have to say the DOTM movie was the best yet,with good story and loads of cool action sequences
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    Because not everyone is a Seeker like Jetfire. He had that ability because Seekers needed to get across the universe quickly in their hunt for suns to recharge the Allspark. Sentinel just took the technology and created it on a much larger scale, perfect for invasions or refugee escapes or supply transport.

    When that technology was lost, they had to rely then on ships and Protoform modes.

    You see Que/Wheeljack giving Ironhide some new guns in the NEST base, saying "These are my best invention yet Ironhide!" and we also saw Ironhide lose his cannons running in that explosion in ROTF.

    So going from there, its not too unbelievable to assume Que/Wheeljack made new and better weapons for everybody.

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