Minor/Repaint: Team Star Fire Sword (Starvengers)

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    In the late '70s/early '80s, kids in the New England area were introduced to Starvengers.
    Starvengers was a English dubbed version of Getter Robo G that aired on Tuesdays
    as part of "Force Five". Force Five consisted of five Japanese animated shows
    (mostly giant robot shows) and each show was aired on a specific day of the week.
    Dangard Ace aired on Mondays, Starvengers aired on Tuesdays, Spaceketeers aired
    on Wednesdays, Grandizer aired on Thursdays and Gaiking aired on Fridays.

    For those not familiar with the Starvengers or Getter Robo G, it was a show where
    three jets, piloted by people, combine to form a robot. There was the blue jet, red jet
    and orange jet. What made this show different from other giant robot shows was that
    there was actually three different robot versions and which robot was formed was
    dependent on each jets position in the combination. Orange jet on top, red jet in
    the middle and blue jet on the bottom would form Star Poseidon. Blue jet on top,
    orange jet in the middle and red jet on the bottom would form Star Arrow.
    Red jet on top, blue jet in the middle and orange jet on the bottom would form Star Dragon.

    These are my Team Star Fire Sword.

    Star Draco (red) is made using Energon Wreckage.
    Star Archer (blue) is made using Energon Scattor.
    Star Neptune (orange) is made using Energon Skyboom.

    In the TV show, the ultimate attack was for Star Dragon to use Star Energizer/Star Fire
    (Getter Shine/Shine Spark in Japan). So I repainted the Energon Sword to match the
    Starvengers. The paint job used for the sword with the red jet on top, blue jet in the middle
    and orange jet on the bottom is the same combination that would form Star Dragon
    on the show. And since it was Star Dragon that used the Star Fire attack, it was a
    great nod to that. The Star Fire Sword can be held by all 3 of my customs (held in the
    hands of Star Dragon and Star Arrow, and attached to the arm of Star Poseidon.
    I named the members of Team Star Fire Sword with similar names to their
    deluxe sized counterparts because I did not want them to use the same names.

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    also cool, see other posts. :D 

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